Sunday Night recap of your favorite TV shows.

Once upon a Time
"The Broken Kingdom"
King Arthur's true nature is coming to light “evil as hell” and this was shown both in Camelot and in StoryBrooke. Queen Guinevere is in love with Lancelot “cute couple” but she was spelled by Arthur to be a loyal wife and Queen. Lancelot can be trusted after all because all he wants is to get Guinevere back but she is so deep under Arthur's spell and Lancelot knows it after she sent him to the dungeon. Snow and charming initially had an disagreement about trusting Arthur “it was a close call” but as always stood together “power couple” however they are now under a spell which make them loyal to Arthur and no one is aware yet. Regina and Robin did their best to hide the dagger but with Snow and Charming under Arthurs spell they tell them to give the dagger to Arthur “think Regina” which make Regina suspicious of their sudden change of heart. Henry has his first girlfriend/crush “so cute” and she invites him for a horseback ride in Camelot while his mother and Hook watches “such a proud moment”. In Camelot Hook tries to get Emma’s mind off being the dark one and get rumple out of her head by taking her on a horseback ride “looked so fun” but that did not last. Back in StoryBrooke Gold is trying to convince Emma to fight the darkness but she is too far gone “she is a dark as midnight”. Emma has also captured Merida and is about to use her to train Gold “this should be interesting. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 8.7/10.

Blood and Oil
"The Birthday Party" It is Jules birthday and Wick with the help of his step mother Carla is throwing her a big bash at Hap Briggs mansion “it was beautiful’. Hap stopped by Jules to give her a birthday gift and she was hesitant at first to take the gift but Hap “smooth talker” talked her down. Tip is getting closer to solving the shooting at the rig and he is using every trick in his book to do so “good luck”. Billy is still upset from Hap “deceiving him” undermining him on the deal that he invested all the remainder of his money in and he is seeking help from Clifton Lundegren who is still mad at him for partnering with Hap Briggs “he deceived him too”. Billy and Clifton tried to buy a piece of property but Hap guy leaped in and bought for more money that they had which leave them exactly where they started. Billy payed Hap a visit to ask him why he bought the land and hap told him “there is one me and a million you” that it’s just business. Cody goes to the Briggs mansion to support Jules on her birthday, Cody soon realizes that Jules is not happy after the “beautiful” toast that Wick made for her declaring his love for her. Cody advice Jules to let go the man “Hap” from her pass and focus on the one she had now, which she listen and return Hap gift “good girl” and went home with Wick. Wick tried to pay off his accomplish to get out of town before thing escalated. This was an exciting episode, I would rate it 9/10

"Kill" Alex is still the most wanted woman in America for the bombing of Grand Central and the list of  people she can trust is getting thinner “I said trust no one”. Simon’s loyalty is conflicted because he realized that Alex is being framed “pick a side already” but he has a job to do. Ryan “seem to be team Alex” is in a relationship with Natalie but apparently is still helping Alex behind her back and she sensing something is wrong but she is not saying anything “he does not want her”. Shelby try’s to take Alex in after finding her in her apartment but Alex fought her off and escaped and kept her hostage, which made the FBI put an order out to shoot to kill “poor Alex”.  In the Quantico flashback Alex head is not in the game which was the intention of Liam “what did she do to him” which is why he gave her bogus files about her father to make him seem like a good man “he was a drunk” but thanks to Ryan and Miranda she knows the truth and she is feeling much more confident. Alex and Shelby exchange secrets and there friendship is getting stronger. Elias keeps hounding Simon about who he is “I think he also has a crush” but Simon does not want anything to do with him and apparently not afraid of his threats “badass”. Miranda opens up to Nimah about her son troubled pass and explain to her why she recruited them and Nimah listens and returns to Quantico. This was an intriguing episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.

A troubled face