Tuesday night recap of all your favorite shows

Agents of Shield
"Devils You Know"
Coulson new alliance with Rosalind Price “head of the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU)” is having an effect on his team because they don’t trust her and her team’s motives. Daisy and Mack try to save some inhuman but was too late, by the time they got to the house they were staying Lash already killed the inhumans “but why”. Daisy and Mack was sent on another mission to transport another inhuman but was ambushed by Lash leaving Mack unconscious and Daisy distorted but opened her eyes just in time to see Lash transforming back to human form “that was a shocker”. Hunter is still has his mission to kill Ward and he is determine and out of control, which scared Mae into seeking Coulson help which he promise to provide when Hunter and  Mae  get close enough “that didn’t work out’. In spite of Mae efforts to help Hunter his anger got the best of him when he got closer to accomplishing his task and attacked Ward he was warned that he has Mae ex-husband Andrew surrounded so if they fired their guns he would have him killed but Hunter furiously started firing after Mae beg him to stand down and Ward escape injured but not before killing Mae ex-husband Andrew “I am so mad at Hunter”. Jemma is still shutting everyone out except for Bobby who she told that she want to go back because she has unfinished business “this better be good” which she later told Fitz and ask him to help her as she tells him about what really happen “I can’t wait to hear next episode”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10. 

Abby is trapped with little to no communication to the outside world while visiting a pharmaceutical lab during a murder investigation after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage. Abby got to the server room and contact Gibbs for help, Gibbs and the team showed up to rescue her “she had it under control”.  Bishop and Jake relationship keeps getting worst because he keep going on mission that he cannot tell her about “I feel for her”. Tony and Gibbs relationship seem a strained since the shooting but maybe that just me, while McGee and Bishop Friendship grows stronger. This was a cute episode, I would rate it 7/10.

NCIS New Orleans
"Foreign Affairs"
New blood came to New Orleans after an Australian Navy man dies on American soil and Pride and is team was not able to get any information because the detail has been compartmentalized by the Royal Australian Navy, which they sent Naomi Parsons Australia defense force investigative services to have solve the case. She is a sassy fast taking woman who got under Prides skin “I love her for him”. Percy is away for a week of counter intelligence training which disappointed LaSalle and Brody because both had a prank to play on her “Lucky bugger”. Laurel Pride’s daughter is in town and she is worried that he is not moving on from her mother and tried to hint him that Parsons would be a good match for him “I totally agree”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10

"Personality Crisis"
Brian is struggling with the detail he found in the files about Rebecca’s father, his NZT brain is telling him to think about the consequences “Calculated brain” but normal Brian believes in loyalty and honesty “good guy”, and by the end of the episode normal Brian brought the files to Rebecca “great friend”. Brian learns that being on NZT only helps him mentally and not physically after he was knock out by a suspect while on the field. Nasreen decided to send Brian to combat training to be able to defend himself “Bruce lee did not help”. Brian training went so well that he left his trainer “Rebecca secret boyfriend” is suspicious of how quickly  learned the combat skills “thanks NZT”. Brian ask Rebecca about the gallery and the painting that her father left behind and she told Brain that she originally believe that her father only took NZT once but after see the amount of painting and their quality she is now convince that he was using NZT regularly “she is probably right”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

The Flash
"Family of Rogues"
Caitlin seem to have a crush on Jay and vici versa “but is Ronnie dead” and offer him help with the singularity breaches located in the lab but was interrupted by Cisco “damn you Cisco”. Jay creates a device that fixed the singularity breaches and allows him to return to his world, but after being asked by Caitlin and the team to stay he decided to stick around and help Barry stop Zoom “or just to get closer to Caitlin”. Leonard Snart “Captain Cold” Sister Lisa Snart “sister Cold” showed up at the coffee shop to ask team Flash's to help find her brother Leonard who is missing, the team hesitated at first because of their past experience with Cold clan but decided to help her “she is Cisco’s crush”. The flash tracks down Leonard only to find him with his father and revealed that he was not kidnapped but is working with his father Lewis Snart “father colder” and froze The Flash to prove his loyalty. The Flash went back to confront Lisa about her brother working with their father but she swore that Leonard would never work with there father willingly, because their father was abusive towards her as a child. After a murder in Central city the team figured out that he placed a bomb inside Lisa’s head and he is using it to threaten to kill her if Leonard did not help him steal some diamonds “he loves his sister”. Barry infiltrates Lewis' crew with assistance from Leonard but was shot by Lewis after he open the vault “that was crazy”. Cisco create as device that will successfully removes the bomb from Lisa head “Cisco the Genius” and Leonard uses his cold gun to kill his father after they conforming the bomb was removed from his sister “bye father Colder”. Cisco and Lisa shared a passionate kiss before she rode of in the sun. Barry and Patty’s encounters are getting more frequent and awkward “but so damn cute”, Patty offers Barry her phone number over a misunderstood conversation “awkward”. Joe called Barry to ask him how to tell Iris about her mother and Barry advise him to just tell her because she is stronger than he think “of course she jump out of a building”. Joe comes clean to Iris about her mother being alive in Central City and wants to meet her “wonder what she is up to”, Iris was shocked by the news but understood why her father did what he did “he a good father” and forgave him for not telling her. Dr. Stein's condition continues to deteriorate, and Dr. Harrison Wells arrives through the singularity breach at the lab “Next week’s shocker”. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 9/10.

"Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"
Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a Housewife in Seattle with impeccable fashion sense giving Liv the brain of a diva “she looked fabulous”, which came in very handy as it is her birthday and she got to shop “who doesn’t love shopping”. Major bad habit seem to still be there and he has no control over himself “get it together man” and even went as far a sleeping with Liv’s new roommate “she sucks”. Major’s new job is revealed after he ran into Liv and Clive while they were leaving Max Rager, but liv did not take him working there very well and smacked him across the face “if she only knew what he is really doing there”. Liv best friend and Ravi ex-girlfriend Peyton returns home to head a task force and they found out while watching the TV “surprise”. Ravi went home from his date to find Peyton having a conversation with Major and to his surprise he she asked him for a hug which he willing gave to her “he’s definitely not over her”.  Liv went home very sad that she is spending her birthday alone only to find out that her best friend got her a cake “that’s a start” which made her very happy. This was a hilarious episode, I would rate it 8.5/10

Chicago Fire
"A Taste of Panama City"
Dawson and Casey went to see the Chief Boden about Dawson transferring to Arson, which he was not pleased about so they had to come clean about her being pregnant and that made him and the fire house team very happy “congratulation”. Dawson first day was going good until she stumble upon something that they missed at an arson scene and when she convey this information to her boss he shut her down telling that not how they do things “she won’t let it go so wish her new boss luck”. Casey is not able to let go of the missing file and went to see Voight about it but he told him to leave it alone “as if Casey would”, later that night Casey when back to the club after getting a clue from Dawson he found the file and tried to get it to the police but was followed and stopped by Nesbitt who had him at gun point until Voight and the Chicago PD showed up and saved him” that was so scary’. Severide struggles with his new role as a regular fire fighter “still sexy” and his new classmate Jenny “Continuum Rachel Nichols” are getting closer even though they are supposed to be studying “I would be distracted too”. Patterson is being investigated by Internal affair after is action pushing people car out the road and he is asking everyone to back his story including Severide which he continues to give a hard time “I wish Severide would smack him”. Molly's is threatened with closure following a noise complaint but Mouch is not doing new well “but he tried” after he attempted to make peace with his neighbor who insulted his effort “hence karaoke night”. This was a super episode. I would rate it 9/10.