Thursday night recap of your favorite TV shows

Grey Anatomy
"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
Tension raised immediately when Grey open the door and saw Penny standing there by Callie’s side but she tried her best not to say anything because she didn’t want to disrupt the dinner party “as if that could last”. Meredith doesn’t tell anyone and tries to cope with Penny’s presence at the dinner party because she wants their history to be a secret “that was too deep of a wound”. Maggie fears that a possible UTI could actually be an STD contracted from having sex with Andrew, so she takes off to the hospital to be tested “she's is so crazy” leaving dinner unfinished. April was jealous of Avery’s conversation with Edwards so April decided to start cooking and allocated responsibility to everyone around her “she did good”. While gathered around the dinner table, Bailey states that Penny is going to be a new transfer resident at the hospital “oops there it is” which pushes Meredith over the edge, so she tells everyone the truth about her. Distraught by her friendly interaction with Penny, Amelia lashes out and demands to hear how she killed Derek which quickly ends the dinner party just as Callie and Owen walks through the door, not satisfied by Penny’s answer Amelia kicked her out of the house “awkward”. However with all the chaos with Meredith being mad and offensive to everyone, Owen and Amelia bond over their imperfect lives “about time”. Alex continues to be Meredith’s person “I miss Cristina”, and Jo and Stephanie attempt to mend their friendship but that failed after she tried to compare her bad childhood with Edwards’s illness “shortest makeup ever”. As everyone's leaving, Penny runs into Meredith and apologizes one last time, to which Meredith responds that she’ll see her at work on Monday. This episode an electrifying, I would rate it 9.5/10

"You Got Served”
Olivia is back at work and trying to figure out what to do about the Senate Judiciary Committee voting to open and investigation about her relationship with President Fitz “can she handle this”. Fitz met with is staff and David who told him to get a lawyer name Patty Snell a no nonsense lawyer who is not afraid to put anyone in their place “woo she’s good”. Olivia hire’s Leo to fix her situation but he came in and was very obnoxious to the gladiator “I wouldn’t do that, they crazy”. The gladiator did not like his original plan so they decided to go with a making Liv likable to the American people but that did not work after the leak about the Fitz grandmother’s ring that he gave to her “promise ring” making Leo furious “he’s crazy”. Leo then decided to go with plan B making Olivia a love struck woman who is madly in love with Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III from the first time she saw him “which she was” she didn’t want to do but went to see Jake and met his longtime friend Elise for the first time “his kissing friend”. Jake advise her to just be herself and she did so “like a boss” and later they had dinner where he told her that Elise was his wife and that she had a type “married men”. Mellie voted yes for the investigation and was thrown off the case for being married to the Fitz after which she went to see Cyrus. Cyrus is in a bad state after been dumped by Fitz and is very depress but his husband trying to help him keep it together “he looked crazy”. After a visit from Mellie who told him that she leaked the information about Oliva’s ring from Fitz the two started to drink and reminiscing until Cyrus receive a call from Fitz and rushed over “the prodigal son called”. When Cyrus got to the oval Fitz offer him a job but he was suspicious and questioned his motive which he was right to do because he figure out that he was only hiring him to keep him mute about Olivia’s kidnapping situation which Olivia had informed Fitz about their intent to use it against him earlier that night “always stay a step ahead of the game”.  Cyrus initially refused the job after giving Fitz a piece of his mind about how much he did for him and he does even know his mother’s name which Fitz did and told him a story that proved to Cyrus that he was taking note of his actions “Fitz is good”. After Fitz long speech to Cyrus he decided to take the job but only as his the White House Chief of Staff and Fitz has to fire Elizabeth North and change the carpet in the office, all of which Fitz agreed to do “Cyrus the virus is back”. This an amazing episode, I would rate it 9.7/10. 


How to Get Away With Murder
"Meet Bonnie"
Bonnie confesses to the murder of Sam to Asher in hope that he loved her enough to not report her “he’s a snitch” and protect Annalise for any investigation “she will literally do anything for Annalise”. Bonnies tells Annalise about her confession to Asher and she was mad that she put herself in jeopardy to protect her but will stop at nothing to get out of it “momma bear” so later she payed Asher a visit and showed him a video of Bonnie been raped as a child “she’s good”. Annalise told Nate about the favor his wife ask for and confronts him about working with Wes “I don’t trust him”. Annalise has Frank look in to why Wes was meeting with Nate and what they were up to, Frank found out about Rebeca’s foster brother Levi and plant coke in is car to get in off the street and of their trail “he so smart”. Frank knowing that Wes was up to no good planted the key to his storage for him to see that he did not have Rebeca’s body “poor fool” but instead the crew who followed Wes found a suite case of money. Frank and Laurel had “hot, rough and steamy” sex in the basement because Laurel though she was going to prison and wanted to take her  mind off of it “that always a good way”. Michaela found out that Levi was using her and that he is Rebeca’s foster brother and Wes knew the whole time “she was highly pissed”. The episode ended with Bonnie stomach cover in blood and Asher at the police station asking to make a report “this should be good”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.

