Tuesday night was an appealing night of TV shows, read the recap in less than 5 mins

The Flash
First great news from tonight premier Henry Allen is home after Dr. Wells left a confession of his wife and Barry’s mother murder and Barry/The Flash receive the key to the city. Team Flash defeat the Atom Smasher who reveal that he was send to kill the flash by Zoom, which we are not sure who he or she is yet. Henry Allen decided not to stay in Central City and Cisco made the Flash a new suite. Apparently there is a new flash in Central City, but you have to wait and see. This was magnificent season premier, I would rate it a 9.5/10.

Liv family hates her for not giving blood to her dying brother and they won’t forgive her and she can’t tell them she is a zombie. Liv swear of men and all other human interaction until she is human again, Good luck with the one. Blaine is back and still up to no good even as a human or so we think. So far Babineaux is still suspicious of Major and Liv is worried. Major is hot as a new personal trainer and is considered the new zombie detector aka the zombie killer and Liv new roommate Gilda can’t be trusted #stupipstupidzombie. This was amazing season premier, I would rate it a 9.5/10.
Fresh of the Boat
Eddie Huang idol Shaquille O'Neal finally guest starts on the show as the manager of his car own dealership. It is Jessica and Louis 12 year anniversary and he want to get the cheapest lady on earth a new car, how do you think that went? Well Jessica left before they could purchase a vehicle but the reason why is the funniest thing, she said that she can step her foot through the door of a dealer ship again because 12 years ago she passed on getting free car mats. So Louis trick her into going through the door by using her weakest “overspending”. The two made up and finally brought a car and got free car mats. Eddie sold Evans toys and had to sell his signed Shaquille O’Neal shoe to buy them back. It was a funny episode, I would rate it 8.5/10. 

Marvel’s Agent of Sheild
First May and Ward made their first appearance of the season, Fitz saved Jemma with the help of Daisy "Skye" Johnson / Quake and the team. Hunter is still out for blood after Ward tried to kill Bobbi the ending of last season and Hunter have seek out May for help killing Ward. While May was a little resistant at first her father encourage her to go back to the only life she knows. Ward is trying to reconstruct HYDRA by recruiting the best of the best and has send one of his companion undercover to get close to Mays ex-husband Andrew Garner. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9/10.

McGee and Bishop goes undercover as husband and wife to spy on their next door neighbor. Tony think he has British descendant and want to be called Lord Antony and had the worst British accent I have ever heard, it was so bad Gibbs offer to shot him if he does not stop. Ducky think jogging is bad for you, he said that it is horrible on the knees, hands up if you agree. Abby is take a driving test after love tapping a police car while parking. Bishop is mad at McGee for tell her husband Jake about her surprising anniversary gift which made been undercover uncomfortable. Tony is getting tired of his single life and his searching for a scene of belonging. Bishop put herself in harm’s way by not waiting for Gibbs and Tony to get to the scene. And finally Tony ancestor is said to be Jack the ripper. This was a good episode, I would rate it at 8/10.

NCIS New Orleans
Percy is giving LaSalle a hard time about not inviting her and Brody to the boys night, Brody is in an open relationship and exploring her option, at the end of the episode Brody was ask out by a former suspect and LaSelle invite Percy to boys night but she refused say that she never wanted to attend just wanted to be invited. Dr. Loretta attempt to spend time with her adopted kids but it did not go as plan and turned out to be the site of murder for the episode. It was an interesting episode, I would rate it 8/10

Brain ran into his ex-girlfriend the one he thinks got away while on NZT how will he do without it on his date? Well he crashed and burn. He was able to solve the case while on NZT and figure out clue that would have been hard without NZT. He and agent Rebecca Harris are getting close as friends because she is the only person he can talk to. He also have a new boss who works for the senator, and he is already threaten Brain by using the people he love so he broke up with the ex before it even started and went into a phase of depress. This was a good episode, I would rate it at 9/10.
Jimmy Martino is now paranoid that he has other children which is messing with his sex life. He still having a hard time adjusted to his new family and he has to choose between going to a party and spending time with his son. He choose is family but was torched so he trick Gerald into going to the party, which Gerald could not enjoy so he left. Sara was stuck spending time with her granddaughter mother Vanessa who she is not a big fan of, but learn that she is very protective of her daughter Edie. Jimmy felt bad about not been there to see is granddaughters first step into the beach and barrowed a short and went back to join his family. It was good episode but the jokes or corny, I would rate it 7/10.