Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 7 "Together or Not at All" #AgentsOfSHIELD

The episode starts with Fitzsimmons and Daisy. Simmons is becoming herself again, and Fitz is explaining the plan. Simmons has a massive headache, so Fitz has to get out her implant, while Daisy fights the Kree that finds them, powerless. This manages to work, and they see the ship just long enough for it to explode.


Kasius is fretting over his new scar while he and his brother talk. Kasius has a plan. He wants Sinara to find them. His brother has other ideas. He has his own man, hereafter referred to as Mohawk man, and he likes to kill humans with their own weapons.


The Kree are using Tess to scare people into finding Flint.


Sinara and Kasius talk, and he steers her back on his side.


Daisy and Fitzsimmons are in an elevator, which is jammed by Mohawk Man. They get out through a hatch at the top.


May’s on the surface. Enoch kills a roach that is about to kill her and introduces himself. May recognizes his voice from the diner. He says that there is a gravity storm approaching and then they both get taken by something.


Mohawk man finds an empty elevator and kills a food distribution person. He lets the other one live after realizing that she doesn’t know anything.

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The rest of the team talks and Flint asks where Tess is. Mack tells him that Tess is dead and he runs out. Mack goes after him.


Kasius and his brother talk about guns. His brother likes blades because he likes to be up close and personal with the people he kills. Guns are for distance. We also get a little Kasius backstory. He was put in charge of a fleet which he had no business being in charge of, got defeated, and then ran to avoid dying. Sinara saved his life.


Fitzsimmons and Daisy find the life support systems. They also find, Dun Dun Dun, GRAVITONIUM!! It’s powering the artificial gravity. And then Fitz gets shot by Mohawk Man. Daisy fights him off long enough for them to escape.


Deke finds them. Deke and Daisy have words, but they have to follow him anyway because they have no other choice.


Mack talks to Flint. Can Mack please adopt him?


Daisy, Fitzsimmons, and Deke find the rest of them, but Flint’s gone.

He’s turned himself in. He kills a Kree, the one who probably killed Tess, with an arrowhead. Sinara then knocks him out. She’s going to use him as bait.


Coulson, Daisy, and Mack see them. Daisy pretends to turn herself in, and then people start shooting. Sinara even gets shot, presumably by Coulson.

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They all escape, but they need a plan. “Mr. and Mrs. Boba Fett” will find them soon. The prevailing idea is to use the trawler to get to the surface. Flint barricades the door, but Mohawk man begins shooting through the wall.


Deke wants to use the anti-gravity device to go up and to the trawler. He also wants to go first. Nobody trusts him enough for that, so Fitzsimmons goes first. He quotes Shakespeare, and she quotes Doctor Who.


Yo-Yo goes next, and then Mohawk Man starts putting bombs in the holes.  As the wall explodes, Sinara kills him. She finds the room empty.


Flint isn’t going with them. He wants to stay and help. Mack stays with him, and Yo-Yo stays with Mack. So much for together or not at all. Anyway, Fitz tells them about the crate. Unfortunately, it’s on the roach level.

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Sinara tells Kasius and his brother that they’ve escaped to the surface. She also tells them that she killed Mohawk Man. Kasius’s brother starts to proposition her, and then Kasius, rather ironically, stabs him with a shotgun.


Coulson tries to fly the trawler, emphasis on the words tries.


May wakes up to Enoch. She’s in the Zephyr and Robin’s in charge.


Solid episode. 8/10