#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Episode 12 "Say Yes" Recap

Sunday, March 5th

Richonne was at it again, kicking ass and taking names in Sunday night's episode. Well, not names per say but much-needed food and weapons. The Junkyard Crew wasn't easily persuaded, but they eventually came to an agreement. Fear, romance, and agreements. In the end, everyone was more or less satisfied.


Right off the bat, Rick and Michonne got to work.  (And, they got a little freaky deeky) They had a hefty goal in front of them weapons for Jadis and the Junkyard Crew and supplies for Alexandria. The first day they found a handgun and a few cans of beans and the second day they found a rifle and a few clothes. On the third day, they found two Saviors golfing and talking about Fat Joey's death. They carry on. After talking it through, they decide to stay and explore the surrounding area for one more day.


Rosita was removing her cheek stitches when Tara came by.  She wanted to give her something for the scarring. Rosita was feeling impatient and was antsy to go out and find more weapons but Tara wanted her to wait. Rosita wasn't down for it. Tara just wanted her to chill. Later on, she went looking for weapons but only found a toy gun, a BB.


Rick and Michonne were mapping out the surrounding area, figuring their next move. While Rick napp, Michonne saw a deer. She went to grab a gun to get it, waking Rick, but it had disappeared. Rick told her he owned her a deer and she agreed. They track for a while before the find an abandoned fenced off area. There's a military walker with a weapon still strapped. They kill it, take the gun and explore. They climb atop the roof and see there's a field full of walkers with weapons. They decide to take them out one or two by two. But, the roof collapsed and they fell through. For a minute, it was silent. Then, they began to laugh. When the camera panned down to them, they laid upon what I thought was a mattress with a room FULL of goodies. Ready to eat meals, canned goods, water and more. So, they ate like kings that night, fueling up for the following day. That next day, Michonne and Rick got to business taking out the walkers. But, there was something odd... it appeared a walker was firing a gun.  (Whisperers maybe?)  Rick had fallen, attempting to get the deer he wanted to replace for Michonne but it had gotten entangled with a few walkers. Rick fell, making some think that he'd been eaten. But it was the deer. Michonne had completely stopped, frozen thinking that he was dead. But, he wasn't. Thank God!


After that, Rick and Michonne reunited and collected the weapons. There were a ton of them. They loaded them up an readied them for the deal with Jadis. He caught Michonne having a moment and talked to her about it on the way back. He told her that he hadn't been sleeping and that things where bothering him about Glenn. He told her "Glenn saved me at the start. I couldn't save him." Then, Rick told her that they were going to fight and they were going to lose people. Maybe each other. But that was okay because it wasn't about them. Its about a future. Judith, Glenn and Maggie's baby. He told her that if he were to fall, she would need to take over. She would be the only one to be able to do so.


Tara babysat Judith. She told her how she was conflicted to tell the others a out Oceanside seems how they would expect them to join but she knew what would happen. The Oceanside people would start shooting immediately then they would open fire and it would be complete blood shed.


They met with Jadis and the Junkyard Crew. They exchanged the weapons, 63 of them but she wanted more.  They came to an agreement, Rick keeps the cat he took for Michonne plus 20 weapons to look for more. Jadis reluctantly agreed after Rick told her to "Say Yes".


In the final scene of the episode, Rosita was at Hilltop. She told Sasha that she needed her help. Sasha knew exactly what she was referring to. Killing Negan. She agreed on one condition; she gets to take the shot. She agreed, then pulled outs sniper rifle. She told her about the recent events with the weapon discovery. Rosita told Sasha that she memorized every fine detail of Daryl and Carl's interaction at the Sanctuary. Sasha tells Rosita Jesus drew her a map. They both agreed that this was a one-way street for them both, there was no turning back. They decided that they would do what was necessary and they were ready to die if came to that. 

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin