Recap of Tuesday night top TV shows

Agent of Shield
Jemma is home but she is not back to normal, she may be still in shock because the sound in her surroundings scare her. Fitz is trying everything in his power to make her comfortable and feeling like normal again, his even went to the point of clearing a restaurant and taking her on a date but that did not go well. Coulson has some tuff decision to make after meet with that new department, he has to choose between saving Lincoln life and Daisy/Skye and we all know how he feels about Daisy and we know how Daisy feel about Lincoln “what a predicament”. May and Hunter is still there mission to kill Ward and is doing whatever it takes. Bobbi is missing the field but she is hanging in there and try to occupy her time by help the team with personal issues. Lincoln is on the run but Skye went after him they shared a kiss and then he left after been sold out by Coulson “again what a predicament”. Mack as always the loyal solider doing what he told without any question. This was fun episode, I would rate it 9/10

Fresh of The boat
Jessica is upset that the house she sold was painted and resold, she also learned about Grandma Huang’s boyfriend Charles who died. Grandma Huang was sad but ok because he left her money in her will which Jessica wants her to invest in her instead of putting it under her mattress. Louis is overly excited about Eddie first dance and went home to talk him about it but Eddie has plan of his own “shaggy mister bombastic” to create a dance with his friend. Louis gave Eddie the talk “about deodorant” and how to woo a girl with his dance skills “not shaggy mister bombastic”. After Louis talk with Eddie he got discourage and did not show up to the dance but Louis went home and encourage him to go and he did. Jessica and Grandma Huang’s had breakthrough in their relationship “done in Chinese”. It was a funny episode as always, I would rare it 8.5/10

The Flash
First of all Wells is alive “yes” watch the last 2 minutes. Barry has a new competition with Flash of the other world Jay Garrick who came in this world to warn him of the danger he face, but thank to Wells betrayal he has a hard time trusting people “I understand where he is coming from”. Shantel VanSanten “Quinn from One Tree Hill” is Patty Spivot detective West's new protégée and is the only member of his new metahuman task force at CCPD besides Cisco, she is also  Iris new competition for Barry’s  potential love interest “hot vs hot”. Caitlin is still trying to hold it together after Ronnie’s death, but Iris is try to get her to look at Jay and she is not ready “don’t give up just yet Caitlin”. Cisco is having side effect from being kill by wells last season but is trying to hide it from the team until he know what is really happening or so I think “best of luck Cisco”. “OMG” something is wrong with Martin Stein he collapse at the end of the episode but we all have to wait and see “I hope this means Ronnie is back, fingers cross”. Overall spectacular episode, I would rate if 9.5/10. 

“Party, party, party let’s all get wasted” was the theme of the night for Ravi and Major who went out and experiment with drug and got crazy until Liv came to their rescue. “Good/bad news” Major in his drunken state told Liv that he will never let anyone hurt her “how romantic”, but after that wild night out with Ravi Major does not seem able to stop doing the drugs “bad, bad, bad”. Liv had  frat brains which was so Kool because it made her so relax that she sported a crime scene tape as a dress “she rocked it” and  met some crazy guy who called Ravi a Jamaican “I am Jamaican and NO” it was funny though. Clive as always just made ridiculous face toward the ridiculous things that happen around him. We met Blaine father who think he is a disappointment, but Blaine apparently don’t care what he think “talk about daddy issues”, however he is still up to no good and try to shake is father down for help “Blaine don’t give choices”. This was an entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.

Jimmy is working hard to get to know is estrange son Gerald that was kept from him by Gerald mother Sara after game night gone wrong “clueless” when he could not answer questions about his son like, dislikes and allergies. To prove to himself that he can be a good father he took Gerald and got him drunk, where is went to his baby’s mother and love of his life Vanessa to declare is love “it was beautiful sentiment” but she was not home. Jimmy also gave us a little about his back story with Sara. It was a funny episode, I would rate 8.5/10.

Chicago Fire
Casey’s undercover assignment has finally ended but not the way he wanted, he is traumatized and shutting everyone out which make them more concern about him. Severide was demoted from Lieutenant “how dare them” and he is not talking it well. He was advice by Chief Boden to take a leadership course which he agreed to “it got him laid” because he is willing to do anything to regain his position. Severide position was taken by Dallas Patterson (Brian J. White) “he is such a dick” but so far they don’t seem to get along which is making Severide considering quitting 51 “please don’t”. Dawson is worried about Casey for more reason than one “guess the best reason” she is pregnant and she told him after he declared is love for her “go Dawson”. Chili and Brett had a rough start they delivered a baby and his mother died before they could reach the hospital “so sad”. Molly’s has new neighbors who came to the bar to complain about the noise “it’s a bar” affecting their new born baby “how will Herrmann handle this”. Firehouse 51 has a new “sexy” Candidate Jimmy Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) who had a rough start on his first day after he was hazed by his brother from another fire house, upon arrival he was immediately sent home by Chief Boden but return the next day to apologized “thank God is sex self is back” and he was given another chance. This was a tremendous premiere, I would rate it 9.7/10.

NCIS, NCIS New Orleans and Limitless Tuesday recap to be posted tomorrow.