5 min Recap from Sunday night TV shows

Once upon a time
So darkswan is on a mission and will stop at no cost to get what she want and that include trying to seduce Hook who is not buying what she is selling. Hook quickly rebuff Emma stating that he loved her (past tense) which the dark one never mind she just made a new plan which is to have Gold become the purest and lightest person in storybrooke. Arthur is up to no good but David is unaware of that fact. David is blaming himself for Emma being the dark one but Mary Margaret convince him that there was nothing he could have done, and reminded him that they are heroes and they always figure it out. Back in the Enchanted Forest Lancelot is still alive and warned Snow about King Arthur, which they forgot about when they got to storybroke. However, Arthur revealed is plan to rebuild Camelot in storybrooke and had one of his knights killed himself to prove it. Robin is feeling guilty for being happy about having a baby with Regina sister Zelena because he think that being happy is a betrayal to Regina. Regina is still working on a plan to speak with merlin. This was an interesting episode, I would rate it 8.5/10. 

Blood and Oil
Hap Briggs aka the devil have swindled Billy LeFever out of his shares to the land and all the money he had left from their original deal. However, the day was save by his wife Cody LeFever who smartly invested in a food truck with Jules and Finn. Wick is still trying to hide the fact that he attacked his father and Billy at the oil rig. Wick and Billy got into a fist fight and Wick later apologies to make his father happy. Jules and Hap relationship is heating up so Hap is trying to convince Wick to dump her by offering him job beside him but Wick have bigger problem as his partner in crime is arrested and willing to give him up. It was a very exciting episode, I would rate it 9/10.

Alex Parrish life is still in shambles and she don’t know who to trust or who is trying to frame her for the booming. She sort help from Simon Asher a former recruit from her Quantico training class, however at this point she thinks he is the only person she can trust but she may be wrong. Miranda Shaw is still team Alex and tried to convince her mother to keep believing in Alex innocents but she couldn’t after being shown a video of Alex hitting Simon which was a plan of Simon. Nimah & Raina Amin had their first fight in the flash backs. At this point I have more question than answer. This was a very intriguing episode, I would rate this episode 9.5/10