Sunday Night Recap of Your Favorite TV shows

Once upon a time
Henry and Violet relationship is growing both in Camelot and StoryBrooke. In Camelot Henry is feeling insecure because Violet father told him that he does not deserve his daughter because he is not a Knight but after speaking to his moms Emma and Regina they convince him that he was different and that what she will like about him “they are so cute together”. Henry later decided to prepare a dinner at Granny’s to impress Violet and she would have been impressed but Emma took her heart making her not feel the same way about Henry as he does her which broke his heart for the first time “poor Henry”. It was later revealed that Emma took Violets’ heart so she could break Henry heart to get his fresh broken hearted tears to use as a part of a spell to bring Merlin back to life and the tears worked “it was done with good intention, but it was still so sad”. Emma and Regina worked together in Camelot after Emma stop her from giving Snow and Charming the Dagger and by telling her that they were under  Arthur’s spell, though Regina did not believe her at first she eventually “somewhat” work together with her to free Merlin “Merlin is free at last”.  Merlin is a man again and Arthur tries to attack him but he told Arthur that he was disappointed in him and that he can’t hurt him with a broken sword “Arthur is crazy”. While back in StoryBrooke they are hosting a dance which Henry invited Violet to but she said no because she was heartbroken over her missing horse which Henry promise to find before the dance and he did with the help of Emma, who turned out to be the person who let the horse go in the beginning to ensure that Violet and Henry had a second chance “Henry saved the day and got the girl”. Belle finally told Regina and the team that Gold is missing and that she think Emma has him so they broke into Emma’s house while Henry was the lookout, while in Emma’s apartment they found a glimpse of Emma’s end game “the sword”. Henry texted Regina to tell her that they were on the way back but on their way out of the house an object caught Hook eyes and when he opened the object he found a dream catcher which Regina thought Emma could have used to steal their memories “good eyes Hook”. Regina use her magic to activate the dream catch but the only memories on it was Henry’s broken heart while he was in Camelot and he walked in just in time to see the memory which made him very annoyed at Emma “heartbroken twice in one night poor Henry”. Emma mission to remove the sword remain the same has she is using Merida to train an injured Gold who is in too much pain to fight back so Merida on her mission to go home started to play dirty and went to find something to incentivize him and she did but he was still too weak to fight “poor Gold”. This was beautiful episode, I would rate it 9/10.

Blood and Oil
"Rocks and Hard Places"
Cody and Billy had their first ultrasound and it revealed that they were having a boy “yea them”. Billy has a new idea and ran to see his partner Clifton but when he got to his house Emma told him that Clifton had a heart attack and he is in the hospital “poor Clifton”. Billy and Emma rushed over to the hospital and when he got there Clifton was awake and well so he told him about his truck idea, but Clifton told him that Hap Briggs will never let that happen and in order to beat Briggs he has to become like him “how do you become the devil”. On Billy first attempt to be like Briggs he betrayed his wife trust by using the information she told him about Briggs and Jules affair to try and blackmail Hap but Hap called it bluff and he chickened out “Hap is the boss”. Cody confront Jules about her affair with a married Hap and told her that she is not alone that she is there for her but before she could leave the bar Hap called Jules and told her about Billy’s attempt to blackmail him leaving Cody and Jules friendship in shambles “damn it Billy”. Hap is convince that Wick has something to do with the robbery and went to see Sheriff Tip “father to father” who reveal to Hap that Wick may now more about the robbery than he his letting on “Wick is a dead man walking”.  Lacey officially joins the family business making Wicks shortcoming more obvious but she is trying her best to protect him after he messed up on a job, later Hap told Lacey that he knew she was covering for Wick “good sister”. Garry showed up at the job site after his accident and demand that Wick paid him off and threaten to reveal his secret about the robbery if he didn’t and wick gave him some money and told him he will get him  more money later “blackmail #1”. After Wick’s encounter with Garry he decided to go see Tip and change his alibi to implicate Garry and also tell him that Garry was the one who murder the guy “snitch”. Tip and his partner plan a stake out to record Garry’s confession to the murder at the drop of but there radio went off scaring Garry and he ran away screaming Wick is a dead man “who leave there radio on at a stakeout”. Garry later went to rob the Pharmacy where Cody worked and when she press the alarm to call the police he kick her to the floor and kept kicking “OMG Cody”, Billy who was on his way to see Cody after their fight saw a guy “Garry” running from the Pharmacy and ran in the store only to find his wife beaten and bloody on the ground “but the baby” and yelled for someone to call the police. Ada and Finn shared a kiss but she felt guilty afterward because of her husband Kess “bad bad girl”. Finn later saw Kess and he seemed to be anxious and when Finn asked him what was going on Kess told him about his gambling problem “1800-gamling” and how he have loss all the money they made since the food truck opened “Ada is so going to kill him”. Finn offer him a solution “illegal one” because he saw how desperate he was not to let this destroy his marriage “to late”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9.2/10. 

Alex is still on the run and Shelby is still her captive, Ryan and Simon called her and told her that the FBI have now put out a kill order for her and that she need to stay put “anything to keep her quite”. Shelby warn her to turn herself in but she told her she was innocent and they want to kill her before she proves it and Shelby joking told her to find a way to tell her side of the story “a joke to you is a death to another”. Alex caught Shelby’s joke and when to the dark web to seek help to tell her side of the story and found a group “The Unknowns” who was willing to tell her story after she convinces them that she was innocent. She convince the group to air her side of the story but was tracked by the FBI to her location but she had a plan to escape and she had help now that some people believed her side “such a smart move”.  Alex escaped leaving Shelby inside the building where she was found but taken back to the FBI site and question which scared Ryan and Simon because she knew that they were working with her but she didn’t give them up because she realized that Alex may be innocent after all “Shelby is now team Alex”. Simon and Ryan finally receive the list with the name of people who was near Grand Central two hours before the bombing and the only name that they knew on the list was Caleb Haas who flunked out of the Academy as an agent, but brought back to train as an analyst “could it really be him”. Back at Quantico relationships are heating up when the trainees leave campus for their undercover assignment “Alex with Ryan and Shelby with Caleb” as a white collar employee.  Alex and Ryan worked together on their undercover challenge and they both won “they make such a good team”. After winning they both decide to take a break and went to the roof where they both open up about their past which lead to them having sex “sexy sex”.  Caleb is trying to get back at Shelby because he thinks that she told on him about his training on his own time so while she was working he kept interrupted her so she couldn’t win the challenge “evil”. After a few successful attempts to ruin her night she pull him a side to confront him on his behavior and they finally gave in to their attraction by having sex “angry sex”. When Shelby woke up the next morning after what she thought was a great night she saw Caleb getting on the bus back to Quantico and didn’t wake her “he is such a dick”. Simon invited his boyfriend “fake” Max to make Elias jealous but then left him in the hotel room by himself giving Elias a chance to speak with max alone “so suspicious”. Elias using the information that he gather Max confronts Simon who had nothing to say at first but later reveal his Israeli military past to him which made Elias feel better “so gullible”. Raina agree to play her part if her sister Nimah really likes Simon and she does and ask Simon to go for a walk which he gladly did say yes “finally”. This was an exciting episode, I would rate it 9/10.