Recaps from Monday night TV shows

"Cool Boys"
The episode started with Castle and Detective Slaughter “season 4 headhunters,” being rescued by the police, then flashback to the morning of the incident where Castle is telling his mother that he’s getting tired of the separation thing and she encourages him to have faith “having faith is so hard in the situation.” As Alexis was watching the high-profile burglary of an office building Booth Tower, Slaughter and introduces himself as Castle’s old friend, Alexis who is aware of Slaughter and Castle’s path hesitantly went to tell him that he was there “oh boy.” Slaughter seeks Castle help in solving the high-profile burglary, but due to their past experience Castle was hesitant and refused to help but Slaughter baited Castle with a new plot for his next book and he ignores Martha and Alexis warning and decided to help him “Castle can’t refuse a good plot.” The first place Slaughter took Castle was to an old informant Victor Lee apartment where they ran into Ryan and Esposito who was there to pick up Victor Lee’s dead body which was found with the knife stuck in his neck from being killed the night before as per Lainey estimation. Ryan and Esposito check Victor’s cell phone and the last number he dialed was Slaughter so they questioned him about his conversation with the Victor and he denies knowing anything about a meeting but after exiting the apartment he told Castle he knew exactly who he was meeting but he wanted them to do it together like Butch and Sundance “seriously they know they die at the end of that movie, right.” The two weights in an alley to question a dealer name Trucco who specializes in moving expensive tech but a few minutes before he walked out Castle told Slaughter that’s he will only work with him if he promises not to be himself “aggressive, violent and mean,” and play nice. Slaughter questioned Trucco about the microchip lifted from Booth Tower which was a prototype of a “next-gen cell phone” and worth and estimates of about one million dollars to a competitor. Slaughter through Trucco against the wall and has to apologize and ask again nicely and he told them that Victor had a partner but he was not sure of his name and as they had for the car slaughter shoves him to the ground would Castle about turned he missed it “that was hilarious.” After lab found Slaughter fingerprint on the knife that killed Victor, Ryan and Esposito tries to warn Castle about Slaughter but he denies all allegations that they found against him and throws Castle’s cell phone through the car window “Castle mumbled he lost more phone and this line of work.” After losing Castle phone connection, Ryan and Esposito try to think of other scenarios as to why Slaughter would kill Victor and come up with Slaughter being Victor’s mysterious partner and he’s trying to find the hidden chip and endless castle a.k.a. Sherlock to help them find it “these two are killing it tonight.” Esposito and Ryan went to Richard Castle investigations the question Alexis on her father’s whereabouts after he stole their car with their suspects Slaughter “that was really funny.” Hayley was there with Alexis and told them that they don’t know where Castle is but after digging she found some information from Victor’s personal life that leads to a troubled teen Louis he used a mentor who has an IQ of 190 “talk about Albert Einstein.” While Castle and Slaughter try to lay low at his ex-wife apartment after their grand theft auto, Castle was surprised to find out that slaughter’s ex-wife is a famous opera singer and that’s he majored in musical theater in college “bet you didn’t see that one coming,” Castle also got to see a much softer side Slaughter as he cooked before being contacted by Louis who hacked his wife tablet to ask Slaughter for help “his explanation on how he knew they were there was epic.” Castle and Slaughter were not able to get his location before he was ambushed, but Castle notice a    fumigation notice on the wall and use it to find his location “Sherlock Castle.” When they arrived at the warehouse where Louis was being held Slaughter check the window and saw only one captor and decided to go in even after Castle requested they call for backup, Later punches the capture who has Louis tied to a chair and as they tried to lose him a group of men came in with guns from the shadow "Slaughter is pure trouble." Castle decided to distract the bad guys by singing and giving Slaughter a clue using West side story and they literally dance fight their way to victory until Ryan and Esposito showed up to the warehouse to find a guilty looking Castle and Slaughter surrounded by the defeated bad guys “a West side story clue really.” Ryan and Esposito took Castle, Victor, and Slaughter back to the precinct to try and solve the case after they realized that Victor was promoting Louis services without his knowledge and he was simply persuaded by the promise of fast money and security to help his mother “the mystery continues.” Mr. Booth reported missing $50 million from a secret Cayman Islands account and think it was stolen by Louis but after thorough research they connected Mr. West the administrator of Operation Mentor where Victor used to work as a former accountant of Mr. Booth and was able to charge him with the murder of Victor and the thief of the $50 million “case solve.” As Slater was leaving, he saw Castle steering and Beckett’s empty desk and encourages him to call her bluff and not stay away and not to make the same mistakes he made “bye for now Sherlock.” This
was a hilarious episode I would rate it 9.1 out of 10.

