Wednesday night recap of your favorite TV shows

Laurel and Thea finally arrives in Nanda Parbat with Sara’s dead body “disturbing” and  requested that Malcolm the new Ra's al Ghul uses the Lazarus Pit to bring Sara back to life. Nysssa was with Malcom when they made the request and suggested that it was a bad idea and not to do it but in order to gratify Thea he eventually agrees “like that’s going to make her forgive him”. Malcom also did it because he believes that he had no choice after he made Thea kill two of his men to feed her hunger for killing “she was brutal”. When Sara returns uncontrollable, Nyssa destroys the Lazarus Pit in retaliation to using it and Malcom had her arrested “she did the right thing”. An A.R.G.U.S. operative delivers Diggle information on a woman name Mina Fayad a member of H.I.V.E who hired Floyd Lawton to kill his brother “good luck lady”. Mina meets with Damien Darhk about the growing issue of the vigilantes “team Arrow” in Star City and brings him a metahuman hitman named Jeremy Tell (J. R. Bourne) who can turn his playing card tattoos into physical projectiles to kill  “as if it was that easy”. After Jeremy Tell's failure to kill the Arrow Damien Darhk kills Mina for challenging him and then nipped Tell in the face for failing “Vicious man”. After Tell attack Felicity and Curtis at Palmer Technologies Diggle and Oliver team up to take him down and gather information on H.I.V.E but got no new information “better luck next time guys”. In flashbacks to prevent excess from killing Oliver he forced to use torture techniques to interrogate a prisoners to get the name of the person who have being harvesting heroin-cocaine hybrid plants, after a parcel of drugs goes missing “always the hero”. This was a super episode, I would rate it 9/10.

“The Bad Seed”
Rowena endeavors to protect herself against the Winchesters so she tries to start a witch group called Mega coven to keep her in hiding “best of luck with that one”.  Cass is still struggling to heal because of the curse so Sam and Dean have him chained to the ground so he does not hurt them or himself while the search for a cure. Later Dean and Sam capture Crowley’s mother
Rowena “wicked witch” for her to remove Cass spell which she did and the attack them and escaped “at least the curse is gone”. Amara darkness is growing rapidly so she needs to feed the darkness within which is causing her to suck the soul out of the people around her “scary”. While Amara tries to understand the world and how the people operates she is staying with Crowley who is only trying to use her darkness to his advantage “good luck Crowley”. However Sam and Dean continues to pursue a missing child connected to the darkness to try and stop whatever is coming but they are not aware that she is growing rapidly. This was a spooky episode, I would rate 8/10.

"Be True"
All the charges against Lucious Lyon have been drop after Vernon’s dead body is found and he was the only witness in Bunkie’s murder case. Lucious throws a congratulation party for Andre with dancer and liquor to welcome him back to the Empire but he was uncomfortable “he thinking about the lord” because of his converted life style. Jamal is still recording his album with Lucious alongside Neyo, but is not going as well as Lucious wants so he stops the recording session “I thought he was good”. Jamal and Neyo went to have a drink with Lucious and discuss his upcoming tour and the possibility of Neyo joining him but was interrupted by Michael who disclosed that he will be joining Jamal on the tour “luscious was not happy”. While Jamal struggles with his father’s disapproval of Michael going on tour with him he was unable to focus in the studio but was comforted by Neyo “great advice”. However the Michael situation is seems to have answered itself after he caught him on the balcony with the painter giving him a blowjob “nasty Michael”. Hakeem found a new member for his girl group but she is “definitely” not like the other girls he is accustom to and he found that out quickly. Cookie promotes Lyon Dynasty artists, Tiana got robbed in front of Lyon Dynasty and Cookies is not happy about been marked by a neighborhood crew who thinks she should be paying them to do business in their hood “yea right” and Porcha brought Cookie a guard dog “Whoopty Woo her grandmas mutt” to fix her security problem in order to help get her job back “Porcha is on Probation”. Cookie was in a meeting with her new promoter Mr. Delgado, when Thirsty “Luciuos’s slimey-ass lawyer” sent two guys to steal Lyon Dynasty master but was stopped by Cookie and the Promoter “don’t mess with Cookie”. Rhonda tries to get her grove on with Andre but he turn her down “crazy man” because he is a change man “God approves of marital sex”. Andre decided to turn his life over to God and baptize but to do so he must first confess his unjust deeds to his family and anyone he had hurt to clear his consciences and he did “he was brave”, then invited his family to be present for his baptism “yes Lucious went”. At the end of the episode Hakeem was kidnapped while on a run “omg”. This was a tremendous episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.

The twins Jack and Diane confront their parents Bow and Dre about not allowing them to go anywhere and always saying no to invitations “it’s safer that way” so they decided to start trying to say yes. The Coopers invited them to a party and they said yes and they had fun, so when they invited them to church they reluctantly said yes. Dre had a family meeting where he told everyone that they will be going to church and Ruby over heard and questioned there motive “Ruby has issues”. Ruby found out that the twin was not baptized and told them that they are going to somewhere worse than hell “again Ruby is crazy”. Dre, Bow and the family went to church with the cooper and they like it and return the next Sunday and it was the same thing so they made an excuse not to go again and end up inviting the Coopers to their church “they don’t have one”. The following Sunday they had to go to Ruby’s church with the Coopers but neither of them liked it because it was too long. At the end of the episode Ruby baptized the twin in the pool “Ruby is crazy”. This was a hilarious episode. I would rate it 8.5/10.

Modern Family
“The verdict”
Gloria is excited about her first Jury duty but was dismiss because she was acting crazing “nothing new” so she started be Judge and Jury to Cameron and Mitchell relationship. Claire has her first opportunity to be boss and she made a fool of herself in front of her kids “it was hard to watch”. While Phil and Luke spend time together they meet an old acquaintance of Phil who had car trouble and ask Phil for money to get a cab, Phil was kind enough to give him but Luke convince him that he was played “Why would he listen to Like” so he took revenge on the guy who turned out to be the Doctor that delivered Luke “embarrassing”. This was a funny episode, I would rate it 7.5/10.