Wednesday Night TV shows recap in 5 Minutes.

Modern Family
“She crazy” Gloria got star struck by one of her soap opera stars and made a fool out of herself “a hot fool” but it was not that bad because Manny learned that his mother was only human and if she can be nervous around someone then it’s ok that he is too. Claire try to pitch Jay a new idea about new closets but “she crashed and burned” it did not go as plan. Cameron has a new Hobby which was to hang with frat boys and do crazy things “she crazy”. Mitchell complained about Cameron’s behavior to Luke until he confronted Cameron and he admits he have a problem “she crazy”. Lily spend the day with Phil and the hatching egg which made her crazy, while at the grocery store the egg hatched and Lilly and Phil went home to but was too late. The episode was good, I would rate it 8.5/10. 

"Daddy's Day" Dre being upset that his kids does not give him the attention they give Bow on mother’s day on father’s day he decided to create a new day called Daddy’s Day “ you can blame pops for that one”. Dre and the team at work decide to go all out for Daddy’s Day by creating a commercial that require a face which Dre’s boss suggested Scott/Zoey “Dre’s boss is crazy” but when Dre attempted to ask Zoey she said no before he could ask, however Zoey’s new friend Resheida “guest star Zendaya” saw things his way so he offer her the job.  Zoey did not take this very well and tried to get back at her father by spending time with Charlie “to brave for her own good” and letting him teach her how to drive “ Charlie really” and she failed badly “so bad a breathalyzer was involve”. Andre Jr is getting extra attention for Bow and he is loving it and so is she “loving the pampering” that was until Ruby suggest that he is becoming a mama’s boy, which scared Bow and she told Dre Jr  that their relationship is going to be normal from now on. Pops told Zoey that she had a good dad and she decided to forgive Dre and throw him a Daddy’s Day party. As always this was a hilarious episode, I would rate it at 9.5/10.

"The Candidate" The repercussion from Thea “Pitthea” time in Lazarus pit in Nanda Parbat is finally showing in her anger “so scary” and Oliver see the changes and tries to talk to her but she got angry and started to fight Oliver which scared the team “as I said so scary”. Diggle and Laurel questioned Oliver about Lazarus pit and he explain that Malcom Merlin had warn him about the consequence but he did what he had to save his sister “brotherly love”.  A friend of Moira Queen returned to pick up where she left off “Mayor of Star City” but the Queens advise her against it and she neglected to listen and pay the price “her daughter got kidnapped” but eventually she figure out why. Lance told Oliver that running around in a suit is not going to save the city “I disagree” but taking action in the light of day will, so Oliver has decided to run for Mayor of Start City “ he has my vote and not because he’s hot”. Felicity is back at Palmer tech for the first time and it is not going the way she expected “first point of duty downsizing” in the board meeting. Felicity had a new partner Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) “calm down people business partner” that created an App to help save the company “downsizing App leaving it to Star City please”. The App did not go as plan but Felicity has a plan “no she doesn’t” to save Palmer tech without firing anyone. Felicity and Oliver relationship is going very well so far “team Olicity”. Laurel took the news of Lazarus pit to another level “wait for it” she is digging up her dead sister to bring her back to life “this can’t be good” so she and Thea is planning a road trip to Nanda Parbat “wish them luck”. Diggle and Oliver relationship is still strained but he still trust Laurel to tell her about what hive has done to his brother “I need Oliggle back”. This was a phenomenal episode “hats to Arrow writers”, I would rate it 10/10 second week in a row.
 Dean and Sam are still separated in the beginning of the episode, Dean is with Jenna and baby Amara and an Infected Sam stayed back in the town to try and find survivors “please don’t Sam”. Baby Amara seem to be more than just a baby “only on Supernatural” and she have the mark of Caine on her and apparently she know how to use it “feed the darkness”. Dean was called back to the house because of Amaras gifts “dark powers” and Jenna grandmother panicking, upon arrival to Dean saw Velma “the devil himself” and knew it was trouble “trouble is an understatement”. 
Sam met the “beautiful but vicious” reaper Billie who told him that the new angel of death won’t allow him and Dean to keep dying and come back life so Sam went to pray for help and a sign which he was given but could not understand it, however as always he figured it out “genius”. Castiel is still capture and tortured by Jonah and Efram for information that he is not giving up or he possible don’t have until Hannah showed up to save him “that was so close” but it was trap that he figured it out and it ended badly for Jonah, Efram and Hannah. Dean and Sam found the way back to their layer only to find a weaken Castiel. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.

"Vandals and Vitamins" Rosewood has a son that he did not know about “surprise” but he does not want to take it seriously because it came in the mail in an unmarked envelope. Donna Rosewood investigate the vandalism of her son billboard only to find out that the person she was investigating may be her alleged grandson “grandmamma yes” and that her only son does not even care because he thinks he dying “boy she did not raise you like that”.   However it turned out that Rosewood was right and it was a prank after all and he does not have a son “thank God”. Villa is finally opening up to her therapist Kat Crawford “the fabulous Nicole Ari Parker” about her pass and why she thinks her coworkers do not like her “she don’t stand for foolishness” , she also opened up to Rosewood about wanting to have kids with her husband before he dies. Rosewood put his life at risk to solve a case and brought a killer to justice “too brave” and later hired his mother part time after he insulted her earlier “ mother’s never retires”. This was a good episode, I would rate 8/10

"Poor Yorick" The empire is still standing even after the FBI raided the place “point Roxanne Ford” but as we all know Luciuos turn that bad situation in to a positive one and empowered the people around him to do the same “when the cops raid you, you are a G but when the FBI raids you, you are an OG”. Lucious called a family meeting to advice the family to work together until the man hunt for Empire is over “never as long as Lucious is alive”. Lyon dynasty also got raided leaving Cookie and Hakeem no choice but to show up at the family meeting. Hakeem agrees to make a family video with Jamal “family unity” to show the world a united front but thing went south when Jamal album cover was brought to the site of the shoot and Hakeem got mad called it ugly and stabbed it “jealousy is an ugly color”. After that travesty they return to shouting the video but that ended in a big fight between the brothers and Hakeem leaving the set “that was just crazy”. Cookie got arrested outside of the shot by Roxanne Ford in the attempt to get information on Lucious but we all know that Cookie isn’t no snitch “Prison can change a woman” but after long consideration and a threat from Roxanne about her kids she decided to give her some info that could benefit Lyon Dynasty “smart woman” but Roxanne is not aware “stupid woman”. Hakeem went drinking after his big fight with Jamal and found the new singer of his girl group “she has the voice of an angel”. Andre and Rhonda is on mission to find Vernon body after Andre decide to use it to get back into is father’s good graces’ and Empire. However after his meeting with his father Lucious suspected something was off and put a tracer in his car “only Lucious” and followed him to Vernon burial ground and with the help of Lucious shady lawyer Thirsty Rawlings and his dead body detector they found him. Vernon body was used as a gift for Roxanne “surprise, point Lucious”.  This was an amazing episode, I would rate it 10/10.