This was an engaging night of TV shows, read about what you missed in less than 5 mins;



Castle fights to get Beckett back, by intruding on her case. She order Esposito and Ryan not to speak to Castle about the case, but they could not resist. Esposito and Ryan try to go under cover but was made in the first 2 minutes. Castle and Alexis go undercover as professor and student to get close to a suspect. Castle trick Beckett into going with him to an experimental prison and lock the door behind them to find out how there victim escape. The killer is found and Beckett and Castle have a moment but was not enough to make her come home. Very exciting and charming episode I rate it 9.2/10



Sylvester was a badass this episode he went to prison and tell the girl he love that he loves her in form of a dance. Walter made a new friend, Ralph got into Harvard, MIT and Yale. Happy had a date and the Doc is not taking it well and he started boxing, I hope it will make it tougher. This was very entertaining episode, I would rate the episode 9/10.


Double death in the first minute, a joke in the second when Sam try to change the toner but Nell already did it. Kenzie and Deeks is under cover with a model who think Deeks looks homeless person and Hetty head a photo shoot. It was an interesting episode but no breath taking moments but next week episode look very good. I would rate the episode 7/10.



The craziest criminally insane characters on TV lives in Gotham city, can James Gordon stop then with the help of his partner Harvey Bullock. Shameless Cameron Monaghan was running Gotham crazy in tonight episode until he was killed by his partner in crime. Bruce saw Kat for the first this season and had close call with Jerome. Alfred hit on Jim girlfriend Leslie Thompkins all night until he saw them kissing. This was very exciting episode can’t wait for next week. I would rate the episode 9/10.

Minority Report

Dashiell "Dash" Parker is now officially working with Vega and her ex-partner /maybe lover Will Blake is jealous, but her also very suspicious of Vega’s recent success. Agatha and Arthur is still suspicious of Vega and the role she will play in her future vision. Akeela now know Dash secret but will see be able to keep it?  This is a very entertaining series and I hope the network will renew when it is time to do so, I would rate the episode 9/10.


Blind Spot

Jane Doe is Taylor Shaw Weller’s long last neighbor who went missing when they were kids, so that’s one question answered but there is a now bigger questions which are why was she taken and who took her? Tonight episode the only person she ever saw in her memory was killed by an anonymous source. Jane was also made a member of the team and she is getting a gun, very exciting episode can’t wait to see what is to come. I would rate the episode 9/10.


Faking it

Amy’s feeling for Karma is back after the fakes it to help Karma’s mom. Liam and Shane is still miserable after is breakups so they decided to go out but it did not go so well for Liam but Shane had better luck. Amy’s dad is leave and Lauren is forcing her stepmom to confess about her affair to her father, but unfortunately we have to wait until next Monday for that outcome I would rate the episode 9/10.



Switch at Birth

Daphne is having a fundraiser for Deaf children to be able sign in Spanish and she is getting help from Mingo and the support of her family. Bays Hammer girl drawing is been used for something negative and she is very upset. John and Katherine told the family about their financial problem. Lilly wants to take the baby to London to live with her family, and she is also been seen with the cute guy Julian she had a crush on and Toby is jealous. Emmet is trying to get Bay to give him permission to summit the film about her life which could jump start is career. Eric found out about Regina little time to see his ex-wife and now it may be the end of her relationship which make me said because they are so cute together. And finally let’s say goodbye to hammer girl and possible Daphne relationship with Mingo. Very good episode I would rate it 8/10.