5 minutes recap from Monday Nights TV shows

Castle is still on a mission to get Beckett back by whatever means necessary, he even went as far as paying Ryan $500 a week to give him the scope on what is happening at the12th Precinct and Ryan who desperately in need of the money agrees. Ryan and Esposito plan to take the Sergeant test, but there was only one slot so Ryan lied to get it, when Esposito found out he was mad and gave Ryan a hard time until Beckett told them that she had pulled some strings to get them both in the test. Martha stopped by the 12th Precinct to give Beckett some advice on her marriage to Castle. Alexis worked with her father to help solve the murder and get Castle closer to what he think will get Beckett back. This was a fun episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

ABC Family
Switch at Birth
Daphne’s tutor Josh has a crush and believe it or not, it is not her but her boyfriend Mingo which Josh sealed with a kiss. Daphne finally ended her relationship with Quinn after being told by Josh that it is wrong and it may destroy her and Mingo’s relationship. Bay relationship with Garrett is heating up way too fast and Bay is uncomfortable so she left his apartment before anything could happen. Travis decided to tell Garrett about Bay’s previous experience which Bay did not appreciate and let him have it “poor Travis”. Kathryn and John went to a strip club after John was advice about investing in the business, however by the end of the night John was uncomfortable investing but Kathryn found a new business partner with an innovative idea. Regina trip of concern is coming back to bite her in the ass because Eric’s drug addict ex-wife has popped up at the Kennish’s house pretending to be interested in Bay’s Art. Toby and Lilly are have a boy (congrats). This was a very entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.1/10
Toby is still trying to get over Happy dating a guy by punching stuff with Cabe. Walter, Quinn and Cabe went on an assignment without Silvester, Toby and Paige, who had to come to their rescue at the end of the day. Walter and Happy had a moment of honesty where they both confessed that they are not robots and actually have human feelings. Happy reconnects with her father and Toby probed him for information about Happy when she was young to be used to his advantage, which worked (point Toby). Walter has a new friend that they decided to move in the garage by the end of the episode. Walter also tried to hint Paige that he might want to try having a relationship with her but was interrupted by Ralph. As always this was an interesting episode, I would rate it 8.9/10.

Kensi just came of an undercover mission with a wealthy guy and Deeks is jealous because he think he can never afford to give her that life. Kensi however made it clear to Deeks who made her breakfast that this is the life she wanted and not the rich and fabulous life style because she been there and done that. Beale is attempting to train to be consider qualified to go out in the field but that is not going so well. Nell was given the opportunity to go out in the field with Granger but doubted her skill which Granger told her never to do. Sam and Callen where chosen to be a pond in a game of bomb or no bomb and was not about to contact their team, but the team suspected that something was wrong and tracked them to provide help. After the bad guy was apprehended he disclose to Sam and Callen that there is a mold in NCIS that provided him with their names. The episode ended with Hetty telling them that she in on the mold situation. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

Jane the Virgin
Mateo has return hope to the Villanueva woman and they are very happy to see him but his return was at the risk of Michael losing his job. Jane is worried about Mateo’s weight and the fact that he is not accepting her breast feeding, but due to some surprising good advice from Michael, Raphael read the book and was able to give Jane the answer to her problem. Petra still has the other half of Raphael sperm and is conflicted on whether to use it or not, but due to some unwelcomed advice from   Luisa she decided to use it. However Petra is not in the clear just yet because Raphael assistant knows about her theft. Xiomara "Xo" finally showed Alba and Jane the video of her wedding to Rogelio de la Vega performed by a Cher impersonator. Jane seem to be confuse about who she really want to be with and is flirting with both men. Just to make it clear I am Team Raphael. This was a good season premiere but there was no omg moment, I would rate it 8/10.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This was a very weird show and I am not sure what to think about it. What I will say is that there is an attempt to be funny but it was very corny to me. I will give it a chance and watch a few more episode but I doubt that I will ever get it. This was not good, I would rate this episode 3/10.

Oswald AKA The Penguin is upset about being left in the dark about what his happening in his city. Gotham has a new police captain name Nathaniel Barnes and he came to clean house and he means business (I like him). His first official task was firing all the corrupt cops and making James Gordon his second in command. Penguin had a meeting with Theo Galavan who made it clear that he was responsible for the prison break. Theo sister Tabitha told Penguin that he is not the king of Gotham but the king of garbage. Theo is also holding Penguin mom as leverage to ensure that he carry out his orders. Nathaniel gave Gordon his own strike team, but Gordon think that they are too young for a violent place like Gotham. Bruce Wayne went back to school as promise for getting trained and Alfred first task for him was to run home from school. Selina "Cat" Kyle got slap by Alfred because she killed a friend of his and he also warned her to stay away from Bruce. Theo is running for president and with the all the attention being place on Penguin he may go untouched. This was a great episode, I would rate it 9/10. 

Minority Report
Dashiell "Dash" Parker had his first crush tonight yeah, too bad she was a supposed killer. Detective Lara Vega is unexpectedly jealous of Dash new crush Fredi or whatever her name is but is trying to hide it. Agatha has set her plan in motion although I am not sure what it is yet nevertheless all I know is that she does not trust Vega with Dash.  Arthur’s action was rudely interrupted by Dash curiosity about what Agatha has told him. Akeela butts head with Wally the Caretaker but Vega quick squashed by telling them that they are both pretty. The episode was fantastic I would rate it 9/10

Blind Spot
Jane Doe and Weller exchange memories from when she was a child and the day she went missing. Agent Edgar Reade has finally warming up to Jane does but not before telling her that he feel that she make Weller vulnerable and he does not like it.  Patterson has a boyfriend that briefly assisted her in solving one of Jane Does tattoos, but he seem to be 985.fascinate which can put her in more trouble that she is in already. Agent Tasha Zapata seem to have a gambling problem which may or may not eventually have an impact on her job. Bethany Mayfair past seem to be catching up to her real fast with the Director of the CIA Tom Carter and his suspicion about how much Jane really knows. However, Mayfair has to be careful because her best agent (Weller) is attached to Jane. In the final minutes of the show Weller was told by Patterson that Jane Doe may or may not be Taylor Shaw, so let the drama begins. This was a splendid episode I would rate it 8.75/10