Thursday Night Top TV Shows Recap

 "Get Out of Jail, Free"
Mellie was called upon to testify and was ambushed by the Judiciary committee when they present a letter from Jeanine Lock “blast from the past” who lied about having an affair with the president to assure she is still part of The White House family “she sold her soul to the devil”. After Mellie testimony their situation got worst and Cyrus advises Olivia and Fitz to get marriage so she doesn't have to testify but she doesn't like the idea and expresses herself to Abby “poor Liv”. In the meanwhile The Gladiators testify in front of the Judiciary Committee about who leaked the video of Jeanine and they all testify that they did not do and pinned the leaked on a dead Harrison “A dead man tell no tails”. Fitz proposes to Olivia for real but she turned him down saying that they aren't ready which made Fitz very disappointed because he thinks that Oliva doesn’t know what she wants “she is so indecisive” but the next morning she unwillingly agrees “bad idea”. Liv call Jake for advice on marry Fitz and he hanged up “angrily” and the next day she called him to tell him that she decided to marry him, which made him furious and decide to leave with Elise who was in town to kill Eli but decided to change her after being face by Jake “running away”, however when Jake got to the train station she was sitting on the bench dead “this isn't good”. Fitz confront Mellie at their divorce paper signing about causing the problem they all are going through now and went on to tell he that she took everything from him “that was mean” she didn't take it well and told him that all her indiscretion start and ends with him and much more “she let him have it”. Eli plans is escape but suspected that he has been set up and killed the guard and got himself injured enough to be transfer to the infirmary and called Liv for help but she hanged up and he later called Quinn who refuses to help him. Quinn later convinces Olivia to go see Eli which she did and he told her that he can help her with her problems if she gets him out “bad idea”. Olivia consider is offer and goes to ask Mellie for help to get someone out of jail but when she showed her who he was Mellie hesitated because he was the one who made her kill the bus filled with jurors which destroy her marriage and told Olivia that she would understand “she understands more that she knows”. Olivia told Mellie that Eli was her father and she knows what he is capable of and that he was the one who killed her son “news flash”. Oliver prepares to marry Fitz and everything seem so overwhelming and as she was about to panic, she received a call from Mellie who helped Eli to prevent her from marry Fitz and to use it to make her owe her a favor, and the favor is making her become the next president “woo she is good” and she has the full support of Eli “bad company Mellie”. The good news is that the investigation was dropped after Eli send the committee member an envelope with their biggest and darkest secrets “he’s good”. The vice president Susan decide to quit at her job and went to David to ask him for help and convinces her not to quit because she is afraid of becoming the president and that she would be an excellent president “he is so two-faced”. This was a great episode, I would rate it 9/10.

How to Get Away With Murder
"Two Birds, One Millstone"
The episode start in the future where Annaliese heart is failing and a hysterical Frank trying to find out what was happening to her. Wes is still concern about the suite case of money that they found, but the rest of the team try to convince him to let it go. Wes later call Nate about them working together but he told him that he does not want anything to do with Annalise. Annalise takes on a new client, a transgender professor (Jill) accused of killing her husband. While Annalise at the house she suspected that her husband did not attack her but she forges the crime scene and later told that she lied because she didn’t think one would believe her “maybe or maybe not”. Meanwhile, she sends the Keating 5 to handle the Hapstall case Catherine and Caleb record the Keating 5 after they questioned them and over heard them say that they think they are guilty and called Annalise to tell her that they no longer want them to be a part of the case which made Annalise made and called then garbage and to the off the case “the Keating 5 got played”. The Keating 5 with the help of Oliver was able to discover a shocking new suspect their aunt long-lost son, who was later seen recording Oliver and Conner conversation about him “element of surprise gone”. Frank told Annalise that Nate wife is dead and she went over to offer him comfort and brought him a peach cabala but she did not open the door and she left it at the door. After a second visit to his house Nate face Annalise about the time he lost with his wife because she framed him and told her that he killed his wife because he loves her and that no one was ever going to love her that way. Asher problem escalates and so Annalise had Bonnie and Frank looked into his father and use the information that she found to make offer a District Attorney an offer he can’t refuse “she’s good” and all he had to do was free his client and let Sinclair leave the Asher case alone and District Attorney accept. Asher father later confronts him about his betrayal to the family but he had no clue what he was talking about until he told him that he never want to see him again “poor Asher”. Frank and Laurel relationship get steamer he brought her to meet his family “she was shock” but it was only after Laurel convince Wes to face him about Rebecca’s murder which he claimed he had nothing to do with and wanted to show her a different side of him “smart move”. The episode ended with Annalise going to see Wes after he saw her at Nate’s house and she told him that Nate’s wife was dead and that why she was there and beg him to make then call it truce “she’s really good”. This was an interesting episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.

