What you missed tonight on TV

Empire fans was that a good episode or what?  Tonight we prove yet again that Lucious Lyon is unstoppable but apparently so is Cookies who has decided to start her new label called Lyon Dynasty, I am not sure if it will work but let’s wish her all the best. We all know that she has a long road ahead now that Lucious is free and out for blood. The music tonight was good, my favorite was Lucious “snitch B**ch” leave it up to luscious to make you want to dance to the word B**ch smh. It was also nice to see Jamal singing again, he has been a  little preoccupied with filling lucious’s enormous shoes which could change a man and I’m not sure if it for the better. For the Dra fans I know it was hard to see him like that, but we know he will do whatever it takes legally or illegally to get back to the Empire. Finally I want to take my hat off to our guest starts Becky G and Ludacris who brought fierceness to their characters. My rating for this episode is 9.5/10 which is the highest rating so far this week

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Fox newest show on Wednesday night lineup is going median so far, but I think that we have to give it more time before we totally dismiss it. The cast is good and it always nice to see Morris Chestnut and his fine self on screen. I would rate it at a 6/10 because I find the storyline unoriginal.
Code Black
This was the premiere and I was not very impressed there was nothing to make me want to watch it again, but then again some TV shows do take time to pick up so I am willing watch a few more episode before calling it.  I would rate it 4.5/10 the lowest rating of the night, I hope it will get better next week.
This episode like all there episode was very funny and entertaining, Bow as always was fighting Dre on getting a fire arm, while Pops tricks  Zoey into cleaning is room “pledge on pledge off”. The twins felt unsafe without a gun in the house which was surpassing to me because they have been so sheltered. As for Dre Jr he was a hot mess as always but he had a memorable line “cyber terrorism has made burgling possible for fat guys who can’t fit through windows”. I would rate this episode 9/10 in the sitcom category.
Modern Family
The kids have really grown over the years and as always it hard for any parent to see their kids go off to college.
Mitchell finally stop painting and got a job and no one wants to attend Lily’s game. It was a good episode but I think it time to call the series quit it getting stale. Tonight rating 6/10 hopefully the season gets better.