#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 3 "Luck Be a Lady" Recap & Review

The episode starts in the Thinker lab. He’s positioning the villain of the week. Her name is Becky Sharpe, and she has the worst luck ever. She has a Myspace for starters. Who still has a Myspace? Anyway, she gets sick from the milk in her coffee and comes home to find her boyfriend cheating on her, which she can’t address until she goes to the bathroom. She gets fired from her job after a creepy old guy wins and hits on her, and she accidentally knocks his drink over. Her car has been booted, and her heel breaks running for the bus, which she does manage to make. Then something super weird happens.


That was three weeks ago. In present day, Cisco, Barry, and Caitlin lose at laser tag and everyone except Wally meets for carnival food.

The Flash 403.gif

Cecile mentions the plumbing in the house, which has been like that for most of Barry’s life. Iris gets a text that the couple in front of her and Barry for their wedding venue broke up, so they can have it. Then they all get a breach alert.


It’s Harry and he’s brought a breakup cube for Wally. That’s horrible! If you break up with someone, you should at least be on the same Earth. The cube is faulty anyways and Harry blames the plastic, which might be an Aquaman reference. Thankfully, an alert from the Central City bank saves them from the awkwardness.


Becky walks into the bank and walks out with the vault money. Nobody stops her because all of their lives have gone to crap. When Barry runs after her, he slips on spilled marbles.

The Flash 403 1.gif

At S.T.A.R. Labs they talk about her. Harry doesn’t believe in luck and after a lot of sciency stuff that goes completely over my head, they conclude that she has a good luck quantum field around her and the more good stuff that happens to her, the more bad stuff happens to everyone else. Cisco left the scanner in the suit when he took everything else out and he finds dark matter around Becky. He and argue about who and how she’s going to be tracked.

A plumber is at Joe’s house and wants to redo all of the pipes, which will cost 15,000 dollars. Cecile wants to move. Joe needs to process.


Iris is trying on her wedding dress when Barry runs in. She covers herself with a blanket and he covers his ears. It’s adorable. It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding and it’s not the only bad luck they have. Their first-choice wedding venue burned and their backup has been booked. Their wedding is in six weeks, so this is bad.


In the Thinker lab, he wants to observe Becky more before they do anything. Currently, she’s just gotten revenge on her ex-boyfriend.

Cisco and Harry are looking for readings on the street and arguing. Barry shows up in time for them to find Ground Zero. It’s exactly where Barry came out of the speed force.


Barry explains and then Harry and Cisco get into another argument. Cisco used the calculations that Harry gave him without consulting him. Cisco says he should leave. To end this lovely little conversation, Joe needs Barry to run him to the house.


The ceiling is leaking. Barry turns the water off and then Joe tells him about Cecile’s idea to move. Barry explains that a house is always a home when people love you. Then he gets a call from Cisco, who found Becky.


Barry tries to talk to her and it doesn’t go well. We see all the ways people could get hurt if she wanted them to, but she just walks out.

The Flash 403 2.gif

Cisco names her Hazard and Barry’s in the middle of a grade A pep talk when Iris calls him.

She’s gone nuts, She wants to get married in a Catholic church, which is in the middle of a funeral. Yikes. And when they do manage to talk to the priest, he has an allergic reaction to the incense.

Harry’s still there and Cisco walks in on him accidentally hitting himself. They talk. Harry created a Team Flash for Jesse and they kicked him off of it. They get interrupted by a beeping.


Becky’s bad luck field is expanding because she’s gambling, and winning a lot of money. Joe’s house goes haywire, a goose flies into a plane motor and the particle accelerator turns back on.


Barry goes to get her and she goes to slots. He slips on quarters, cuffs himself, and then a sign falls on him.

The Flash 403 3.gif

Harry decides to let the particle accelerator go and it reverses her luck to a point that Barry is able to cuff her.

The Flash 403 4.gif

Cisco and Harry talk again and Cisco tells him to stay and get a life. We have a Wells again!

They found the bus and now know that twelve people were on it. They even to start to theorize that someone planned all this. For as cheesy as the Thinker is so far, he’s a heck of a planner.

Wally’s leaving. He was on Earth 2 talking to Jesse during the crisis and nobody noticed. He’s decided to go to Blue Valley, where the comic book Kid Flash is actually from, and figure out his life. Poor kid really has been getting the shaft the past two episodes.


The mechanic tells the Thinker that Team Flash may be smarter than he’s given them credit for. After he concedes, he says oh so cheesily “I’m smarter.” He can say crap like that because it’s true. He’s pulled a Sky High on the Samuroid head and he’s watching them.


And amazingly, that is not the dun dun dun. Cecile is plastering the wall when Joe gets back. He tells her that he’s ok with moving. She no longer is and here’s the kicker. SHE’S PREGNANT!!! I had heard that somebody was going to be pregnant, but I did not think it was going to be Cecile. Wow.


This episode was the kind of ridiculous only the Flash can pull off. 8/10