5 minutes recaps of Friday night top TV shows


Hawaii Five-O
Steve McGarrett fan she done again, Catherine "Cath/Cat" Rollins came home from Afghanistan and build up Steve hope and just leave him crushed and heartbroken again, “he was going to propose people”. She had a talk with Danny Williams and I taught she looked a little suspicious on that hug and I was right. Do you think Danny scared her away by declaring Steve’s true feeling and connection to her? Well that a question for another episode because she is gone in this one, she left him heartbroken and me very mad. For some good news Kono Kalakaua is back at work and Jerry Ortega was given his own office space /dungeon or as he call it his “bat cave”. Andrew Lawrence was on the show as Danny Nephew Eric Russo their new crime lab tech, but I am not sure if he is here stay or not. Overall it was Good but heart wrenching episode, I would rate it 8/10.
Blue Bloods
Linda Reagan is still in disarray after been shot and is very scared for her Husband Danny Reagan who also got injured in last week episode. Police Commissioner Frank Reagan tries to get rid/fire  his Deputy Commissioner of Public Information Garrett Moore because of a disagreement, but before the episode was completed he realized that he was acting a fool and ask him to stay, Danny and Baez solved the case thank to the victim spy lenses. IT was a good episode nothing extraordinary, I would rate it 7/10.
How many Queens does it take to run a country? One but in tonight’s premiere of Reign there was three (3). Mary, Queen of Scots the most feared queen and current wife of the ailing King Francis II of France. The former Queen Catherine de' Medici the scorned and deceptive queen who only care about her best interest at the end of the day  and Queen Elizabeth I of England Catherine new coconspirator who is threaten by Mary. Catherine started the episode with a lot of power because she had the ears of Elizabeth but thank to Narcisse by the end of the episode Mary and Francis was able to trick Elizabeth and capture Catherine before she could deceive them. Narcisse is still after Lola’s hand in marriage, but Francis won’t allow it because he does trust Narcisse to raise his son to be an honest man after he dies. After been warned by Francis to stay away from Narcisse Lola tried to seduce Narcisse who said “you don’t have to seduce a man who already wants you” line of the night. Francis brother Charles has also returned to the French court, but I don’t think he can be trusted after all he his Catherine and Henry’s son, if you know what I mean. Greer has been welcomed back to the French court and is already trick into having a one night stand in an effort to be courted after her last epic failure of a marriage. I am said that this happened to her but glad because I am #team Leith. Bash is still looking for that crazy woman who healed him last season and killed someone even though she keep saying she is innocent.  Overall this was a great start to the season, I would rate it 8.5/10.