"Fight or Flight"
The episode starts with Supergirl completing her interview with Cat and getting frustrated with the sexist questions that were being asked and out of frustration revealed that she was Superman’s cousin which gave Cat more questions, but Supergirl flew away before she could ask them “talk about an interview gone wrong.” The next morning Kara went to work to find a very enthused Cat who is ready to write about her interview with Supergirl and told Kara she needs to find her some bulletproof coffee “hint Starbucks.” After wrote the piece she gave it to Kara to review, however, she was not pleased with the way she portrayed Supergirl and confronts her by trying to explain how she thinks Supergirl feels, however, Cat did not really care what she had to think and publish the paper anyway leaving Supergirl to live in the shadow of Superman “she is her own person.” When the news reaches Alex and Henshaw they were not pleased and Henshaw sarcastically referred to her situation to an episode of the Kardashians “"Keeping up with the Kryptonians," but flew away to help with a highway pileup before Henshaw could chastise her “what the hell is he anyway.” After doing some quick heroics stopping a bus from exploding, saving the driver, Kara was blasted away by a guy who turns out to be Reactron an old nemesis of Superman's, the two battle until Kara damages his suit so he flies away “he got some good hits in.” Feeling down from living in Superman’s shadow after her interview went public her friend/partner Winn brought her to secret layer “a dead guy's office” which he into the Supergirl cave borrowed/stolen CatCo technology “it looks awesome.” After Reactron takes Max the tech mogul, Kara decides to go after him but was stop by James who told her Reactron isn't an alien but almost killed Clark I mean Superman almost died fighting him once “Winn freaking out that he now knows Superman's secret identity.” However, Kara is obdurate that she can handle this one solo and explains to him that she is more than just Superman's cousin “she is Supergirl." After flying to the location where they ping Max Supergirl tries to rescue him but was knocked to the ground by his new and improved suits and had to be saved by Superman, “we didn’t see his face only his red and blue uniform.” Kara woke up in our apartment in James told her in front of Alex that he called Superman to National City because he was trying to protect her, but she did not appreciate him underestimating her and angrily asked him to leave her apartment “ungrateful much.” The next day to add fire to the furnace Max publicly declared Superman as the one to save his life which made Kara even more disappointed in James disbelief in her “poor Kara.” Kara had to attend the launch party that she has being planning the entire episode and was confronted by Cat who made her aware that she knows that she arrived late, Winn walked over to Kara and asked her for a dance and they dance for a few minutes before James came over and intervened asking Kara for a dance, as they while they dance “so beautifully together” he apologizes for calling Superman but explained that he can’t afford to lose her “that’s so cute.” As they enjoyed their dance Reactron broke through the ceiling and fired at their large poster of Supergirl and demanded that she made her appearance, Kara changed as quickly as she could and tries to protect everyone but Reactron hits a wall which was about the crush Winn and Supergirl stopped its leaving herself vulnerable “she had to save her friend.” James saw that Supergirl was vulnerable and distracted Reactron by telling him that he was Superman’s best friend and killing him would hurt him more than anything else and he ran giving Supergirl enough time for Alex to tell her to remove the a reactor core using lead and she melted a statue to form of coating her hand and remove to reactor core “and Supergirl saved the day.” The episode ended after Kara found the courage to ask James out she walked in on him with a woman Lucy Lane his ex-girlfriend and they seem to be having a very intense conversation and James acts Kara if they could speak later “you asked Kara to leave.” Kara walked away and use her super hearing and overheard Lucy telling James that she does not like how they ended their relationship “who cares lady go back where you came from.” This was a tremendous episode I would rate it 9.5 out of 10.

