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#Supergirl 217 Recap "Distant Sun" Recap & Review

Kevin Smith was back to direct another episode, and I say, Yes, more of that, please! Other than one incredibly dumb scene, this was a pretty good week. Alex is the best girlfriend ever, Mon-El is the best boyfriend ever, and J'onn is a supportive boss who knows when to break the rules.

Episode grade: 7

The Originals 402 Recap “No Quarter” #TheOriginals

Klaus gets therapy from his inner Cami while his family fights to free him. Josh and Kol bond as much as Kol is capable of doing. Marcel has a lot of anger to work through, and I don’t see him forgiving Elijah anytime soon.

Episode grade: 8

#Grimm S6, Ep. 12 "Zerstorer Shrugged" Recap/Review

Well, if you haven't seen last night's episode of #Grimm, here's a recap! WARNING: Spoilers!!

The 100 407 Recap "Gimme Shelter" #The100

Octavia gets her groove back in a moment that really fits her character, for better or worse. Emori proves why she and Murphy are the cutest, most MFEO couple. Abby goes straight to human trials with her latest discovery: Ladies and gentlemen, your new FDA.

Episode grade: 9

#IntoTheBadlands S2 Ep 1" Tiger Pushes Mountain" Recap & Review

“Hell isn't where you go when you die. It's what you become when everything you love has been taken away.” The action-packed TV series returned, and we are Six months into the future, Sunny is enslaved, M.K. is receiving training, Quinn's son, Ryder is now the new Baron, and the window was missing in action for the last six months. Now let’s get into the episode in details.