Your favorite Friday Night TV shows recaps

Hawaii Five O
"Ka Papahana Holo Pono" "Best Laid Plans" McGarrett is still gloomy about Catherine leaving but as always he is putting on a good face “stupid girl”. Danny is having surgery to help his son “best father ever”, while Steven and Grover visits him. Kono is back to work and working on the side with Chin Ho to find Adam’s stolen money. Adam got abducted and to prove himself he had to beat and torcher a fellow capture to obtain information on the whereabouts of the stolen money which left his hand brushed and bloody which he is hiding from Kono “too early in the marriage to be keeping secrets from his wife”. This was a decent episode, I would rate 8/10.

"With Friends like These" Jamie and Eddie pick up a mental health patient who Jamie put his life at risk and Eddie being mad at him for been reckless but Jamie believe he can save her “her Angel” but she eventually committed suicide “heart breaking”. Linda is back at work but had a hectic night when a member of the NYPD and a member of the NYFD got into an altercation which escalated to the commissioner office. Frank and the fire commission has to come to a conclusion on how to handle the dispute between the departments at first they couldn’t but eventually they did. Erin solved an old case with the help of an informant and a friend “good friends are really better than pocket money”. This was a nice episode, I would rate 8/10. 

"Betrothed" Francis illness is getting worst so he and Mary decided to gather the family to tell them about it and try to make arrangement for when he is gone “poor Francis”. Mary is trying to stay strong in spite of her inability to produce France an Air to the throne “poor Mary” and Francis Solution is for her to married his kid brother Charles which she has no feelings for “because he is a child”.  Catherine is still in prison for committing treason again her country “what’s new”. Charles is overwhelm with the responsibility that will be place on him after Francis demise and requested to see his mother Catherine “the devil spawn” to discuss what he should do and like always Catherine use the  innocents of Charles as an opportunity to carry her bidding “evil doing”. Lola is conflicted about her marrying Narcisse at the expense of losing Francis friendship “her baby daddy”, that was until Mary told her of Francis is dying and that she will have to need to secure her future “Whatever is best my Queen”. Narcisse and Lola relationship heats up thank to a strategic plan that Narcisse put together to scare Lola into need his protection “two can play that game”, however he does not know that Lola has secrets of her own. Queen Elizabeth is facing the backlash from harboring Catherine de' Medici in the kingdom and ask her oldest friend to take the blame only to have her killed “wicked much”. Elizabeth and her board need to create a strategy to infiltrate the French court by whatever need necessary. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10