"Area 51"
Megan and Sylvester talks to Walter about her MS and the respiratory infection she picked up, she tries to assure Walter that the doctors have it under control but Walter tries to use scientific calculations to justify what the doctors are missing, he also showed disappointment and Sylvester for not telling him that Megan’s condition had worsened “we do that was gonna happen.” Walter’s trying his very best to keep Megan alive while Sylvester wants her to have the best life possible whatever is left of it, Walter is convinced that he can save Megan’s life or make it much longer “you’re a genius, not God.” Walter plans to work on his rocket with the intention of its leading him to be the Kármán Prize of $15 million so that he can continue research on Megan’s MS and build a mechanism capable of storing her “downloaded” brain until he can find a new vessel “he’s definitely trying to play God.” The team listened while Walter explained his intention and even though they thoughts his plan was a little unfounded they knew that he would stop at nothing until he accomplishes this plan “good luck Walter.” With Walter on a mission to start raising money towards Megan’s machine received an offer from the CIA who was loaned to team scorpion by Homeland security, agent Willis tell the team that they have to locate a top-secret aircraft that is missing inside area 51 “and that where they keep aliens said, Paige.” The team hesitated to take the mission at first but was offered a lump sum of money and decided they need the money, Happy was the first to volunteer her portion of the money followed by Toby who was nudged by Happy to do the same however Paige does not like the idea of the team suppressing their emotions about Megan dying “Paige is actually the brains of the separation.” The team has the area 51 and the deeper they got they lost contact with Sylvester on the outside, but as quickly as they got to the general Air Force Base they found an aircraft, the plane is still fully operational, but it looks abandon what no tech number “that’s a sign.” Cabe went first ensure that the plane was safe and team followed and when Toby investigated he found a stock of AB -negative blood with some zip ties and chloroform and they realized that there must have been a person who was sick on the plane, therefore, it’s a case of kidnapping “as if it to be that easy.” The team immediately contacted agent Willis to advise them of the kidnapping and he offered them $350,000 to find the kidnappers in the victim, Toby is not feeling very optimistic about this idea because he knows that getting into area 51 is not any child’s play “he’s totally right.” Happy and Walter take reflective panels off the plane and create a laser with a magnifying glass that pops the tire on a passing truck and allows Paige, Happy, and Toby to break in, Paige tried to use this as an opportunity to speak to Happy about her emotions towards Megan dying but Happy explained to Paige that her mom died in childbirth so death has always been a part of her life “that’s so sad.” Once Paige, Happy, and Toby broke into the sewer system happy wired up a land line phone to call Sylvester who them that plan system creator is Dr. Ivan Zahn, an overly excite Paige mocked how easy it was to break into Area 51 and was quickly surrounded by Air Force officer “you just totally jinx them.” The three was the in a jail cell after Homeland security did not confirm their identities, back at the plane Walter tries to focus on the mission at hand, but Cabe tries to get him to face what is happening with making them and Walter ignores him “that was rude.” Walter learned that the plane was used to spy on cities and was heading to Uzbekistan, he also figured that the person that was kidnapped was the developer of the plane advanced system, as he expressed his genuine amazement a vehicle with Dr. Zahn rolled onto the plane while they hid and by the time they came out the plane had lifted off the ground “oh boy.” Cabe and Walter’s straps the doctor in his seat and proceed to take over the plane, they lure one of the pilots into the back of the plane and knock him out and threw him into the plane’s belly with Dr. Zahn. Cabe broke into the cockpit with intense to holds the captain at gunpoint, but the when he entered the plane was in auto pilot and he turned around to see a gun pointed at him and the gunmen saying that the plane will either land in Uzbekistan or crash into a mountain “that’s not a good plan.” Cabe and the pilot fight while Walter applies some aeronautic science by making everything weightless which allowed him to grab the key and regain control over the plane, unfortunately, the side effects of making the plane weightless Walter and Cabe have both passed out as the plane nosedives into the White Mountains “this is not good.” Back at area 51 Happy realizes that she can break the sophisticated lock with a cell phone, and have Toby fashions a hook system with his watch and some dental floss to pull the box holding their personal stuff “need trick.” Happy took the battery from Toby’s accent cell phone and created a heat source to burn all the lock, they did took their stuff and head to the roof to try and figure out how to disrupt the dish’s blocking signal, while happy tries to figure out the scientific way Paige got physical and dropkicks it “who knew Paige was such a badass.” Sylvester able to hack the plane system and wake Cabe and Walter up and connect them to the rest of the team, Walter told happy that he does not know how to land the plane she told him she could walk through it but as she began to tell him she was stopped by the officers who were trying to return them back to the cell, however, happy was able to convince him to let her help land the plane and he did a low and Walter to land the plane “that was a hard landing.” Upon completing the mission Walter asks the CIA to wire the money to him directly and says that he’d love to chat with Dr. Zahn about the plane’s hardware system to help with his own project. Instead, the CIA draws their weapons and tells the team they know too much. Walter mentions that Sylvester’s drone is recording everything that happens “that’s what you call a bluff.” The team is back home safe and sound and page tries to discuss Walter what she had observed about the team fair and unknown, but Walter immediately rebuffed her stating that she was the one that told them we save everybody, and left for the hospital “geniuses.” At the hospital Megan has refused and intubation which upsets Walter and he told Sylvester not to go head-to-head with him about Megan, and Sylvester explained that he loves her just as much as he does, but Walter does not seem to care what success the things and told him he would take care of everything himself “poor Megan.” The saw the great episode I would rate it 8.7 out of 10.

