Your favorite Thursday night TV shows recap

Greys Anatomy
"Old Time Rock and Roll" Maggie’s night of passion “real steamy sex” comes to an end with the intern “sexy as hell intern” which left her feeling “phenomenal” guilty about sleeping with an intern, she vents to Grey about what doctor sleeps with an intern  and Grey responded the father of my children “I miss Derek”. Grey, Amelia and Maggie decided to throw a dinner party which they forgot about but “thank you” Alex reminded them “Alex the grown up”. With all the doctors being invited to the party, Arizona and April wanted to find out if the significant others “Callie and Avery” are going to be there and if Callie is going to bring her new girlfriend “poor Arizona”. Owen and Webber had a night of teaching “not much action”. Edwards past came up because it was affecting her work which was unacceptable to the uninformed Amelia on why she could not get the job done “So what you don’t know can hurt you”. Jo and Edward relationship has being strained because of the acknowledgement of her pass that Jo could not believe “Edwards miracle”. Callie came to the dinner with her new girlfriend and she is “no other than” the doctor who told her that Derek was dead “this was very awkward”. This was a hilarious and entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.
"Dog-Whistle Politics" Olivia is still under scrutiny by the American people over her affair with the married President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III “give it a rest already”, she is locked up in her apartment watching and reading what everyone is saying and thinking about her “why does she care what they think” while she orders her team not to do anything. Fitz had a play date with his son and a brief encounter with Mellie while playing with him “Mellie dream family time” but she was only there to pick up some of her stuff “yea right’. Senator Mellie Grant is now being offer a seat with some prominent women who would like to take Fitz down “bring it on” but Mellie is hesitant to because she stills love him “one way street”, but after he decided to go take his girlfriend on a date “about time” in public she decided to go through with the plan take Fitz down. Cyrus showed Mellie that “she is second best” he would rather be at Fitz side than hers and that he will always be loyal to him if he needs him to “which he does not” so she ran him out of her office and quit will he went through the door. Quinn tries to recruit a new Gladiator Marcus Walker who originally rebuff her but later came around to join the team “choices”. Marcus talked Quinn and Huck into confront the press and defend Olivia and they did “like a boss”. Jake is off on a B13 mission that he think Papa Pope is planning out of prison and recruits Charlie to help “Unstable Charlie” him stop what every Pope had in motion “as if they could”. Charlie had a contact in Paris that turn out to be no other that Jake’s ex-wife “yes she is hot” a blast from the pass. This was an exciting episode, I would rate it 9.5/10

How to Get Away with Murder
"Skanks Get Shanked" The ambulance has finally came to Annalise rescue but she seem to be in critical condition, however four weeks earlier she got a call from Nates wife “Played by Rookie blue Enuka Okuma” who want Annalise to help her die “I think it was a set up” and after long and hard consideration Annalise decided not to do it “smart lady”.  Michaela and Levi relationship is heating up but I not sure his intentions with her is good “clueless girl”, Michaela was sent by Annalise to question the witness in an open case “using her breasts”. Bonnie and Asher’s relationship is in shambles but Bonnie seem to still have feels for “that snitch” Asher so she keeps calling him and went as far as asking frank to give her his tracker guy number to find him “stalker”, she eventually found him and over heard him selling out Annalise for the murder of Sam, which Bonnie “stupidly” admits to doing. Wes continues to work with Nate and Levi to Take down Annalise who they think killed Rebecca “they are so wrong”. Frank is excited to learn that Laurel is into him and got the pills Annalise ask him to get for her “no questions asked”. Connor is felling overwhelm “aka guilty” with everything that is going on at house and acted out almost causing Annalise the case “stupid Kid” but Annalise later put him in his place “like a boss” and told him to leave if he wants to. This was such an exciting episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.

