Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
"Chaos Theory"
The episode starts six months ago with May and Andrew in Maui on the beach, just a day before returning home “beautiful view.” While chilling in the sun, May asked Andrew what he thought about her not going back to S.H.I.E.L.D at least not right away. Andrew asked her if she was serious and explained to him that she doesn’t want to be the one that causes their relationship not to work “I love seeing a more sensitive side of May.” Andrew told her that this time around it would be different because they’re older and wiser now, and he doesn’t plan on losing her a second time, and they toast to new beginnings “amen.” A few days after May and Andrew returns, Coulson calling Andrew to ask him when May is coming back, and he told him that he was not sure when she was coming back, and he should not wait for her to call “May is happy with her new life.” As Andrew looks through a box of materials sent over to him from Afterlife, he opens a book, and a dust of Terrigen comes out turning him solid. Andrew later reveals to May, who confronted him, so he explained to her that he was happy to be alive but immediately felt the change “why didn’t he seek help.” Present day, Daisy and Coulson argue over the ATCU’s containment methods while Andrew listens in on their conversation and agree with Coulson that all inhuman are different and will handle their powers differently “I agree.” Coulson plans to meet with the President of the United States about the future of powered people in the world, and he will be going in the guise of an ATCU consultant “Mr. Pres.” Andrew suggests bringing along a moderate inhuman success story as an example, and they suggested Joey, and Andrew agrees to reassess him before the meeting “bad idea.” Andrew runs into Simmons in the hallway, and she told him that she regrets telling Fitz some of the details of her experience and he told her that she did the right thing because secrets will eat you up from the inside “that the truth.” Simmons brought Fitz her phone and told him the story of how she kept it on her the whole time she was on the other planet, but it’s broken now, and Fitz agrees to try to fix it “no surprise there.” While Bobbi and May were returning from their hunt for Ward, she noticed that May looked dazed and asked her if she was worried about Andrew and assure her that everyone at the base thought he was fine “was he.” Bobbi continues to tell her that as for Hydra they will get them and told her that she hopes she sticks around because Hydra is not the only thing they’re facing these things and mentions that they’ve been trying to track Lash “he’s right under the noses.”  When they return to base, she started to investigate to find a mutual connection between Lash and Andrew, after her findings she searched the base for Andrew and ran into Daisy, who told her that she was evaluating Joey on an offsite training facility “that’s not good.” At the training facility Joey shows Andrew how he’s learned to control his powers by melting and shaping a filing cabinet into a ball and Andrew has a flash of killing Joey as Lash before snapping back out of it to continue his session “that was so crazy.” May went to the facility to confront Andrew and asked ho have Joey escorted out of the facility, and immediately told him that Strucker. And the he was alive and told her what he turn into at the store and that she knows Strucker wasn’t lying so she asked him to tell her what happened to him, and beg him not to lie and he got frustrated with her questioning him and shoots her with an I.C.E.R “holy cow.”  Later May wakes up in an old, abandoned building chained to a tank and told her that he needed time away from S.H.I.E.L.D. to explain her “he had the chain her up for that.” Andrew explained that his instincts took over he lose control and told her how he became the Lash “you shot her dude.” He went to tell her that when it happened he felt compelled and had to be near other Inhumans, so he ended things with May to protect her and that he needs her help now “I can’t believe she just bought that.” Andrew tries to get through to May by bringing up the incident in Bahrain, telling her that she should know firsthand exactly how dangerous Inhumans are and told her that he doesn’t want to do what he’s doing, but he has to “control.” He reminisces about their first apartment and tells her he’s still the same man she fell in love with, and asks her not to give up on him and the shared a kiss that was interrupted by Coulson who now knows that he’s Lash “surprise.” Daisy and Mack ready a containment unit for Andrew while Rosalind orders her men to support Coulson and move on his say so, Andrew tries to convince Coulson that he’s on his side, that he’s helping sort the good from the bad in this outbreak of Inhumans “worse excuse ever.” Lincoln heard this and confronted him asking him who gave him the right to be judge, jury, and executioner and blows the lights as he enters the room “Showtime.” Andrew told Lincoln he has every right while Coulson tries to talk him down by telling him ATCU is close to a cure, but that did not help and Andrew transforms into Lash and told Coulson he is the cure “say what now.” Lincoln begins fighting Lash pins Lincoln down and is about to kill him when Mack shoots Lash. Lash chases Mack and knocks him down. Coulson grabbed Lash, and Lash turns the table, but the ATCU fires at him. Lash bowls through the ATCU, grabs Rosalind by the neck, and drops her over the rail into the courtyard, and Daisy uses her powers to allow Rosalind’s to land safely. Lincoln says he’s going to bait Lash towards the containment module, Lash catches up the Lincoln and May throws herself between them after finding the dead bodies in the hall, and tries to talk him down and was successfully able to do so “good job.” May shoots him three times in the chest, knocking him into the containment unit and sealed the door. Coulson asks how she knew she wasn’t going to kill him, and she told him that she didn’t. Rosalind offers to put Andrew in stasis until they can find a cure and May asks Daisy advice and she told her that Andrew is her friend, and she would do anything to save him and May agrees “I feel so sad for May.” Daisy and May walk away, and Rosalind offers to buy Coulson a drink and he accepted. Fitz works on Simmons’ phone  and later found her in her room still awake, waiting for the sunrise and told her he thinks he may have found something to help them open the portal and that’s he heard her recordings and saw her video “he missed the part that he cried.” He asks about the things she said if she was just dehydrated or scared or confused and she told him she was as clearheaded as she had ever been when she said those things “about time.” She asks what he thinks they should do about it, and he said he doesn’t know, and that they should just watch the sunrise “he’s such a gentleman.” May thinks about her vacation with Andrew while on a plane. She remembers the beach, saying she didn’t think she deserved this kind of happiness and Andrew assured her that they both do “poor May.” Ward is in a room with Gideon Malick and asked him why he’s there to which he responded that he hopes Strucker doesn’t wake up. Malick says he gave Ward what he asked for, but he’s not sure that Ward is asking for the right things. He says he should think on a grander scale. Ward says he’s going to cut off the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., which is Coulson because without Coulson S.H.I.E.L.D won’t grow back “I thought he would know better than that.” Malick gets a call from Rosalind “yes her” who apologizes for the delay at NORAD and promises to bring him in soon and he told her to hurry and hangs up as Coulson enters the room and they discuss getting breakfast “what happened to no personal relationship.” This episode was spectacular I would rate it 9.2 out of 10.