The Vampire Diaries
"I Carry Your Heart with Me"
The episode starts three years in the future where Alaric has twin girls and is fixing a doll for them and they are giving him a hard time about going to bed “kids”. He sent the kids to their room and he notices that the got really quiet and when he went to check he saw Damion who was not acting like himself “what’s new”. In the current Alaric is preparing to have Bonnie revive Jo as this is the last day that her body can be stored for “so weird”. Damon got a call from an angry Lily who want to talk with Oscar before she turns over Elena but he refuses and went to check on Oscar and found him dead “oh boy”. He asks Bonnie to bring him back to life just as she was about to attempt bringing Jo back “always going to Bonbon”. Bonnie tries to bring Oscar back to life but is not very successful at first “Bonnie will figure it out”. Bonnie tried several times before she was able to resurrect Oscar which made Damon very happy “good job Bonnie”. Oscar is now awake but they are not sure about the side effect he might have and it turned out it made him a blood thirsty ripper who killed a bus load of people and Lily attempted to stop him but was unable to but got his neck snapped by Damon “thank you”. After the exchange Lily told Damon when Elena body was and told him that as long as she is around people will use her against him so her decide to hide her and write to her like everyone else “it was so sweet”. In the meantime before the exchange Mary Lou and Nora was sent on campus to find Oscar but Stefan and Damon hide him outside the window until they left but when they turned around they receive a letter from Lily saying they she will kill a student every hour until Oscar is returned “evil much” and to make sure that he gets returned Marylou and Nora will be staying on campus “that can’t be good”. Caroline and Stefan frustrated that they can’t touch each other made a plan to get them to remove the spell, the plan was to trick them into wanting to attend the Halloween party “everyone love a party”. Caroline went to the dance as an angel which Stefan loved but was not able to dance with her because of her body spell, however Caroline did use the opportunity to face Stefan about not asking Valarie to remove the spell and was concern that he was afraid to see his first love again “he his afraid”. Mary Lou wanted to dress as a devil for Halloween but when she asks Nora now she looks she did not like her response and killed the first human she found but he was brought back to life by Stefan’s blood. At the party Marylou caught Nora feeding on a college student and was jealous and ripped her heart out, only to end up having an argument over her hovering her all the time “awkward”. Marylou is so angry that she wanted to feed but was stopped by Stefan and try to vent to him but he injects her and uses her to make Nora remove Caroline spell and she did and Caroline napped her neck “Steroline is back”. When they wake Nora wanted to find Steroline and killed but was stopped by Marylou smile which reminded her that they love each other. Caroline and Stefan take advantage of her spell free body but Caroline can’t stop thinking about Valarie but Stefan assures her that he only have eyes for her. Valerie told Enzo about Julian and that she killed Oscar so he wouldn’t bring back because he is evil and vicious and no good for Lily but she loves him “Enzo does not like that”. Enzo later question Lily about Julian and she told him not to worry that he was a good man “or so she thinks” buy Enzo is not buying that so he went to ask Valarie “who was about to go on the run before Oscar wakes up and rat her out” to help him stop Julian from coming to town “this is going to be good”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9/10. 