The Vampire Dairies
"Never Let Me Go" Stefan is mad at Damon for making Lily mad enough to kidnap Caroline and confronts Damon, however Damon was unaware of this but was willing to help “killing anyone that got in his way” get Caroline back. Damon Question Stefan about his relationship with Caroline “tell him” but he refuses to tell him anything “because he don’t know what they are”. Lily prepare to bury her eldest son “he is not your son lady” and take revenge on Damon for killing him by hiding Elena’s body “this means war”. A future Caroline is about to get married “no it’s not to Stefan” but in present day she is still capture my Lily’s daughters and her girlfriend who apparently is Stefan ex-girlfriend “the drama”. Bonnie is back in school trying to live a normal life “right” but then Damon called to tell her that Lily kidnap Caroline because they killed her son “good riddance”, a guilt stricken Bonnie decide to ask Matt to let her stop his heart “for a whole 10 minutes” so Stefan and Damon could enter their house again “only on TVD” to save Caroline. Matt agrees but things did not go as plan because of Bonnies previous attempt to help Alaric figure to the stone “Stone of death” that he want to use to bring Jo back to life “too much for one person” nonetheless Stefan was able to enter the house and attempt to rescue Caroline but the witches put a spell and he failed “point witches”. Stefan went home to find a broken Damon who was just banished by Lili “as if it was that easy”. This was a great episode, I would rate 9/10.  
The Originals
"You Hung the Moon" Divina’s plan is in motion to get revenge on the witch who tried to undermine her so she made a deal with “angry and bitter” Hayley to allow her pack to stay human which almost did not work “breath that was close call”, Hailey accomplish her mission and Divina keep her side of the deal with the only person knowing that she was behind it was Marcel “her big brother”. Klaus spent time with Hope while Elijah tried to find Hayley in the wood alongside Jackson “team Hayley”. Lucien was bitten by an angry Jackson in efforts to get him to provide information on Hayley’s where about but it was not much of a threat because he had the cure on hand “who is this guy Houdini”. Cami is confronted by the new detective “I don’t trust him” about her family and Klaus which she denied any involvement initially but then admit to the family part of the conversation “trust no one”. Freya date is interrupted by Klaus who he needed to help find Hayley “his baby mama” which she could not because of Davina’s curse, however she was later able to confirm Lucien premonition about the dangers the Klaus and Rebekah faces “what’s new”. Hope took her first step for her mom “awesome moment” which she was delighted to see and Elijah rented the apartment across the street for Hayley and Jackson to live “stupid man”. This was a great episode, I would rate it 9/10. 

The Player
"The Big Blind" Alex is still reminiscing about his supposedly dead wife Ginny and their beautiful marriage “so much love”. Alex mission is a personal one which involve an old friend name Monica whose husband is trying to kill her after she tried to kill him “Talk about an eye from an eye” but Alex saved her with the help of the dealer. Cassandra “April” tries to live a normal life with her boyfriend “Revenge Jack Porter” Nick “too much secret” which is hard to do because of her highly secretive job. Mr. Johnson seem to have an alternative motive that Cassandra don’t trust so she is investigating him on his involvement “comes with the job” with Ginny’s disappearance. This was an interesting episode. I would rate it 8/10.   

"The Trial of Nathan Wuornos" Nathan is still facing backlash from returning from his trip with Kira whom he claims is dead, he is been put on a trail for Kira’s seemingly death but she is not dead and  for some reason Nathan refuse to say she is alive “come on Nathan tell them”. Audrey tries to save Nathans from the trail but he refuses her help “like that going to stop her” but she has a backup plan that she knows Nathan won’t like but she will do whatever it takes to save him “she loves him”. Audrey also found that the trouble person who is Kira ex-fiancée and the person who want to put Nathan to his death “over Audrey’s dead body” however it turns out that  his trouble is stemming from the fact that he cannot accept being dumped by Kira “it overman”.  Dwight and Charlotte went on a mission to find Kira and the aether that Nathan told them about, the two was able to return with Kira in time to save Nathan “that was a close one”. Duke is still out there trying to keep it together and help an old friend, but things take a turn when she uses her power to rob a bank and got caught, which made Duke troubles active and he has no control over it what he might do so he told her to run. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 9/10.