The Vampire Dairies
"Age of Innocence"
Damon  left Mystic Fall per Lily’s request and moved in with his best friend Alaric on campus “roomies” where with the help of Bonnie they plan a road trip to myrtle beach to find something to use against Lily “mommy dares” to get Elena coffin back “this should be good”. Damon, Bonnie and Alaric went to see one of Lily’s stray Heretic “Oscar” and decide to use him as a bargaining chip to get Elena back and siphon away Bonnies vision a symptom that the Phoenix stone gave her, upon trying to fix Bonnies problem Oscar realize that the Phoenix stone was not destroyed “woo Alaric” and attack them, stole stone and ran “how far did he think he would get”. After they woke up Bonnie question Damon and Alaric about lying to her about destroying the stone but Damon quickly excused himself and went after Oscar and the stone “leaving Alaric in hot water”. Alaric explain to Bonnie that he doesn’t want her to be in pain but he loved Jo and his life is meaningless without her in it and that’s why he could not destroy the stone “is that love or crazy” Bonnie told him that this is Necromancy “bring someone back to life” and ask him if he was sure he want to do it “of course he said yes”. Damon caught up with Oscar who refuses to give him the stone but he said he don’t care about that he just want Elena back “that’s love” Oscar attack Damon but was taken down by Bonnie and Alaric “team badass”. Damon called Lily and strike a bargain to get Elena back and return Oscar but Lily seems mad because she knows what Damon is capable of “this is going to be good”. Caroline is still being held at the Salvatore house reading Stefan diary until she was interrupted by Valarie who told her the story of the time she spent with Stefan “she popped is cherry”. Stefan and Lily had some mother and son moments as he teaches her to drive and catch up on pass events “it was cute”. It is reveal that Lily’s boyfriend Julian killed Valarie’s baby that she was carrying for Stefan and she is out for revenge “and she good at it”. This was an exciting episode, I would rate it 9/10.

The Originals
"I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans"
 Hayley is having a hard time with Hope crying “but it is not what you think” she is just afraid that she will turn to a wolf at any time if Davina outs the candle, she is also annoyed because she needs blood and is very angry at Klaus for turning her and the pack into a wolf “her fault”. Jackson took her to the boxing ring to let some of her frustration out and one thing lead to the other “vampire sex”. The Mikaelson brothers seem to be getting along but Elijah have still not forgiven Klaus for his actions but is willing to put their differences aside for the purpose of protecting his family “a family man”. Elijah and Klaus went to Lucien house to pay him a visit to get some more information about the supposed attack on their family but he was not home “on a mission of his own” however, the witch that showed Klaus the vision originally was there and invited them to see for themselves what they are up against and they did “dinner for two anyone”. The Vison showed them two faces Camille and Marcel “friend and family” so Klaus went to see Camille and Elijah went to see Marcel “no surprise there”. Lucien was pick up by the police earlier in regard to the recent murders in New Orleans which he had nothing to do with but used it to his advantage to speak with Camille “smart thinking” he plead his innocents to Camille and told her the story of the day Klaus turned him and explained that he was only in town to protect Klaus “I don’t think he needs it” however he was interrupted by Klaus who went to warned him to stay away from Camille “friend my ass” and threaten his life “like only Klaus can”. Elijah went to see Marcel only to find his vampire laying around in blood and told by Josh that Marcel was take by Ava “Elijah sire”. Elijah knowing where to find Ava walked in the mansion just as she was recruiting Marcel to join the Strix managed by Tristen another of Elijah sire who wants to kill Klaus and his brother Lucien. Elijah attack Ava and hold her heart until he was stopped by Tristen who explained why he was in town “I don’t trust Tristen”. The episode ended with Elijah stopping Klaus from killing Lucien and Amara calling Tristen to tell him that she is on her way to New Orleans “this is getting fascinating”. This was an outstanding episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.

