#LegionFX Chapter 6 "It's Only Pie" Recap & News

Episode Grade: 9

To the Legion of Legion, to us who we are many, Congratulations on season 2!  From the looks of things, 2018 will give us just enough time to digest season 1. ‘Legion’ Renewed by FX for Season 2The cable channel announced the renewal Wednesday ahead of the premiere of the series’ sixth episode. The season finale is slated to air March 29.


As Chapter 6 enters we watch Lenny interrogate our favorite characters and really drill down on what makes them weak.  Dr. Melanie never letting Oliver go, being frozen.  Ptonomy's mother's passing, touching on Kerry and Cary's need for one another, the Eye and his late bloomer napoleonesque type of complex. Syd however, is strong maybe because of her connection with David and feels nothing is real.  This poses a threat to Lenny.


After the meeting, Syd hears a heartbeat behind a door but when she gets close is warned by the P.A. System to stay away. This leads into a bizarre repeated scene from an earlier episode with David and Ptonomy having the same conversation about Rudy that David had with Syd about the Treeman I believe.  Now we know the Eye knocked out

Rudy in the other realm which has him catatonic here.  This gives a little clue as what is real through cause and effect.  Also notable is David saying he hates dogs, I'd consider that a relatively new revelation if true at all.  They are joined by who mentions the door but David gets called away, and it's time for him to talk with Lenny, David is happy and in control.  He basically tells Lenny as long as Syd is here, he'll be okay.  He has balance in the world Lenny has built.  He is clueless to the mirage and Lenny is now more aware of Syd being a threat to Lenny containing David in this realm.


This leads to the big reveal and maybe my favorite scene yet, surely too 5 as after David is denied pie by his sister Amy, Syd takes a bite only to find it's covered in the same bugs as were on the strawberries in the white room.  From here it's a 70's style montage of Lenny just being wreck less and tormenting David's inner mind through the door that Syd keeps seeing.


We then see Syd having nightmares but is interrupted by David who has no legs, again a call back to earlier this season when Syd was legless in David's room.  This was strange and sad to me as we have now seen David arrogantly confident as the shadow king and now content and happy in a world that doesn't exist.  I'm thinking it's going to be awhile before we see David so content again as his and our minds unravel.  Syd also says she may not be able to stay, that in itself could make this whole realm crumble.


We check in on Kerry/Carey playing more games, first was ping pong where some scenes had no ball and now alphabetical pharmaceutical checkers?  They are the Easter egg kings at this point. Including Carey's rainbow, the rainbow connection continues to grow on the show as do colors in general. The track jackets worn by the team all vary also and surely carry their own meaning. I did also notice while Carey dragged the rainbow, a Carey imposter down the hall dragged a colorless sheet as well.
I hated seeing The Eye creep out Kerry again and Carey shares a wall with her which makes her feel safe but Oliver seemingly summons him to the Astral plane as he sleeps.


David paints a picture of Syd with the left eye incomplete, and David s shirt is covered in red paint which looks like blood making me nervous for Syd as those bullets inch closer in the other world.  Syd further realizes things are not as they seem and comes to a part in the wall that is bleeding, this directly references her killing Lenny and a slew of other memories.  Then Lenny offers her headphones which are a complete euphoric experience for Syd who floats down the hall but to where?


When Kerry awakens Carey is gone of course but the Eye is there.  He is super creepy and he pretty much threatens to eat her.  Kerry runs but it feels like a Michael Myers/ Jason type of scene with the Eye calmly stalking her.  David hears the crickets, is Syd in the door that only sometimes exist?  We don't get to find out because Amy tells him how sick he makes everyone before dry heaving till he runs away, pretty brutal.As always, good to see tree man lurking behind Melanieshortly before she is visited by Oliver who tells her to follow him through the wall.  She arrives in the room of David's childhood home.  It is in suspended animation and the bullets are ever so slowly grinding towards Syd.  Melanie can't touch them, it burns and she is unable to move Syd and David out of the way. Just then giant eyes emerge on the wall and it looks like Lenny is very aware of what's going on.


David back in Lenny world seeks her out in search of Syd.  Lenny challenges that Syd may not be good for Syd and compares love to zombified ants.  Then she shows her true face to David both verbally and visually. 


Lenny says she knew David's real father and you see her as both Lenny and bloaty.  She is frustrated and wants Syd gone and David to be the zombie ant in this takeover.  David is then locked away in a clear coffin in the middle of nothing.  We then pan to Oliver going to get Syd but wait it's Kerry in the diving suit!

So it looks like what I was hoping was reality at the end of chapter 5 is anything but and is a reality built for David to make him feel safe and comfortable while the shadow king has free reign in David mind.  However help is on the way as Oliver has lead Carey and Syd to safety but leaving us concerned for Kerry and Melanie.  With 2 episodes left their will no doubt be loses in the hopeful triumph.