Friday night TV shows recaps

Hawaii Five O
"Na Pilikua Nui" "Monsters"
On Halloween, the team tracks down a serial killer inspired by an iconic character “Frankenstein”, who have been taking women and dismembering their bodies and leaving the pieces that he doesn’t want in a suite case out in the woods “so scary”. This case hit close to home because the way Max birth mother was killed; however, he insisted on offering his expertise to help resolve the case “this must have been hard for him”. The team separated to solve the case but was interrupted by a blood bank that was raided by an armed gang and Danny leaving to find Grace who was not where she told her mother she was going to be “teenagers”. Danny looks for Grace after her mother called him to tell him that she is not where she is supposed to be “here we go”. Grace was found at a costume party talking to a boy and escorted her out by her father “embarrassing” but on their way home he fit a fence after try to swerve away from an animal in the road “they are both OK”. Danny used the time to bond with Grace and explain to her that he is just trying to protect her from a crazy world and told her to apologize to her mom and she did “our little Grace is growing up so fast”. After Grace was home, Danny went to spend Halloween with his son Charlie at the hospital and take him tricka treating around the other children room “that's so sweet”. Jerry dress as Dracula to go donated blood at a blood bank and while he was there a few arm men came in and rob the blood bank and he called Kono to help but by the time she got there the men where gone and some rare blood bag were missing “that’s Halloween for you”. Kono, Chin and Jerry later got together to figure out who could have taken the blood and where it is being used and they found an animal clinic down the road where the arm men had a Veterinarian and is assistance hostage. They called for help and was ready to go in but the men came out driving an ambulance through the wall which made Kono and Chin hit the floor and start shooting, which started a shootout with the men and the armed men all got killed “problem solved”.  While this was happening Steve and Grover with the help of Eric was able to find the serial killer with the body of the dead women different body part that he used to recreate his dead wife “creepy”. When they entered the house there was no light and Steven told Grover to go find the breaker while he looks for the suspect in the dark “he is too brave”. When Steve found the killer, Grover turned on the light and he saw the body of the women but was quickly attacked by the killer and even though he got in a few blows but Steve was able to take him down “I never seen Steve like that before”. This was a good episode, I would rate it 8/10.

Blue Bloods
"Rush to Judgment"
Jamie is being accuse of attacking a bystander a protest and his partner did not see what happen to confirm is story and the videos that are being surfaced is not clear enough to prove is innocent “poor Jamie”. The protesters took advantage of the situation and use it to attack the Reagan family and later compare them to a gangster’s, using Danny pass aggressiveness behavior to their advantage “things just got real”. Frank and the team try to get ahead of the scandal by having IA investigate Jamie side of the story, Jamie later went to his father to talk about why he was being place on modified assignment and Frank ask him if he would like special treatment “you no he doesn’t’ and advise him to make the trust they system like he asks all his other officers to do. Eddie has a meaning with the prosecutor on Jamie’s case and she asked Jamie what she should say and he told her to speak the truth and she told him that what she saw did not look good for him but she has to cover her ass “oh boy”. Jamie goes before the DA office and he is accused of being protected by his name and walked out after he saw that they have no intention of hearing his side, they also told him that Eddie told them about his aggressiveness toward someone who attacked her and they have the file to prove it. When Jamie saw Eddie he accuses her of not having his back and she was disappointed with him and said that may he needs to get a new partner “please don’t fight”. After court ADA Erin Reagan had two visitors that came in to the office to tell him there son Chuck is not guilty as he seems but only pretending to be gangster to fit in and push his Rap career “what’s new”. Erin went to see chuck at Rikers and told her him that he can’t help her because it will get him and his family killed but later testify “this could go either way”. Danny and Baez got a call about a rape victim who claim to be raped by Gerry and went to hospital to take her statement “she lied”. The reverend went to see Frank about the news printed about Gerry and accuse him as using it to get back at him for comparing his family to gangsters, and threaten to have him and his sons badges at the end of the case, frank told him that he will have 30 minutes to spare “give it your best shot”. Danny and Baez went to pick up Diana for court but they were told by her landlord that she moved “that’s not suspicious”.  After Danny and Baez investigate they found out that she was a paralegal and that she set up Gerry because of an old vendetta her firm has again him “what”. Frank used this information to go see the reverend to ask him to give him the witnesses that can tell the truth about what really happen at the protester that Jamie is being of attacking a bystander and in return he will provide him a channel to clear Gerry name but he counter offer asking for a job with his office and Frank refuse tell him that it doesn’t work like he thinks “he should know by now”. In the end Jamie and Gerry name as cleared and Jamie went back to work “great news”. This was a good episode. I would rate it 8/10.

“It is not light that we need, but fire”
The episode starts with Nick holding Juliette’s dead body in his arms after she was shot by Trubel when she tried to kill him “but it was Juliette or Nick” and Chavez drugged Nick and took Trubel, Juliette and his mother’s head “that’s not creepy”. When Nick woke up and realized that they were all gone he called Hank to tell him that Juliet is dead and Hank heads over to his house in disbelieve “it’s true”. After Hank arrives to a frantic Nick’s house, he realizes that the house was really empty and Nick told him that FBI agent Chavez took them but Hank didn’t believe him because he had no evidence “trust him”. Nick left the house and heads to Chavez’s office to ask her where she took Trubel and let her know that he knows she is a wesen but she denies everything and have him taken from her office “this is not over lady”. Hank and Wu updates Captain Renard on what going on at Nick’s house and later receive a call from Chavez captain Renard to warn him about Nick’s behavior at her office and told him that Nick must be under too much stress at work and if he every show up to her office again she will arrest him “this lady have some nerve”. Nick found Chavez address online and as he was about to leave he heard Juliette voice upstairs but when he went up there no one was there “poor Nick”. Nick went to Chavez house and knocked her out and took her back to the shop to questioned her about taking Trubel, While the team gather to discuss a way to help Nick investigate about Chavez and the secret organization that she his running “good luck”.  Monroe met Nick on his way to Chavez’s house to offer him help but Nick turned him away and went by himself “so brave”. After leaving the tunnel where she is imprisoning wesen with the help of a mysterious man, Chavez went home and was knocked out by Nick and taken to the spice shop to be questioned but she wouldn’t speak even after Rosalee and Monroe Vogue “so bad ass”. While questioning Chavez Bud call to tell nick that Adalind was going into labor and he rushed over to the hospital, when Nick got there Adalind was having the baby but she is had complication and they have to perform a C-section “oh mama”. Hank called Nick to tell him that Chavez want to talk to him and she him that he needs to come it her if he wants answer and he agreed “he has not choice”. When Nick and Chavez got their meeting everyone was dead and they got ambushed and Chavez died but not before telling Nick that trouble is coming “that’s not good”. Chavez phone rings and Nick use her finger to open it and advice the person on the other line that she was dead and they told him to keep the phone “who are these people”. The episode ended with Nick going back to the hospital and held his son Kelly for the first time and he and Adalind agree to make peace for the baby’s sake. This was an auspicious start to the season, I would rate this episode 9.1/10.