Heroes Reborn
"Game Over"
Noah, Quinton and Taylor torcher Harris for information about Hiro and Erica intention for him. He broke and told them about the where abouts of Hiro, Phoebe and Francis “now that wasn’t so hard. After Harris gave them this information Taylor separated from the group to go find her boyfriend Francis and gave them a weapon to keep Harris in line. When they got to Renautas they saw Miko who need to complete the game to free Hiro. When they got to the server room they were attacked by Harris and Phoebe who controls electricity but Quinton manage to disable her for a few minutes allowing Miro to reenter the game, Phoebe started to attack Quinton but was knocked out by Noah but he was too late “that was so crazy” and Quinton dies. While Noah was on the ground with Quinton Miro beat herself in the game and free Hiro who froze time and stop a bullet that was aimed at Noah’s head “lucky sucker”. Noah ask Hiro to take him back to June 13 to see if the can change the pass, at first Hiro was hesitant but eventually made the jump “the bending of time and space”. Tommy just got the news from is protector that he is part of something bigger and he is going to save the world “big responsibility” so he went to see Emily and ask her to go with him and they jumped to Paris “I wish it was me”. While in Paris they attempted to go to the top of the Eiffel tower but Evos are not allow which brought unwanted attention to them and he had to make a jump “coolest power ever” after the jump Emily was mad at Tommy and he explain what his protector told him and express to her that he was not ready, so she took him to see some comic book and told him that he could be a hero and he believes her and jumped back to her room where they shared a passionate kiss “so cute”. Luke calls his wife and left her a voice message telling her that he sold his half of the medical practice and burn the house down “really over a voice message”. Luke later went to buy a boat like the one he made with his son with the intention to kill himself but met Malina earlier who saw him jump in the water to drown himself and she used her powers save his life and ask him why he would try to kill himself and told him that she is there to find Tommy so they can save the world “heroes reborn”. Carlos torcher the guy (Dylan Bruce) to get information about where they took his nephew and the priest, he told him about a place called Sunstone Manner and the two drove there and made a plan to go inside but he can only bring in a Evo so he gave in a vile of blood that would temporarily make him appear as a Evo but did not complete explain the side effect which is painful and causes him to pass out “I don’t know what to think of this guy”. This was an entertaining episode, I would rate it 9/10.


The Player
"House Rules"
 Alex is still depress about his wife and was watching an old video of her when he realize that the date on the picture and video was off by three days, but was not able to address it as he receive a call from Cassandra about a new game. The new game involve a teenage boy name Solomon Dasia a computer engineering prodigy who his wanted by the Chinese and the US government. Alex went to pick up Solomon but was attacked by the triad and jump through a window to escape and find the boy “that was brave and stupid”. Alex found Solomon in the garage and ask Cassandra for help but then he heard helicopter coming and look outside to see that he was surrounded by the NSA, so they stole a car from the garage and escape. After they drove for a while they stop under a garage to get a new car and they did but as soon after they started driving they were ambushed by a group of triad again and escape to the train station where he was assisted by the NSA and he gave Solomon to them for protection. At this point he as lost the bet and gave up only to receive a call from Johnson who told him that Solomon was not safe because one of the NSA agent is working with the triad and the bet was doubled. Alex stole a bike and when to save Solomon and he did and later ask Solomon to decode the numbers on the picture and he did and gave him a number which he use to contact is wife Ginny briefly and she told him to stop looking for her “like that going to happen”. Johnson went to see Zeng one of the wagers in the game and found out the he was taking bets on the side and they fought to the death “literally”. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 8.5/10 

"Enter Sandman"
The episode starts with Audrey laying on the ground after being touch by the sandman last episode “creepy” she has been trapped in a dream where she is getting ready to be married “no it was not to Nathan” to Henry “the Sandman” who has taken over her mind and her memories of the real world “her wedding dress was beautiful”. Nathan walk in to the room to find Audrey unconscious with her eyes wide open on the ground and the Sandman standing a few feet away from her watching “as I said creepy”. Nathan is furious about Audrey and demands to see Dwight but was stopped by Charlotte who told him to let Dwight handle the Sandman, he calmed down and stayed but Audrey side and kept talking to her and telling how much they been through and how much he loves her “such a touching scene”. Dwight tries to talk to the Sandman but he refuses to let Audrey go, so Dwight sent Charlotte to tell Nathan that Henry is obsessed with Audrey and refuse to let her go “crazy obsession”. Henry told Dwight that he and Audrey is getting married and as soon as they get married in his mind she will be gone forever, Dwight did not believe him so he killed a few people trapped by him in his mind and they died in the real world “that was so crazy”. Dwight told Charlotte about Henry’s plan and she decided to go in and try to stop Audrey from getting married and Dwight beg her not to “he still likes her” because he might kill her. Charlotte took the chance and try to seduce him but he was on to her and trapped her in his mind, when she got there she tried to tell Audrey but her memory quickly faded away “I was so mad”. However, thanks to Grayson’s strong will he suspected that something was wrong but Henry killed him before he could say anything and the ladies witnessed it, which made Charlotte remember why she was there and help Audrey to get her memory back which she was unable to do until she heard Nathan voice coming through “the power of love”.  Outside of Haven Duke found Seth a documenter who has visited Haven before but he was unable to remember his time there until Duke dragged is memory after which he found someone in North Carolina who he think can remove the troubles so they decide to go and find him “road trip”. When Seth and Duke was about to hit the road Duke sent him to get snacks but by the time he walked away he forgot again and started to dismiss Duke again “this was so funny” but Duke did not give up and stoped the van and tell him that they are going to North Carolina and he will tell all about Haven on the way “he going to drive Duke crazy. This was a wonderful episode, I would rate it 9/10.