Monday night TV shows recap

ABC Family
Switch at Birth
"And Always Searching for Beauty"
Bay is hosting her first art show and she invited all her friends and family and a few art critic “it was beautiful”. On the night of the art show Bay saw the gallery owner and went to thank him and while she was their the critic came over and the guy got mad that she was there and told Bay that her first art show was not real but was rented for $400 by Trevin “Travis” which made her so mad “ungrateful”. Later as Travis arrive with a bouquet of flower she confronts him about butting in her life and told him that she did not want it like this she wanted to earn it herself “as I said ungrateful”. Travis after listen to Bay ranting told her that she had a rough year and that he was only try to make her feel better because he was in love with her “the cats out bag” but Bay immediately told him that he was confused and don’t know what he was saying  “yes he does”. Bay exited the building and Travis followed her and told her that he has always thought she was smart and beautiful, but Bay stop him and to tell him that she can’t do this to Marybeth and Emmett “forget about them he loves you”. Travis explain to Bay that Marybeth broke up with him and that he has been trying to fight his feeling and he can’t do it anymore and that he knows she has feeling for him as well “she did not deny it” and he kisses her passionately and told her to him that she felt nothing and he walked away “and scene”. Emmet talk to Melody about Travis feelings for Bay which she saw nothing wrong because he have moved on and Travis was a good guy “he was mad”. After the show Bay sat with Emmet and had a heart to heart where he told her that if Travis makes her happy he won’t stand in the way “as if she need his permission”. Regina situation got worst when Will sneaks away from his mother to come and say goodbye to Regina and beg them not to move to Atlanta with his birth mom “so sad” which gave Eric the idea to go back on the run again leaving the deed to the Crack Mug to Regina “poor Regina”. Later the police broke into the Kennish’s house looking for Eric but he did not tell anyone where he was going so they search and found nothing leaving John very upset about them breaking in without a warrant “they had him in cuffs to calm him down”. While all of this was happening Lily and Toby gave birth to Carlton Summer Kennish who is already bring his family together as Kathryn and John forgets about their fight about finances and Kathryn going behind his back a making business deal “while dressing way too sexy” and just enjoyed the moment. Daphne decided to go to China after being encouraged by Mingo and take a break while she lives her dream of traveling the world and she later invites Bay who is having trouble figuring out what to do about Travis and the enjoyable kiss they shared “swisters”. The episode ended with Bay and Daphne still in China 9 months later and Bay received a call and runs to tell Daphne that they need to go home right away “cliffhanger”. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 9/10.

Kara Zor-El now Kara Danvers was sent by her mother Alura as a child to earth to watch over her cousin Superman, but was knocked off course by the explosion of Krypton and sent to a Phantom Zone where she remained ageless for 24 years, until her cousin rescued her and sent her to live with the Danvers “this sound so awesome”. Kara Danvers is all grown up now and working as an assistant to Cat Grant at CatCo “crazy lady”. Kara was living an ordinary life until one night when her sister Alex Danvers was leaving for a conference in Geneva in a plane that she was on was about to crash land, so she decided to use her extra ordinary strength to help land the plan safely “talk about strong”. The next day Kara’s bravery was all over the news which made her excited “who wouldn’t be”, but her sister Alex was more worried that Kara has exposed herself to the world “life changer”.  Kara was so excited because she knew she was the mysterious girl who was generating new found attention and immediately reveals the truth to Winslow "Winn" Schott “her coworker who also has a crush on her”. Winn was hesitant to believe her at first so she jump of the roof of CatCo and then flew back up to the roof “his facial expression was priceless”. Winn later help Kara to groom her into Supergirl outfit and hacked in to the emergency radio system so Kara could hear about activates that require her help in the city “if you have it why not flaunt it”. However the media was not the only people who Kara caught the attention of but also the alien Vartox, who was responsible for the plane crash and had been waiting for revenge on Kara since her mother imprisoned them “negative side”. During one of her mission Kara is shot down by a tranquizler containing Kryptonite “her weakness’ and is bought in by Hank Henshaw, the head of the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) “scary dudes”. Kara also found out that her sister thought she knew everything about work as Hanks assistant “surprise”. Kara was curious about what was happening and Hank told her that because of her ship landing on earth and it brought a much more dangerous alien ship filled with Alien prisoners she has unleashed the universe's worst criminals on Earth “she had no control over that”. Determined to prove herself to Hank with the help of Alex she took out Vartox before he could destroy National City and even though Vartox has more powerful abilities, Kara defeats him with her x-ray vision, but he killed himself but not before leaving a message that this was not over “round one”. Her victory convinces Hank that with the help of Alex that she can protect earth “good luck”.  At work Kara learns that James Olsen also knows of her secret identity and it was told to him by her cousin who also gave him his cape as a gift to Kara “Kara likes him”. In the meantime in another part of the universe, the news of Vartox's death reached his commander, who then informed his leader Astra, Alura's twin sister and Kara's aunt, who has plans to conquer earth and to kill Kara “this should be good”. This was an exceptional episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.

"Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll"
Walter was encourage by Ray to go out and meet new woman at a bar “this should be interesting”. Walter was missing for hour and none of his team members were able to find him but they weren’t worried however, Paige was because it was until Walter behavior “something new”. Paige and Cabe went to the hotel where Walter was staying only to find him still asleep and when they woke him up he had no recollection of the previous night because he was drugged by a strange woman who was working with someone for Richard Elia and didn’t want Walter to upgrade the work “he allow someone to drug him”. With only a few hour to the launch of his new technology at Richard Elia he had some final touches, when he got to the building Happy, Toby and Sylvester was already there and notice his staggering when he got out the car “surprise” and Cabe joke he had the flu. Sylvester question toby about his attitude toward Happy and he told him that he was going cold turkey from her “yea right” and Sylvester told him that happy made him better “she sure does”. When the team went to upgrade the system they were met by a virus that they could stop without the code and after hard thinking they figure out that Walter being drug must have something to do with it and Cabe and Paige went to get more information. When Cabe and Paige left the building it shut down itself leaving the team to scatter to fix the different predicaments, Toby struck in the elevator, Sylvester is stuck with the kids in a room filling with smoke and Happy and Walter try to make their way to the server room but was stop by the fire “this day was not going as plan”. Toby was able to make it to the server room but the fire spread before he got out leaving him stuck in a room with little oxygen and Walter’s idea almost killed him “Happy was so afraid to lose Toby”. Cabe and Paige investigation was not going well at first but later discovered the perpetrator and took him down allowing Walter access to the system and he open the doors of the building and lets Richard Elia employees out “that was a close call”. This was a great episode, I would rate 9/10

Jane the Virgin
"Chapter Twenty-Five"
The Villanueva ladies prepare for Mateo's baptism but is concern about his god-father Michael who Rafael is not feeling because of Jane’s confession about loving both men “lucky girl”. Jane brought Mateo to his fist blink session “I never knew there was such a thing” and when she got home she received a letter accepting her to the graduate program for writing. However Jane is conflicted about going to school after she attempted to bring Mateo to class and it did not work “that was stupid idea” and Jane is now faced with the dilemma of leaving her son sooner than expected but was convinced by her friend and family to attend. Rafael is struggling to manage Petra's unexpected pregnancy and told Jane on their way to the church “and Jane though she had problem”. Jane and Rafael later met with Petra who wanted to figure out what they wanted to do and to secretly see if they are together “she is one crazy bitch”. Jane and Rafael after long consideration decided to let her keep the baby for the sake of their integrity “bad idea”. Jane is also allowed to stay in her graduate program after she had given up her spot and with all the good news Rafael kisses Jane “finally” and Petra takes a picture of the kiss “what his she up to”.  Xo helps Rogelio overcome his past by cleaning out Luciana storage and reading his diary “step 1”. Xo went with Rogelio to the set is TV show to face Luciana who is auditioning to be his costar but he had to kiss her in a scene and it was to passionate for Xo to watch and she left “jealously” and went home with the intension of breaking up with Rogelio but was told by Alba to stop running “Alba did not see that kiss”. Rogelio told Xo that she does not have to feel jealous of Lucien anymore because he did not give her the job because she means more to him than the show does “I not buying that”. Michael seek advice about getting Jane back from Rafael “bad idea” from Rogelio who told him that he need to be a macho man and write his feeling down after a few encounter with Jane he realized that it was not working “as I said bad idea” and later gave Jane the book with his feelings. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

