5 minutes recaps of Thursday night top TV shows

Greys Anatomy
So Alex is not going to be a father after all, I am a little sad about that because I think that it time to make him a family man now. Meredith is having problem the salary that was offered for her new position. Maggie Pierce is said because the radiologist she dated for 6 months is getting married and she is reevaluating her life and thinking that there is something wrong with her, but before the episode ended she was making out with the new cute intern. Avery is really over his marriage in spite of April effort to work it out, by the end of the episode he moved out of their apartment and is sleeping on Bailey’s couch which she does not seem to be happy about. Good episode I would rate it 8/10.
Olivia have confess to being President Fitzgerald mistress while Fitzgerald and Mellie was in the process of faking their relationship in front of the world. Abby has stop the interview but it was a little too late because they have a short footage of Mellie saying they are happily married and now the Whitehouse team has to fix it but is unable to do so without Mellie’s help. Cyrus Beene was there to negotiate on behalf of Mellie but was only there to get his job back but Fitz wants nothing to do with him, Mellie initial agreed to the interview after a conversation with Fitz but was discourage by a scorned Cyrus to the interview and she left the house. Abby is left with responsibility of handling it, by throwing Olivia under the bus, but you will have to stay tune next week to see what happens next. It was a scandalous episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

How to Get Away With Murder
The mystery to what happen to Annalise and why her student was running away leaving her in a pool of blood is still unclear. Frank and Laurel relationship is budding, but there is still so much they don’t know about each other and I not sure if she will be able to make him open up about the bad things he has done, for me personally I don’t think she can be trusted. Michaela is finding out that her sex life is dejected and she is trying to fix it. I am not sure what Wes and Nate is up to but I can assure you that it is not good. Connor is finally able to have sex with is HIV positive boyfriend since the diagnosis. Asher is still been blackmail to betray Annalise but is seeking help from his father because this has also destroyed is relationship with Bonnie who is not taking the break up that well. As always this was an interesting episode, I would rate it 9/10

The Vampire Dairies
Well TVD fan our favorite vamps are back but not as revengeful as I taught they were going to be and to be honest I am a little disappointed. The series started with Damon and Alaric in Europe drink they sorrow away and Bonnie as there watchman which is so unlike Damon. Both Caroline and Bonnie is writing a journal for Elena as she requested, it started with Caroline sitting in the town square on a bench they dedicated to her mom “RIP Sheriff Forbes” she was giving us the run down about the pass six month for everyone except Stefan because she has been fight her feeling for him but that quickly change before the episode ended. Lily Salvatore and her family witched /vampires are living in Mystic Falls in the Salvatore house with the intention to staying out of trouble but that did not last very long after they were bombed by Caroline and Matt and survive it and then they retaliate by killing Matts entire class at their graduation ceremony. After this Stephan brokered a truce with Lily to leave Mystic Falls and take all the people with him and any that is caught there is fear game. This truce when to belly up when Damon and Bonnie return and killed one of Lily’s people, and Enzo pick team Lily by drugging and kidnapping Caroline on her behalf, so it’s about to be game on TVD this season. I would rate this episode 8.5/10. 
The Originals
First good news is baby Hope is growing up so cute but without a mother because Hayley is stilled cursed and can only change back to her human form on a full moon. His family is still in disarray after the stunt he pulled last season except for Freya Mikaelson is long last witch sister who cannot die. Marcel got back the French Quarter as promised by Klaus, but Marcel has some MMA boxing thing going on up in there, not quite sure what that’s about. Davina Claire is still the head of the witched but is not full accepted because of her pass relationship with the Vampires, but she has a plan and Hayley is involve but you have watch next week to see. Elijah is still mad at Klaus for kill his girlfriend and cursing his nieces mother (Hayley). Camille and Klaus relationship look steady at first but by the end of the episode they were at odds. One of Klaus old companion is in town but I am not sure what he is up to yet, but so far he has warned Klaus that there is trouble coming for him and his family. This was an interesting episode needed more for the premiere bit I would rate it 8/10.

The season picked up with troubles still shooting from Dukes eye, so now there is new troubles in Haven and the only person who is immune to it is Duke who decided to leave town because he feels guilty.  Now that Haven is filled with new troubles and an unknown darkest that the human who is caring that specific trouble is death or dead to some extent because there is a spirit of some kind taking their souls.    Audrey is not immune to these new trouble so she now have to be very careful how she handles the troubled people. Nathan is looking for the cure for the darkness because no one is able to leave Haven and to the outside world Haven does not exists. Dwight told the force about the troubles now that they are  out of control and they need to be careful not to trigger there trouble, Dwight also brought back The Guard, an organization whose aim is to help the Troubled and gathered the town in one place to keep them safe.  I must say that I am very sad these are the final episode but this was two awesome episode and I am excited about the rest of the season. I would rate the episodes at 9/10. 

5 minutes recaps of Thursday night top TV shows


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