Tuesday night recap from your Favorite TV shows

Agent of Shields
"4,722 Hours"
Jemma tells Fitz what happen to her in the other planet when she went through the portal in the Monolith and revealed to him how she fought for her survival in some harsh surrounding “poor Jemma”. After a month on the planet she was captured by Will an astronaut who have been stuck on the planet since 2001 “14 years”. He held her captive because he thought she was not real until she had hit him to escape from the cage he keeps her in “at she had company”.  She told him about Fitz her best friend who loves tech and introduce him to technology “he was so fascinated”. Will tell her that he NASA sent them they will all the power they could use but it all solar and there is no sun on the planet “wow”. NASA sent him and his team there for 1 year but they always knew of it been a possible one way trip “some people are just so brave”. He told her that his team went crazy after being and start killing themselves but Jemma didn’t believe him which made him angry until she apologized and tell him that they should work together and they agreed “team work”. They both start to get agitated because Jemma is research is not bringing up any answer and she wants to go to the no fly zone to see if there is something there that could help but Will forbid her from going because he thinks to a bad place but she went anyway “Scientist”. Jemma found something in the no fly zone that she think will be able to bring them home but that mean giving up her cell phone charge to create a device to track were the portal will land next “so risky”. Jemma fixed the machine and was able to find a portal landing in 18 days, but when they got there it was too far to cross and the portal landed open and closed “oh man” before they could get the message in. Jemma was down when they got back and gave up but will try to console her and they start kissing “he definitely need some action after 14 years”. After spending all that time together Will and Jemma Relationship grew stronger and they start to believe it was normal until one day she saw a light and they ran towards it but they got separated and the next thing she heard was Fitz voice and then hand and he pulled her through the portal “amazing right”. Jemma feels guilty about leaving him there because he was the only reason she survives and that why she has to go back and help him “Fitz agrees to help”. This was a great episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

Tony told Bishop that she was stress eating because she has no idea where Jake is on his mission and what he is doing “that true”. Tim and Delilah is moving in together and they are arguing about how much stuff Tim wants to keep and how much stuff she got rid of and he won’t compromise “she will win in the end”. The team worked on the murder of Petty Officer Second Class Adam Meyers who they think was killed by a sharpshooter who is also a serial killer “Tri-State Sniper” and this is his 7th victim “I hate serial killer”.  Tony took Tim private stuff from under his desk he told Delilah that he gave away but he said he can’t because it is his childhood keep sake “McGee is such a nerd”. Tim talks to the victim sister who is in denial about her brother death because he is all she got in this world “poor thing”. Abby had Gibbs pick from two pumpkin head to see what she will tell him first, he picked treat “her lab her rules” and she told him the Tristate shooter use a M40 and Adam was shot with a M16 which mean he was killed by a copycat “Abby is so cool”. Gibbs found out that his victim sexually harassed two female Petty of by taking nude picture of them and post it online and one of them did not get over it and committed suicide 10 days prior to his murder “not cool”. Delilah, Abby and Bishop “the cyber dream team” work to find out who post the photo of the female petty officer. Bishop panic after the hotel that Jake was supposed to be staying in Dubai got bomb and Gibbs sent her home to wait for word but she refuses to go but instead want to stay in MTAC and work “at least she is not stress eating”.  Bishop sit patiently waiting to hear news on Jake and Tim tries to encourage how be she does not want to hear it “scary situation”. After, scanning through photos with the help of Delilah Bishop was able to identify that Jake was across town went the bomb went off “what a relief”.  Tony got the itch from poison oak “Tim is having so much fun laughing about tony blister and itching” after he shakes the hand of Nick Rossmore “Adam department head”. When they brought Rossmore in he told them that Adam took the fall to get money to pay a top-notch lawyer to prevent his sister from going to prison and after the Petty officer killed herself he decided to come clean with her family and they got to them first “that make so much sense”.  Tony begs Tim to rub calamine lotion on his blister and he agrees “he such a good friend”. Bishop finally heard from Jake and is very happy to hear his voice, she told Gibbs on the elevator that she almost lost Jake by 7 minutes and Gibbs told her she didn’t and gave her a hug “father Gibbs”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8/10.

