What you miss this Thursday night on TV

Grey's Anatomy
First let congratulate DR. Bailey on becoming the chief even though her first day could have gone much better but she will get there. Callie has a new girlfriend that she can stop talking about which is making Arizona jealous even though she trying not be. Avery and April are not doing well because the good DR can’t forgive her for leaving him against his wishes, but April is not about to give up on their marriage just yet. So we will have to watch and see how she plan to win him back.  Overall it was a good episode at first I was a little worried that without Derek the show would not be the same which it’s not but it is still watchable. The rating for this episode is 8/10
Well the biggest secret in Scandal history has just come to light, yes the secrets out but you will not believe who did it was Elizabeth North. But the biggest surprise of the night was how Olivia Pope handle the entire situation, she went on the run and push herself in to work but before the episode could end she fessed up to been a mistress. Huck is back but Quinn is still mad at him however by the end of the episode she forgave him. Overall the episode was good and all the main character are still alive B613 did not kill not anyone. The rating for this episode is 8/10
How to Get Away with Murder
First I must say how hard it is for me to see Viola Davis (Annalise Keating) playing a bi-sexual character I really never saw that coming so it is uncomfortable to watch. They still have not showed who shot Annalise and why she is laying in a pool of blood and all her student who she helped to get away with murder is running. So I guess over the next couple of episodes they will gradually reveal who shot her and why. The rating for this episode is 8/10
Very good night for ABC TGIT.
Heroes Reborn
As a fan of the original Heroes I am a little disappointed in the show and I know that it has only been 3 episode but I need more from the show. The action is lacking and the character are not memorable and can't name one of the new heroes which is not good. I can say this because I watch over 70 shows and I can name every character. I won’t give up on the show just yet though I will give it a few more episode before I totally stop watching. The rating for this episode is 6/10
The Player
This is a good show so far and it is good to see Wesley Snipes in action again. I believe that this show is original and I hope it keeps getting better. In this week episode Mr. Alex King is hired to catch armed robber with the help of Cassandra while still investigating the murder of his ex-wife/girlfriend death. The rating for this episode is 9/10