The Originals
"A Walk on the Wild Side"
The episode starts with Marcel running to his compound and when he went to take a drink he found his bottled empty with two owls and a tux in the next room, and then he receives a call from Strix’s leader Tristan making him an offer but he seems not to be interested “smart man”. Ava greeted Marcel and the door and offer him to introduce him to some other powerful vampire. After seeing Marcel at the party Elijah realized that it was not a party but an initiation and when Tristan came down stair he introduces Marcel to every on and then make him aware that his day light ring was missing and it was taken by someone he met tonight. Marcel challenge is to find the day light ring before the sun came up “wish him luck”. Elijah warns Marcel about the company he trying to keep but Marcel tells him that he knows what he is doing “he knows there dirty tricks”. Ava came to summon Marcel and brought her Mentor Mohinder to ensure that he came because Tristan had move up the time line to see if he figured out who took is ring and he figures out that Ava took it and gave it to Mohinder but that was only half of the challenge and he had to fight the Mohinder to get his ring back “wish him luck”.  The battle was on and only the only one can survive however, Marcel knows he had the body strength over him so he had wolf venom in is blood after having Hayley bite him “quick thinking”. Tristan then later ripped Mohinder heart from his chest claim that he was plotting against his brothers and sisters and he deserves it “did he really” and inform him that he has pass the test and Marcel went to see Klaus to get his blood to cure him “it was not without words from Klaus”. Hayley paid Elijah a visit while he was in the gym to question him about Strix but he told her that it was none of her concern but she attacked him “it looked so sexual” and demand answer which he told her a portion and was told the rest by Klaus when they all gather in his room. Hayley accepts the invitation after she was told about the prognosticating witch Alexis. Elijah help Hayley pick out a dress from Rebekah’s pile and he chose a beautiful pink dress and later asked her if Jackson know about their date tonight to which she said yes “Lair”. When Elijah and Hayley walked in to the party they all was staring at him and Hayley asked why and he told him that he is a celebrity at the party because they are all from his sire line “show off” and when he made them they were supposed be good but that was not the case “he sure is right”. Tristan asked Hayley for a dance to compliment her about her leadership quality and strength and how much of an asset she would make to the Strix “she is not buying what he is selling”. Klaus went to see Lucien about seeing Alexis but when they went to his house she was gone so Klaus called Freya for help and when she came they found that she was at the party and make a plan to break in party and distract them while Freya free Alexis “good plan or not”. When Freya when to rescue Alexis she told her that she does not need rescuing in fact she has change sided because has seen the future and watch them fall and burn ever the sire line is broken and Lucien and Klaus was destroyed. Freya then told Alexis that she don’t know what she thinks she saw but she is coming with her and she threatens to use a spell but Alexis already saw her spell and place a counter spell and later kissed her to show her future and then told her she was a Mikaelson and she said yes and knock her out. After Klaus and Lucien intruded on the Strix festivities he was asked to leave by Elijah but not before he told them he once felt left out when he was not invited to their party but now he lacks the flexibility it takes to get invited “he sure has a way with words”. When the family and Lucien gather back the quarter Alexis awoke up from being knock out by Freya, and apologies to Lucien and told him that she saw Klaus die “so many have tried” and offer Elijah and Hayley to see the object he will be killed with but when they went to see her the future her blood was poison and she died in Lucien arms “poor Lucien lost his foreseer”. It was later reveal that Tristan and Lucien sister Aurora is in town and she was the one that poison Alexis “she seems so cruel”. This was an entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.3/10.

The Player
 "The Norseman"
Alex listens to the recording of his conversation with Ginny but was interrupted by his niece Dani who is in trouble with her mom. Alex is given a new case about a serial killer that takes his victims head and hands and is predicted to strike again in 72hrs “that not enough time”. The first murder happen and Alex was not able to stop it and ran into Detective Brown at the crime scene where he made a Joke and Alex showed him his ear but which Cassandra to notice of “that was not silk”. Alex offers to help Cal with the case because the people he is working for has resources but he can ask him any question “ask me no questions I tell you no lie”. Alex was questioned by Cassandra about the incident in the rest room which he evaded and went on to tell her to investigate two suspects that could be considered the killer “good eyes”. A call came in to Alec from the Las Vegas police department that Dani has been arrest for shop lifting “damn kid” and he left her there to complete his mission tell her that she need to feel remorse “she was mad”. One of the victim “Bron Torvald” that Alex asked Cassandra to look in to was found at a party where he and Alex fought and Alex shot hit but he was wearing a bullet proof vest and when he ran from the house he was arrested by Cal and the police but when they pulled is mask of it wasn’t Torvald “that would be too easy”. Alex has a heart to heart with Dani about her mom and he told her that no matter what she should know that no matter what her mom loves her “good uncle”. Cassandra calls Alex to update him on what going on at the precinct and told him to get over there as soon as possible but when he got there he already escapes “he was too late”. Alex went back to the shop to go over footage of the break out with Cassandra when he notices that before he escaped he picks up Dani file “no it’s personal”. Alex tries to call Dani but by the time he got her on the phone and tell her what was going on the guy was already there and he took her “omg”. Cassandra told Alex that she lost all feed to him but Alex track them with the GPS system he put the necklace of Ginny he gave to her, when he got the place he asks Cassandra to call the police because he can lose another person from his life this year but she said she couldn’t because of the game “say what now”. Alex fell in a whole and lost all contacts with Cassandra but he somehow got out and got to Dani just as he was about to behead her and knock him to the floor but he got up and fight back and went after Dani again when Alex told him that it was after midnight and lost his sacrifice. Johnson called the head of the FBI who is also a Gambler to ask about Rose and why she is investigating Cassandra and suggested that she be reassigned and preferable outside of the country “he is a powerful man”. Johnson receives a call from his friend regarding Nolan who told him that he was not able to touch her because she is well protected and that they need to meet ASAP “who the hell is this woman”. After Johnson told Alex that he won the game and he could leave “don’t have to tell him twice”, the guy ask him who he was and he told him that he was pit boss and he was there to clean up and cleanup he did “Johnson is so bad ass”. Johnson met Nolan at the bar and they shared an intriguing conversation were they both showed their muscles “this is going to be a treat”. Detective Brown meets with the FBI agent Rose Nolan to future discuss their investigation into to missing people and Alex is a suspect because they know he is hiding some and they a picture of his with Cassandra who face is blurred and Detective Brown plans to find out who she is “good luck with that one”. Cal interrogated the suspect he arrested but he did not give any information and when he walks out the room he pulled a pin from his and loosens his handcuff and took an officer hostage and kill a few on his way out “he is crazy”. Cal later receive a call about a dead victim and when he went there he saw his suspect beheaded and surrounded by old skulls “so creepy”. This was amazing episode, I would rate it 9/10.