NCIS New Orleans
"Insane in the Membrane"
The NCIS crew all dresses up in red for the 2015 red dresses run where both male and female wear red dresses “this was different but cool”. Percy and Brody made fun of LaSalle how good he looks in a dress “he did look good”. As the race was going on a lady was running through the crowd in a blue louse scream some is trying to shoot her but now seemed to pay her any attention and she ran until she got to a roof where she fell through a window “no one saw a gun man”. The running through the crowd was Petty officer 2nd class Kelsey Weaver. Brody brought more photo to Sebastian to figure out who is sending then to her why are the adding her in the place of her twin sister “so weird” but Sebastian told that her face was not the only thing added but other objects “as I said weird”. Sebastian later told Brody that he isolate the Photoshop portion and ran a pattern recognition analysis and found that each place photo aligns to make a number “that’s really genius”. Dr. Loretta found that the Petty officer was high on a potent synthetic hallucinogen called Flakka “sound like a rapper”. Brody and Percy went to pay the petty officer friend a visit who they depend a drug test from but she is scared that if the find drugs in her system she will be dishonorable discharge but Percy told her that her problem “that was mean”. LaSalle, Brody and Percy got an invitation to one of the parties that they were selling Flakka, as they enter they saw a suspect matching the description that was given to them by the petty office and approach the guy and escorted him out the building only to have him attack them “he kicked there asses”. The guy who attach them was found dead by strangulation in the morning and the have to investigate who did it and why.
Percy attack LaSalle for creeping up on her but she only panicked because she was deep in thought and emotion about a friend she lost years earlier “she tries to be so tough”. Sebastian called LaSella and Percy in lab to show them something amazing which was a machine that could pull facial recognition from DNA “I guess that pretty cool”. The team brought in a drug deal but he refuses to give up any information on The Ghost “powerful drug dealer”. Percy goes undercover to catch a suspect (Lui) but is caught off guard when she found her informant in her house with one of Lui goons who took her gun and took her to see Lui who gave her a bag of Flakka and shot her informant as ask her to kill him to prove herself “omg Percy is in a sticky situation”. She did what she had to do to save both their lives and was rescued by Pride, Brody and LaSalle “they took their time”. Sebastian final unlock all the photos and came up with a 9 number that was track back to an unsolved crime website that state that Brody sister was not killed by a drunk driver as reported but was murdered “this is going to be interesting”. Pride confront Percy about what have been bothering and she told him “confession is good for the soul”. This was a good episode, I would rate this episode 8/10.

"Side Effects May Include…"
Brian and Rebecca investigate why her boss have her murder fathers file and did not tell her about, she asks Brian why he told her knowing that she could arrest him and he told her that she needed to know “good friend”.  Agent Nasreen Naz Pouran choose Rebeca for a case which she turns down initially “personal reason” but was force to take it.  Brian check himself into a home to gain information about Rebecca father and while on NTZ he was able to gather a lot of information “thank you NZT”.  Brian found him feeling dizzy with ringing in his ear for the first time and he is not sure what’s going on "NZT side effects". Brain went to see Sands to get a booster shot but he is given a task to do before he gets the shot, Brian task is to frame Rebecca and stay away from her because Mr. Morra think she is a distraction but he refuses to do “he must really like her”.  At work Brain has to still take NZT in spite of the side effect but he decided to use the NZT to figure out a way to get close to Morra and he did by stealing a phone from one of his acquaintance and send a text message but no reply “patients”. Brian also found out more information about Rebecca’s dad and a few other people that were also on NZT that are now missing “this bigger than the both think”. Rebecca try keep up the charade with Naz so she does not blow her cover “she hates it”. Brain is starting to hallucinate really badly and he is getting worst but he fights as much as possible “he looks horrible”. Sands keep taunting him with the reality that he won’t service without the shot but he still refuses to frame Rebecca “he is loyal to her”. Rebecca found Brain looking sick and took him to the doctor but he found a note in his pocket and left the office to find out who wrote the note and went back to the FBI to take another NZT pill to help with the figuring it out “I don’t think he can make it another day without the shot”. The director of the FBI is impressed with Rebecca’s out of the box thinking and ask to meet with her but she cancels after she realized that something is going on with Brian “she was right” however, she still went and saw the Andrew Epperly as he told her to do “ he is really alive”. Morra finds Brian and told him that he knew he would not frame Rebecca and it was only a test “I am not sure he should trust him”. Rebecca tries to get more about NZT from Andrew but he was not able fill in of the blanks leaving with more question to answer and he does not have the antidote “that would be too easy”. Naz called Rebecca in about canceling her appointment with the director of the FBI and also told her that she had plan to tell her about her father “yea right”. Naz also told Rebecca that she covered for her with the director and reschedule the meeting “that was nice of her”. Sands brought a package to Andrew’s which explodes and kill him “now he really dead”. This was an interesting episode, I would rate 9/10.