"By Fire"
GCPD is looking for the fire starter AKA the Firefly who killed one of their officer in the last episode “R.I.P Luke Garrett”. When Jim found a perp who has been affiliated with arson he beat him for information even though his team warned him that it was against GCPD policy and that they would have to report him “snitches”. When he got back to the office he was reprimanded by Captain Barnes about his aggression and ask him if he got any information using his method and he said no, so Barnes showed him a video which he recognize Selena “Cat” and went to her apartment where they had a stare down “Cat is badass”. Jim put his gun down first and Cat explain to him that Bridget Pike was forced by her brothers to start those fire and that she was trying to help her and they took her back and she was going after them “badass Cat”. Jim told her to stay away and he will protect her which he tired is best to do but she would not listen and caught fire and was pronounced dead but she is not “her suit is melted to her skin” but was instead taken to the Indian Hill division of Wayne Enterprises, which secretly performs inhumane experiments on super-powered beings. Jim later had to tell Cat that her friend is dead and she blames Jim and herself for trusting a cop. While at the Wayne mansion Alfred is still training Bruce as he had promise “he has a long way to go” and was knocked out by Alfred who distracted him to tell him that he was invited to dinner by Silver “this can’t be good” but it is just a rues for Theo Galavan to lure Bruce Wayne, this time offering to help clean up the corruption at Wayne Enterprises. Butch Gilzean discovers the location of Cobblepot's mother and Cobblepot begins to rally his gang. Kristen Kringle learns that Edward Nygma murdered Officer Dougherty. In an attempt to keep Kringle from telling anyone, Nygma accidentally strangles her, putting her in critical condition. This was exciting episode, I would rate 8.5/10.

Minority Report
"Fiddler's Neck"
Agatha had a vision of a her first love Brian kid dying and ask Dash and Arthur to come and help and Dash decided to bring Vega for her expertise “Agatha is not going to like this”. They arrive to Fiddler's Neck after being away for a while and the new border patrol is Arthur old crocked friend Fatts who did not like Vega being there but lets her threw any way because they vouch for her “as if he had a choice”. Vega came face to face with Agatha for the first time “it went well” and jumped right into the case and questioned Agatha about her vision and she told her the detail will concluded that she will be poisoned “good detecting”. During the questioning Vega suspected that Brian mean smore to Agatha that she is letting on so she confronts her about it and confess that she loved him and that her brother does not know which Vega told her to tell them and she did “going good so far”. The next day they all went to the market to investigate more and found that the little girl Katie had a cough and that her mother did not believe in prescription medicine but more of the holistic method “hippie”. Vega to a sample of the Katie hair to test for poison but nothing was in her system so Dash went to see the town Doctor who told him she has Malaria and they are not using the vaccine “hippie doctor”.  The team broke up after they found out about Katie Diagnosis, Vega and Agatha went to Brian house with the intention to encourage them to use the vaccine but thing didn’t goes as plan “meeting the ex for the first time”. Dash and Arthur went to pick up the vaccine but was ambushed by Fatts and his boy who think that they are spying on their business so they shot down the drone and kept them hostage “this is not good”. Dash and Arthur escape after figuring out that Fatts has poison the water and that they are the ones trying to kill Katie because Brain won’t let them plant tobacco on his land “go team”. However by the time they got there Vega and Agatha already figure it out and tried to stop Katie from drinking the water and Dash got her just in time “that was so close”. They got ready to fight Fatts and his guy even though they are out gunned and out maned they still have their vision to help and it did and they won and saved Katie’s life “great work team”. Agatha also gave Brain closure about why she left by telling him that she saw their future but she also saw the future he has now and that he would have been happiest with them “so touching”. Back in the city Blake is being investigated by IAD and asked Akeela to stay ahead of the process which she tried by asking Wally to help “I love their chemistry” and he did even though they had to argue about it because they are so much alike “Chemistry”, This was an enjoyable episode, I would rate it 9/10.

