Friday Night Recap of your Favorite Shows

Hawaii Five O
"Ka 'alapahi nui" "Big Lie"
Steve keep receiving a call from an international number but the person on the other end of the line doesn’t speak and he believe it is Catherine and he told Danny who told him that it does not have to be Catherine but his mother “if it is Cath it give him hope”. The team worked a case that the perpetrator seems to be a gun for hire and a stunt biker because his escaped route was jumping from roof to roof “that takes skills”.  The team disbursed to find evident to lock the perpetrator up, Chin went to see an old informant “snitch” about the type of bike that was used in the shooting and got enough info to arrest the majority of the stunt biker gang members “that what you call a takedown”. It turned out that the victim of the shooting was a man with two family on different part of the island and neither of the women knew about each other “talk about having your cake and eating it too” but the man eldest daughter figured it out and worked with her boyfriend to have him kill and then try to flee the island leading to a highway chase “love car chases”. Steve fast driving almost gave Danny a heart attack “not literally” but the two argue as always about his driving “bromance”. The episode ended with the team preparing for a Tough Mudder “a combat race in mud” and Grover as there coach who gave them a long speak before they started race “which was hilarious”. Danny did not stretch before the race as Steve told him to do and had to be carried throughout the entire race “the team won anyway”. This was a fun episode, I would rate 8/10.

Blue Bloods
Danny and Baez joins the search for two escaped convicts after learning that one of the escapees was Rose a woman he helped wrongfully imprison years earlier. Danny kept in contact with Rose son Eric after her arrest as he had promised her “talk about a good cop” but lost contact when he turned eighteen (18) and moved away. He later had Baez use Eric’s phone number to track him down, she called the telephone company and got an address and went to see him but he didn’t want to give them any information so they arrested him. Danny later questioned Eric again who gave him the info he overheard from Trina “perp # 2”, the team caught up to the suspects but Rose was not there and Trina got killed in a shootout with the police. Rose called Danny to meet her alone but he had Baez and company follow him and it was a good thing because Rose had him at gun point but got distracted by Eric’s voice which allowed Danny to disarm and arrest her “that was close”. At the Commissioner’s office Frank has to deal with Lieutenant Sidney "Sid" who wife is cheating with a follow officer but it is not who he think and he gave Commissioner Frank an ultimatum which Frank did not take well but ask Deputy Commissioner Moore to look into the accusation anyway. Moore investigated and found out the truth and the two went to see Sid and stopped him from making the mistake of his life “great team work”. Nicky ask her uncle Jamie and his partner Eddie to help her friend Chrissie who think that her life is been threaten, but it turned out that she was lying and when Nicky went to confront her about the lie she found her lifeless body on the floor and called a the ambulance “that was crazy”. As always the Reagan had their family dinner and discussed their issues “beautiful as always”. This was a nice episode. I would rate it 8/10.

"Extreme Measures"
King Francis has been locked away in his room as he worsen, but he has to face Antoine of Navarre but collapse on the stairs while on his way to meet him and had to be rushed back to his room by the guards “OMG moment”.  News of Francis illness spreads to various parties, including Antoine of Navarre and Nicholas ambassador of England who is there to offer Antoine a deal on behalf of England. Antoine has come to Francis to ask for passage for his brother Prince of Condé but Mary refuses to grant his request unless he signed away his claim to the French throne “go Mary”. Francis and Mary attended a dance hosted as meeting between him Antoine but as Francis shared a dance with Mary Antoine received a note from Nicholas who offer a deal but was followed by Bash who advice Mary of their meeting “go Bash”. Mary releases Catherine from prison to help block Nicholas's attempts to interfere and she was successful which gave Antoine no choice but to sign away his claim to France “point France”. After several attempt from Francis to protect Scotland Mary realizes that her alliance with Scotland is too damaging to France, so she decides not to marry Charles after Francis dies, but sets her sights on Don Carlos of Spain and make Catherine be Regent after Francis's death “bad idea bad idea”. Lola and Narcisse relationship heats up and he asked her to marry him and she said yes but not right away because their relationship is still a secret “or so she thinks”. Lola and Francis meet to spend time with their son and Francis told Lola that he knows about her time with Narcisse and begged her not to marry him after he dies and she said she will consider his request. Thank to Charles accidentally causing his friend Constance (Jordan Monaghan) to overdose on opium and asking his Sister Claude and Narcisse's help “that was close”. After Francis learned of Narcisse's goodness toward Charles he gave him his blessing to wed Lola immediately and they did “again bad idea bad idea”. Leith lets it slip to Claude that he's afraid of developing feelings for her after she catches him with one of her ladies. Greer has her ladies with her at court and continues to use them for Mary’s bidding “go Greer”. Bash still hunting for Delphine and heard of another attacked but it was a member of the village which made him concern because of her premonition “I need more Bash scene”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9.3/10.