The Flash
"The Fury of Firestorm" 
The team is able to stabilize Dr. Stein, but only for a short period of time while they can locate another viable partner for the Firestorm matrix now that Ronnie is supposedly dead “I want Ronnie back”. Team Flash works together to find someone that is compatible with Dr. Stein and could merge with him to save his life “save Stein” before it’s too late.  They have two option to choose from a scientist “Henry Hewitt” and football player “Jefferson "Jax" Jackson” and naturally they pick the scientist because they though he would have more in common with Stein but he was not compatible with Stein which made him mad because Caitlin have built up his hopes for becoming firestorm “he’s has a temper”. Barry and Stein went to visit Jax at the auto body shop he worked and offer him the opportunity to become firestorm “maybe not in so many words” and he said no. Jax later showed up at Star Lab and the team explain what they needed him to do but it was too much for him so he left and Caitlin didn’t help by belittling him before he did “judgmental much”.  However, after a heart to heart talk with Barry she realizes that she may have been too hard on Jax and went to see him to apologies “good girl”. Hewitt power is out of control especially because he is so angry and he went looking for Caitlin and found her at the body shop where Jax works and attack them “omg” knocking Jax to the ground, but Jax was able to get up and knock him out and run to the car with Caitlin and head back to Star Labs “good job Jax”. After returning to Star Labs and seeing Stein in a weaker state Jax decided to help, after the successful merge with Stein, the new Firestorm joins Barry in helping to take down Hewitt, by forcing Hewitt to get angrier until he burns himself out and loses his abilities “so cool”. Iris mom “Francine” came back after she was told by Iris that she did not want to see her again, to tell Joe that she was sick and she wants to spend time with her daughter before she dies “now she wants to spend time”. Iris confront Francine about being sick after she searches and find out she was telling the truth but she also found out that she might have a brother but did not want to confirm it because that mean she would have to tell her dad “ OMG this is going to be good”. Joe ask Barry what is up with him and Spivot and he said nothing that she was a nice girl and they have a lot in common but she is not Iris “first love”, Joe encourage Barry to try something new and not to focus on Iris so much because nobody is going to be like her “he is right” because they grew up together “great advice”. Dr. Wells breaks into Mercury Labs and steals an unknown device “shocker” which he later used to save Barry and Spivot who was attacked by a humanoid shark monster sent by Zoom to kill the Flash "see more of Wells next episode. This was a great episode, I would rate it 8.7/10.

"Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues"
Major wakes up to Liv roommate and his coworker Rita and seem to regret his decision and left her laying alone in the bed as he rushed home to meet Ravi and take Minor “the dog” but few minutes after he got there live came because Ravi had call her due to no response from Major “Major needs to get it together”. Liv and Clive work a case were an up and coming country singer “Lacy” dies and Liv eats her brain to help solve the case “I love country Liv”. Liv and Clive went to see Lacy ex-boyfriend Sue who just got out of prison and his working at a music store where Liv picks up a guitar and played for the first time “she was good” liked it and bought the guitar. Liv went to an open mic and sing while Ravi supports her by recording her sing, after singing Ravi ask her to go out and celebrate but she said no because she felt clarity and wants to go she major “this should be good”. On her way to her car she was stopped by Sue who complemented her on her song and express to her how much Lacey would have love it “he has no idea how much”. Liv confront Major and tells him how she really fell about him and tell him that she don’t think space will fix them and that they are over now and she is willing to let him go forever and he said OK and close the door “dick move”. Liv stood at the door for a few seconds then push open the door and confronts him again telling him that all she has done is for me and yet he makes her feel like she is not trying “this was an awesome scene”. Peyton walked in on Ravi date with Steph “awkward” because Major invited her to stay there while her apartment is ready to move into but Major did not inform Ravi of this “super awkward”. Peyton works hard to break the case about Stacey Boss and the utopia he has being selling but no one is saying anything know matter how good a deal she offers until Baine who came in a gave inform on his entire operation “best was to get rid of competition”. Peyton and Liv talked about their personal life and Liv mention that they were both single but Peyton proceed to tell her about guy she met at work “Baine” and how much Liv will like him “no she won’t”. Rita walks in while Peyton was there and Peyton doesn’t like her and suggest that Liv run a background check “I like that idea”. Babineaux might be getting some action as he was put to work with FBI agent Dale Bozzio who will be working out of there office looking for a string of missing person cases “she is hot and she seems to like him”. Dale later make small talk with Clive and then invited him out for lunch but he received a call at the same time so he rescheduled “she is so slick, I like her”. At the end of the episode Major went to buy blow and the person that he went to was one of the student from the group home he worked for who laugh at him because he warned them about drug “I hope this will be a wakeup call”. He went to Liv asking for help and she hugged him and they started kissing “love the action but I think it’s a bad idea”. This was an exceptional episode, I would rate 9.5/10.

Chicago Fire
"I Walk Away"
51 receives a call in the same troubled neighborhood “24th street” where a man foot was being crushed and they contacted Chicago Med to send a surgeon to amputate the leg and his wife so touch by the compassion of the squad she provided Boden with the evidence he need to prove their innocent front the previous incident “thank you Tricia”. Brett attachment to the baby have started to affect her judgement and she is called in by Chief Boden who tell her that she need to walk away she said ok but she didn’t “she means well”. While in the street Chili notice that Brett was spaced out ask asked if she was ok and she said but was then given a call to go save a stab victim from bleeding to death “regular call”. When Brett and Chili got to the seen they were greeted by a man and when they got in the building help he pulled out a gun and tell them to get rid of their radios “omg”. When they saw the patient they realized that there is nothing they can do to stop the bleeding and suggest taking him to the hospital but the gun man refuses and Brett stands up to him putting her life at risk “I am not sure if that was brave or stupid”. Brett later when to find the baby’s father Damion and encourage him to go see his beautiful son and he did “this was so nice”. Dawson looks into an arson investigation and found sufficient evidence that lead to a big real estate guy “Roger Maddox” and brought it to her boss attention who told her that need more to pursue a case against him “her boss is so dirty”. Knowing that there was more the case she brought to Boden who looks at it and decided to help by leaking it to the news which puts him back in the hot seat “he a good boss”. After his meeting with the fire commissioner he called Dawson to bring him to the evidence but when they got there the file was wiped from the computer and the hard copy was nowhere to be found “this is not good”. While search for the file Dawson started to feel pain in her stomach and Boden called Casey for help. Severide relationship with Jenny heat up “she got to wear the jersey” and he seems to be very happy but that feeling went away when he saw her on TV beside Roger Maddox, which she claims that she had to work with else she was going to lose her job so she used the information he gave to her to insert herself into the case “he was so heartbroken”. This was a tremendous episode, I would rate it 9.8/10.