Monday night recap of your favorite TV shows

"The Nose"
Castle meet a new friend Mia AKA the nose who he is using tell him how Beckett is feeling about him by her scent. Beckett ask Castle to come to her house “set on” but only to pick up the rest of her stuff which broke his heart “poor Castle heart”. Beckett went to the house when Castle was not there because she could not face him because she loves him and misses him “so much love” too much. Esposito and Ryan test results are back and only one of them past and it was Esposito which made Ryan jealous, so much so that he shot him in the ass “what” and then claim that it was an accident “hilarious” and beg for forgiveness, which Esposito refuse to accept at first but eventually did “too soon”. Beckett threaten to send Esposito and Ryan to therapy if they did not stop fighting. This was a funny and entertaining episode, I would rate it 8.7/10.

ABC Family
Switch at birth
"A Mad Tea Party"
The Kennish’s throw Lily and their unborn grandson a shower “it was beautiful” while Toby and John went to have father son time. Bay took Eric son for ice-cream and he got kidnaped by his birth mother leaving Bay in a panic until Regina “lied” explained to her that the person that took him was his biological mother and she was not dead  and she ask Bay to go on with her day like nothing happened. Later in the day Daphne told her the whole story about Eric being a fugitive and was the one who first kidnapped his son from his mother, which made Bay very upset and lashed out on Regina for hiding the truth from her “the drama”. Bay also learned that Toby, Lily and the baby will be moving to London after she overheard Lily telling Melody that she quitting her job and moving to London “what a night for Bay”. At the end of the night Bay felt very overwhelm about everything and told John and Kathryn about Eric situation which they did not take well “OMG”. Daphne’s “obnoxious” teacher told her that she will never become a Doctor because she is deaf and then she went on to insult Lily and her unborn baby at her baby shower which was quickly shut down by Kathryn “grandmamma bear”. At the end of the party Daphne confronted her Professor and told her that she will become a Doctor no matter what she think “you tell her Daphne”. This was a great episode, I would rate 9/10

"Super Fun Guys"
The Team mission involve costumes this week “so much fun to watch” but as always they did what they have to do to get the job done. Toby is still boxing as a coping mechanism to loosing Happy but by the end of the episode he says that she was his new addiction and decide to say away “good luck with that one buddy”. Happy purchased a new bike which was used by Ray to bring Sylvester to the NATO to help rescue the team “she was mad” after they were trapped in a foreign country. Sylvester is keeping a big secret from Walter “oh boy” about his sister Megan who is about to have brain surgery, but Megan had Sylvester promise not to say anything and just  be there for her when she wakes up and he was “go boyfriend and bad friend” there as promised. Walter and Paige “chemistry” relationship is getting better as he is trying to be more human but he still have a long way to go “so clueless” before he will be able to handle a human relationship. This was a fun episode, I would rate it 8.5/10 

NCIS Los Angeles
"Blame It on Rio"
DiNozzo is in town because he needs the help of the La team before Gibbs find out that he lost a witness. Deeks seem to be jealous of the attention Kensi is showing DiNozzo but she is just doing it because it seem to bother Deeks. Beale is still on is mission to get in shape and tried to recruit Kensi but she only used him for her purpose “didn’t got as plan” and then Sam tagged in and Beale run to Opps. Hetty helps Nell prepare for the invent/festival she will be going to with Beale “she rocked that look”. Granger ask Beale to investigate how far Deeks investigation is and what they found. Sam tells Kensi that he is worried about Callen’s new relationship with is friend because he knows from experience that as an agent it is hard to have a long-lasting and health relationship. This was a fun episode, I would rate it 8/10.


James and his new Alpha team is out there still cleaning up Gotham and trying to get the bad guys off the road “task of the century” and in the process one member of the alpha team caught fire and died at the hospital. James has a double date with Leslie and two co-workers Edward and Kristen “two weird people” it went as good as it could. The Penguin is still under Theo Galavan's thumb because he still has his mother, but the Penguin is not going down that easy “penguin survive better in deep waters” so with the help of his right hand man he was successful in digging up dirt on Theo which he plans to use against him “this is going to be good”. Theo plan is in motion and he needs James to endorse him for mayor which he decided to do “it he only knew” against his better judgement. Theo motive is finally reveled and it good to be the end of the Wayne line “right” as a revenge from what they did to his family 200 years earlier. Selina did a favor for the Penguin that has reunited her with an old friend “who is nothing but trouble” who she is going to try to help. This was an interesting episode, I would rate 8.5/10.


Minority Report
"The Present"
Dash brought flowers “that was so sweet” because it is Vegas birthday but she could not enjoy it because it is also the day her father died and his murder went unsolved but with the help of Dash and Arthur she was able to solve his murder and put her and her family heart at peace “such a burden lifted”. Dash vision shows that Vega’s life maybe in danger while trying to solve her father’s murder “a sticky situation” and seeks Akeela’s help to prevent it such an event from happening. Agatha showed Arthur the milk bath from her vision and warned him about Vega again which he warned Dash about but Dash refuse to believe that Vega would do anything to hurt his siblings. Arthur come face to face with Wally the Caretaker from his time as a precrog when he went to help Vega as a birthday gift “he like her he like her”. Will and Vega meet with someone that knew about the Pre-crime program and being so obsess about her father’s murder she might have said too much “fingers cross that she did not”. This was an entertaining episode I would rate it 9/10.

Faking it
"Nuclear Prom"
Karma and Shane has the same date to prom and it has affective their friendship because they both like him and he likes them both because he is bi-sexual “having his cake and eat it too”. Amy went to the prom with Felix because she did not want to go with Karma but while spending the night with Felix she realized that he is a nice guy that was interested in being more than just friends and gave him a kiss “a long passionate one”. Liam is still not over Karma which makes him upset to see her at prom with another guy, but Karma seem like she is not over Liam either because after seeing Liam kissing Sasha “Shane sister” she got upset and decide to have a threesome with Shane and their date. Lauren went to prom with her ex-boyfriend (tommy) while her current boyfriend Theo throws her a surprise prom for just the two of them, but by the end of the night Lauren had a moment with Tommy which made her realized that she don’t want to have a secret relationship with Theo and broke up with him “so sad”. This was a great episode would rate it 9/10.

Blind Spot
"Split the Law"
Jane’s memories of her pass is coming back to her slowly and it is making her scared about where she was and what they did to her “Who wouldn’t be” and why. Kurt is trying to help Jane remember about their time as kids and get her to spend time around the house to see if it would help her remember more but it did not go as plan “she needs more time”. Kurt is also conflicted with the information given to him by Patterson about Jane DNA and the possibility of her not being Taylor Shaw “poor Kurt” Mayfair and Carter are still having a feud over how much Jane knows and how she knows it, so he is intruding on their cases to get close to Jane but Mayfair won’t have it “she tough”. Agent Tasha Zapata gambling problem may be affect he loyalty to the team as at the end of the episode she is seen taking money for Carter to cover her debts “oh boy”. Agent Edgar Reade is still having a problem with jane being on the team which he is making know by agreeing with Carter about her been a civilian “Jane can kick both their asses” acting like a agent. The mystery of Jane Doe continues. This was good episode, I would rate 8.5/10