What was popping this Sunday Night

Well to me each night a TV network will get the most attention, and Sunday night is ABC.
What you missed on:
Once Upon a Time
Well Emma is still the dark one and is still been haunted by Rumple and Regina the evil queen is trying to be the savior. In Camelot Robin died try to protect Regina and Emma brought him back but now is catching scales. No have their memory from the pass six week not ever the #darkswan. Hook is heartbroken after kissing Emma and nothing happen from what he taught would have been true love kiss as if it would be that easy SMH.  Henry has is first crush and she is from Camelot she came along with King Author, Guinevere and is soldiers. Merlin is a tree and they need the savior the heal him, this was and exciting episode. I would rate it 9/10.
Blood and Oil
Well Chasing Life fan who was sad to see Leo go you can now catch him on ABC Blood and Oil. This is a new show but it has promise so far. The main character are familiar but I not learn their new name just yet. It was a good episode I would rate it 7.5/10.
I would say the show of the night, while I was watch live I was so upset when it went to commercial. I love this show because of the mysteries of it, I am anxious to see who is behind everything, but I am team Alex no matter what happens. I would rate this episode 9.5/10

CSI Cyber
Was not able to watch because it started to record late but I hope to watch it later this week on demand. 


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