"An Unlocked Mind"
The episode starts with a woman running in the darkness towards a car trying to get away from two men, when she got to the car a woman was waiting for her and told her that she was just running away from herself and she hits the woman over her head and shove her out the car and drove away “what a start.” Deeks and Kensi do yoga together and Kensi tries to push him to his limit but was interrupted by Eric who told them they were needed and ops “Kensi is so damn sexy.” The case was about David Ramsey a former DARPA engineer who left the DOD after his brother died from leukemia and soon after he joined the church of the unlocked mind, his wife Kate was the woman running at the beginning of the episode and went to the police “I am happy she’s alive.” However, the DOD’s main corner is that David is not psychologically stable and might reveal important secrets that can affect national security, Hetty provided them a folder that can prove that the church of the unlocked mind is possibly selling military Intel to China “ that’s not good.” Kensi and Deeks go undercover in the church of unlocked mind while Callen and Sam to talks to Kate to gather as much information on that as they ca about Dave and the church “that’s a scary church.” Kensi and Deeks arrive on the premises of the church and Kensi immediately caught the attention off the head of the church Lee who told Gaia to see how open Kensi was and Deeks was greeted by Adam who invited him inside “here we go.” After passing the first therapy session which involves revealing their deepest darkest secrets, Deeks met David outside where David complimented him on his T-shirt and Deeks immediately tries to create a bond with him “he is the target.” Lee gathers everyone and told them that they were going to start something new called the rebirths and Gaia lead everyone to the pool to be reborn, Deeks was concerned about earpiece and as he told Kenzi and Ops he was overheard by Adam who he quickly lied about being afraid of water “good one.” Lee witnesses Kensi and Deeks having a conversation and invited them to the pool where the men held Deeks under the water a little too long “Deeks was mad.” As Kenzie heads back to the locker room to put in our earpiece she was approached by Gaia who invited her to meet with a group of woman, while Deeks tries to reach out to David who was outside picking up rocks and tells Deeks that he’s doing it because his wife left him and Deeks encourages him to be with his wife and he is willing to help him get back to her “of course he will.” David was called away from his conversation with Deeks to be sent to the DA (disciplinary arch), Deeks followed him inside and saw a group of men that was in the DA “that is just wrong.” Kensi arrived at the room where she met Heather and Crystal, they gathered around and toaster her rebirths and ecstasy “ecstasy.” Kensi was forced to drink and tries to use that time to learn about their operation, but she was drugged and brought to a room to have sex with Lee, Gaia, and Heather “that call a battery.” Kensi awoke just in time to knock them out and stagger out of the room where she called for help “that was so crazy.” Deeks day was not going any better as he is trapped in a room with men playing their version of Simon Says, until they took a break and Deeks told David that he could help him leave and that he knows where is wife is but David told Deeks if they try to leave all the men is trained to attack “bring it in.” Deeks tries to leave and had to fight his way out of the room with the help of David “that was just freaky.” Deeks and David hides while the men got their guns to search for them and as soon as they left the house Deeks went in to look for Kensi and found her in the weaken states and not able to walk on her own so he has David hold her up and they tried to escape “I have never seen Kensi like that before.” Deeks Kensi and David got to the bushes and Deeks went to find a weapon and knock one of the guys out but was later surrounded by the others and told to drop his gun and he did, and when it seemed like all was lost Granger and Callen came to rescue them thanks to Sam lying to the FBI agent that they had their men in custody “I love Sam.” Kensi was brought to the hospital where they flushed her system of the drugs “poor Kensi.” The FBI wanted to arrest Sam for lying, but Nell, Granger and Callen each took the blame and as they were about to arrested, the two men they were looking for was found “that was so close.” The episode ended with Kensi back at the boat shed and Deeks telling he that he have never seen her like that before and decided to go home and work on some of the yoga moves she did in the morning the two proceed to kiss and Hetty came on the TV monitor “awkward.” This was an interesting episode I would rate 9 out of 10

Jane the Virgin
"Chapter Twenty-Seven"
Jane believes she has reached the ending of her love triangle and decided to choose Michael until he got into a fight with Rafael after accusing him of informing on her and knocked him into a glass table and Mateo got cut “I am want to be happy, but Mateo got hurt.” Alba has commenced her citizenship request, but Xo's past interferes with the process. Britney Spears checks into the Marbella and Rogelio is determined to confront her over an incident where thing Britney embarrassed him “he is so sensitive.”  Petra is giving in to marry in Milos but tried a few trick to get out, but it did not work, and after the wedding Milos told Petra that their wedding was front to bring in contraband into the country and now that she is his wife she will not be able to testify again him “what a dilemma.” This was a good episode I would rate it 8.5 out of 10.