Recap From Some of Wednesday Night Top TV Shows

"Beyond Redemption"
Oliver has a new space and he is using it to make two (2) announce to the team, (1) he will be run for mayor “I am like that idea”, (2) the got them a new layer “that looks awesome”. The team was not as supportive as he taught they would about him running for mayor but they were very excited about surprise number 2 the new layer “I loved surprise number 2”.  Oliver went to see Lance and told him that he is running for Mayor and he laughs and tell him because of what happen to the last few candidates he hopes he wins in a landslide. Oliver went to see Lance about helping him catch the dirty police in his precinct so Thea went undercover to score the drugs but the team was ambush at the drop of site by men dress as cops “those were not cops”. The cops that ambushed team Arrow also notice that Lance was with the team and now see him as liability and wants to kill him but a member of the group that they make him the solution “how will they do that”. The cop crew abducts Lance from Laurel apartment and knock Laurel out and took a lifeless Lance “omg that did not just happen”. The cop team used Lance to open the storage to steal the contraband but was stopped by team Arrow “team Arrow is so badass”. Laurel as Thea not to say anything about Sara to Oliver because he would not understand “that’s because Laurel is crazy”. Laurel brought Lance to see his dead daughter Sara but just by looking at her he saw that she was not herself but Laurel told him that she just needed time to get back to normal “that’s never going to happen”. Lance ask Damion dark for her with her daughter but he encourages him to put her down because she may have Sara’s face but her soul is totally gone “she looks crazy”. Lance went back to the site that Sara was held to kill her but was stopped by Laurel who still think that there is hope for her sister “naïve much”. Oliver sees a recording of Lance talking with Damion and his very angry and went to see him to confront him and realize that he know who Damion Darkh and what he was up to “oh boy”. Lance explains to Oliver why he went he helped Damion but Oliver think it is a poor excuse and express his disappointed in Lance “Lance must feel really bad”. Oliver later ask Lance to stay partners with Darkh and report back to him because they have no other way to get to him “great idea”. Oliver told Thea that the city he knows and love is not the same and he doesn’t want to run for Mayor anymore but she did not listen to and instead when out and hire people to run and campaign and she wrote him his announcement speech “it was an amazing speech”. Felicity finally ask Curtis is he was the one sending her coded message and he said no but the code seem familiar to a code that have been used by Ray Palmer but Felicity did not want to hear that “still sad about Ray death”. However, despite Felicity warning Curtis still looked into the code and found a hidden message which she listens even though she did not want to at first “I know this was hard for her”. This was an exhilarating episode, I would rate 9.2/10.

The episode started with Sam and Dean washing Dean’s baby “the 67 Chevy black car” and inquiring from Sam what is going on but he said there was nothing on the darkness “he sure does love that car”. Cass is getting better but he is not 100 % so while Dean and Sam goes a road trip to Oregon to investigate a case about werewolf’s he will stay back and do the researcher and update them with his finding “like a secretary”, even though they told him to take it easy and watch some Netflix but he doesn’t know what Netflix is “that’s funny”. On their way to Oregon Sam and Dean stopped at a Road house but Sam did not approve so he went and find a restaurant where he picks a girl and had sex in the back to Dean’s 67 Chevy “go Sam”. The next morning Dean came in the car to find a naked girl (Piper) which was unexpected but was he happy for Sam and left the car and sneak a peek outside “that was so funny”. The road trip got very interesting after Sam night moves and Dean wouldn’t let it go and started to mock him with old rock music “Bob Seger Night Moves”. Sam asks Dean if he does want more than one night stand and he said no and when Sam tries to explain to him why he should want more he sent him to sleep “Dean is a mess”. While a sleep Sam had a dream/vision where there was a man driving him claiming to be the younger version of their father and gave him a message that the darkness is coming and only him and Dean are able to stop it but offer no idea on how they will stop it “they always figure it out”. Sam woke up and told Dean about his dream/vision and Dean ask him he told him how to stop it and Sam repeated what he told him “God helps those who help themselves”. Sam also told Dean about him being infected and prayed to God for an answer but Dean was not buying it and called it a fever dream “Dean needs help” and not to pay it any mine but to just keep hunting. When they got to Oregon the case was about a Sheriff whose heart is missing and his body drain of blood which they think is a werewolf/vampire hybrid or as Dean call it were-pire “only Dean”. They were greeted by Deputy Donnelly who they ask about a motel and a place to eat. Sam and Dean stopped at a restaurant called Aunt Mel where he has to valet park his car “he was not happy about” but before he came out the car he warned her (Jessie) not to scratch his car “it was so funny”. As soon as she got in the car she called a friend and took it for a joy ride and she brought back the car Dean gave her a tip “I was dying with laughter”. After dinner they went there separate ways to investigate the case, while in the woods Dean got a call from Cass who inform him that he was dealing with a Whisper “Dean was disappointed because he wanted it to be a were-pire” who can be killed by silver. Dean walked away as Cass was about to tell him that Whispers are said to be in the bloodline of werewolf but in fact, they are more similar to demon and got the nickname from how quiet they attack “isn’t that the truth”. Dean walking away from the phone to talk to the Deputy did not hear Cass telling him this and got attach by the Deputy who is a Whisper AKA a Nachzehrer (A ghoul and vampire like creature “ghoul-pire” who survive on dead flesh or living hearts and blood”. Dean was able to fight and behead the Deputy “he such a badass”. While Sam question the wife of the decease who seem to be innocent but was actually working with the Deputy claiming because of her children knocks out Dean and to the car and sow the Deputy head back to his body “that was very creepy”. In the end Dean killed the Deputy and brought Mrs. Markham back home to her children and Dean and Sam left Oregon in a beating down car “poor baby”. This was a hilarious and entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.5/10.