 "Wild Card"
Charlotte wakes up to Dwight bringing her tea in bed but they both have to leave separately to go help Nathan and Audrey “too bad” but before Dwight left he tells her that he hope she will still be interested in a decade when he gets old and she remains the same and she responded that she has a thing for older men “they are so cute together”. In the town square Dwight and Nathan meet a man who is preaching of the apocalypse and they try to decide if he troubled or just a crazy man “lol” but it turned out that he was not crazy and did hear something that killed him “know shit”. Dwight has a burn on his side that he is not sure where it came from and asked what he thinks and Nathan told him that girl from other world are different and Dwight ask him if he is bothered by the age thing and he said no “he loves him some Audrey”. When Nathan went to change the tire on his truck he hit his hand and then notice that he and Dwight has the same marking as the dead man “not good”. The men visited a Tarot reader Lainey to tell her that her Tarot readings are coming true as Dwight symptoms gets worst but she can’t remember dealing cards so Nathan came to the conclusion that they are being target by the no-marks killer “what’s new”. Nathan ask Lainey to pull a new card because Dwight is suffocating and the card she pulls said devil “omg not good”. Dwight is wrapped in barbed wire and Charlotte told him that she wanted to be with him but she can’t and she gave him something a left “poor Dwight”. Dwight went to look for Charlotte because she was acting strange and left him her ring. Audrey and Charlotte goes to find the aether in the cave and discuss how they will use it to cure the trouble by using the barn and making it so no one has to dyes “oh boy”. While in the cave Audrey and Charlotte were working until Charlotte starts to feel light-headed and Audrey began to lose her sight, Charlotte notices that the have been marked “this is really not good” with a trouble. Charlotte call Dwight who told her that him and Nathan are marked to and are having side effect, Nathan has bad luck and he feels like someone is beating him “ouch”. Audrey and Charlotte work is affected by their symptom and had to stop to take a break because they are getting worst “this is not happening”. The ladies wonder if they are going about the aether wrong and Charlotte explain that Mara know more about it because she was taught by their father, they attempted to pull in more aether but was not successful “this is not going as plan”. Charlotte advice the team that Croatoan is the equivalent the devil and he is the no-marks killer. As Charlotte is getting weaker Audrey called Nathan to have him pull another card, Lainey first card was for Charlotte and it read lovers meaning a couple coming back together, the next card was for Audrey which reads the moon this symbolizes the fading into illusion which could mean a lot of things “thing just keep getting worst”. They start to feel better with the new cards and try’s to pull in the aether before the side effects kicks in, Audrey figures out base on pass experience that the aether works by emotion after which they were able to gather some “finally”. Audrey stars to fade away and Nathan ask Lainey to reshuffle the card and start a new reading and she did and Audrey and Dwight was free “thank goodness”. Charlotte went back to the cave and heard the voice of her husband “Croatoan” who is try to destroy haven and have plans to use Audrey as well. Charlotte told her of his plans before she died “omg”. Duke and Seth arrives to North Carolina and met a man who he thinks is the healer but when approaches the man to ask him he told Duke that he is not a hospital “lmao” and that he has to account for his darkness. When Seth and Duke went back to the car the gas men Sam left them a note in the geyser saying that the old man in a non-believer and they should come back in 1 hour “I wish them luck”. Duke and Seth went back and met Sam who doesn’t seem to know what he is doing, he pretended to cut himself with a knife and touch Duke and nothing happen “I found it really funny”. Duke confronts Sam about his fake removal of the darkness ask him how he knows about the trouble and he told him that it if a story he was told about two demons who visited 500 years ago and let out black stuff “Mara and her father”. Sam told Duke about Walter Frarada but when he went to see him he is already death and has a tribal symbol on his. As Duke sat feeling sorry for himself he was visited by Walter spirit that promise to tell him everything he wants to know. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9.3/10.