Faking it
"The Deep End"
The episode started with Karma and Shane leaving the hotel room with their clothes and hair all mess up like they had the time of their lives “they had us all fooled”. Amy went to bring Karma a I’m sorry latte only to have her rub it in her face that she had a threesome and she was in pain because she did not stretch first “omg”. While Shane went home to find Liam and his best friend and sister had sex “oh boy” and he pretends not to care as he told Liam that he had sex with Karma last night “as I said oh boy”. Amy saw Felix for the first time since their kiss at the prom but all she can talk about is Karma which made Felix feel neglected and asked her to talk and think less about Karma and invited Amy to a movie as she said yes “first official date”. Lauren is still sad about her break up with Theo and to add fire to the flame that her nerdy friend had sex before she did “oh no she didn’t” making her jealous enough to text Tommy and invite him over to have sex “oh boy”. Tommy later showed up with a group of his friend and started a party which Karma showed up to leaving Amy another reason to miss her date with Felix “poor Felix”. Felix showed up and was approached by Karma who blurted out that he was the principal kid leaving Tommy and his friends to force him to drink to ensure he won’t tattle on them “as I said poor Felix”. At this point everyone is miserable and going crazy, Karma dancing on the table top, Liam dancing with Sasha provocatively and Amy and Shane stresses about how to fix it “good luck”. Shane used his sister fear of commitment and insecurities to get her to leave the party leaving him and Liam at odds, Amy went to find Felix and he was drunk and expressed his feeling about not paying enough attention to him “drunk man tells no tail”. Liam went to find Amy after he accidentally spilled his drink on Karma and her nipples were showing and she did not care and as they went to find her they ran into Wade and his girlfriend and accused him of having a threesome with their friends but he denied it and confesses that he could not go through with it because he loved his girlfriend to much “they faked it”. With all this was going on Lauren tries to have sex with Tommy but he rejected her because he is freaked out by her being intersex which is why he throw the party in first place “dick move’. A furious Lauren decided that the party was over and turn the lights off just as Amy was about to confront Karma about lying and Karma express her feeling and then fell in the pool as she was walking away leaving Amy to go in after her “Karma”. While in the pool Karma kissed Amy and the lights came on letting everyone seeing it happen “oh boy” and inside the house Sasha brought her boyfriend to beat up Liam but Shane stopped him but told Liam they friendship was over “all this in 30 minutes oh boy”.  This was a thrilling episode, I would rate 9/10.

Blind Spot
"Cede Your Soul"
Jane dreams about having sex but she does not see a face only a hand with a tree tattooed on it and she discusses it with her therapist who asked her who she think it was and the first person that came mind was Weller “it was bound to happen”. Jane does not want to make thing complicated so she ask her therapist what to do and he told her to set boundaries “that is not going to be easy”. Weller is also being question by Mayfair about is capability to be objective to Jane and the history and threaten to take him of her case but he denies the allegation and went to work “he is in denial”. On the stakeout Jane notice that Weller is being very passive toward her and questioned him and he told her that she is not different from his other team member and she need to fall in line “that was hard to watch”. Young and hungry star Aimee Carrero guess star as Anna a hacker who believes that she is working for the NSA but turned out that she was being played by someone name Shawn Palmer to get her to use her hacker skills “she was good”. After being brought in by Waller and his team she refuses to say anything until Leonard Gail was there but Jane went in and talked to her and she gave her the information that needed after she was told that Leonard Gail was fake “technology”. After realizing that she was used they decided to let her go home but when she got there she was ambushed by a group of men who wanted her to find a truck, while she was online she broke in the FBI to send them a message that she needed help and team went to her rescue. Weller was concern that Jane was getting attached to Ann and reprimand her about it but she told him that she did not do nothing wrong and that his method might need to change. The team had a shootout with the kidnappers and kills them and gets Anna back where she was place under FBI protection “she deserve it”. Tasha finally used the money she got from Tom Carter “Deputy Director of the CIA” after she was threaten by her bookie “she sold her soul to the devil”. Patterson shared her concern to Weller about Mayfair action with a file that she is working on which he dismiss her suspiciously “he will look into it”. Patterson personal life seem to be going well with her boyfriend “I don’t trust him” and Reade suspects that there is something is up with Tasha and offer his ears whenever she is ready “I think he likes her”. At home Weller comes face to face with his father and was force by his sister to sit down and talk to him “he doesn’t want to do this” she also use the opportunity to tell her father that Taylor is alive which made him very happy “Weller wasn’t”. Jane Tattoo guy was shown watching her from across the street “can’t wait to see what that’s about”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.