#Arrow 4X 06 "Lost Souls" Recap& Review

The episode starts six months before Ray Palmer disappeared, with him being at Palmer’s technologies working on his Atom suits, which didn’t work the first time and exploded when he touched it’s “wool that did not just happen.” Present-day Oliver, Thea, and his campaign manager Alex to discuss the campaign budgets that Oliver told him he has to speak the Felicity in regards to that “Oliver’s sugar mama.” Oliver left the room Alex subtly asked Thea on the date and she told him that her life is complicated right now and going out with his brother’s campaign manager is not going to help the situation and he apologized and told her that he doesn’t normally do it. Alex told Thea he thought that they had a connection and asked her to erase the last five minutes, and she told him no because it was nice “I think they would make a cute couple.” Felicity is at Palmer technology going over Ray’s recording “she looked like she hadn’t slept in days,” Curtis walked in and saw her and told her that if she’s going to use his office she needs to clean up after herself. She is not having any success and Curtis told her that the rate she’s going she is no use to Ray “take a break, Felicity.” Oliver walks in and introduces his self to Curtis who told him he knows absolutely nothing about him and tries to figure out if he was the arrow but told him that it wasn’t him because his jaws are not right “I’m Curtis and but he weird.”

Oliver asks Curtis to speak with Felicity alone, and ask her why she wasn’t at the budget meeting and she told him that that was on Wednesday, and he told her it was Wednesday “Felicity is losing the.” Felicity played the recording for Oliver, and he told her that sounded like Ray and she said yes he’s alive, and this message was sent to them six days ago and she plans on helping him “don’t be jealous Oliver.” Sara is back home seeing speaking with her mother on the phone surrounded by her father and sister; Lance asked her if she was ok and she said yes, and explain that she could remember a story her mom was telling her “Sara looks good.” Felicity is arguing with Oliver because he told her she needs to take a shower and a nap after he found out about Ray still alive. He asked if Ray message indicate what kind of trouble he was in, and she replied that if she did that would be the first thing she told him “Oliver our hero.” Oliver asked Felicity if there is anything that he could do to help and she asked him if he magically learned how to code in the last 72 hours and he said no “she was sarcastic people.” Felicity, however,ask Oliver for his support and a back rub, and he told her that she could have both as soon as she takes a shower “I’m not sure if that’s sad are cute.” As they were about to go up the stairs Felicity phone send her an alert that she explained that she had set it in case the batteries program ever finishes compiling and she run to the computer telling him 2 seconds “take a shower, Felicity.”

When she checked the computer she saw an image unscrambling, and it was a Ray telling them that they are keeping him against his will, and Oliver asked him where he was he said he was not sure “Ray is alive.” Oliver asked him why he didn’t blast himself out if the suit does the work and he told them that the suit works a little too well and then he seen in little glass box the size of Antman “whose desk is that.” Felicity is with Laurel and Oliver “no she still didn’t take a shower,” and showed Laurel the video of Ray being alive and told her that he modified his suit to the size of potato tots “I love potato tots.” She told them that she was going back to Palmer Tech to find the machine that Ray said could bring him back to full-size. Oliver ask to accompany her, and she said no and asked him what he’s he going to do their build the machine and walked away leave and Oliver looking very worried “she’s scaring me too.” Back at Palmer technology Curtis is telling Felicity that Ray got miniaturization to work making the state between Atom, and it was like solving ColdFusion and the ultimate theory and how amazing it was “amazing.” Felicity was not enthusiastic as he was because she is more concerned that Ray is kept hostage and he the size of a Cheetos and asked if he could build it and he said yes “I am a big fan of #curteinstein.” Curtis told her that they need to get a quantum manifold, and she can only get it from the manufacturer which is Kord industries their biggest competitor and told her that things couldn’t get worse, and Mama Smoak walked through the door “I love Mama Smoak.” Curtis stood in astonishment while watching Felicity talking to her mom and walked over to and introduce himself telling her that he sees where Felicity gets her blonde hair from “that’s not what he wanted to say.” Donna Smoak asks Felicity what she wanted to do and she told her she looked tired and that she is will get a car to take her to her house. Donna told Felicity that she was there to spend time with her and Felicity told her that they will just not at this time “Mama Smoak is so much fun.” Felicity told Curtis do start building the machine as she escorted to Donna’s outbuilding, and Curtis is excited about the arrow going to get the quantum manifold and kick some ass, but Felicity mumbled not before she kicked his “Oliver” asked first “Oliver’s in so much trouble.” Oliver and Felicity argue over the intercom about him being unable to say no to his mom while the team listens and Diggle acts if they could talk about this another time and she told them she thought Oliver’s intercom was the only one open, but they all heard “this was hilarious.” On their way to the Kord tech, Sara told Laurel that she needs to feel normal, and this was normal. Felicity told Oliver that the building had a pressure plates system and gave him the nickname chatty catty and told him it was the only one she can give him publicly “Felicity is on a roll.” Oliver enters Kord tech but not before telling Felicity that when he gets back they need to have a talk “this should be good.”

Felicity gave Oliver the code, and he lets the team in the building and Thea asked Laurel if it was okay to bring Sarah on the mission and she told her she would be fine “that’s a good question.” The cameras came back on at the team entered the building, and Oliver shot them out, and Felicity told him that that means that they have upgraded your system and that the response on the sooner, as Thea found the quantum manifold to security guards came in “oh snap.” Thea Knock one of the guys to the ground, and Sarah jumps on the other punching him continuously as a team tries to stop her, but she was unable to stop and brutally hurts the guy “OMG Sara was so not ready.” Felicity gasp in relief when Ray popped up on the screen to tell her that he knows that getting the quantum manifold is going to be a challenge, but she told him that there nothing that can’t be fixed with late night shopping at Kord industry couldn’t solve "holy crap." Damon Darkh walked up behind him, and he stayed quiet “wow.” Felicity is totally shocked when the team returned Felicity ask Oliver and Diggle what happened out there, and they told her that Sarah had a moment with the security guard “a crazy moment.” Oliver asks Felicity if she was sure that and Curtis it was Darkh that she saw, and she said yes as sure as she knows that Ray is not getting out of this “he will just be 1 million times harder than it would have been.” Felicity is concerned that Darkh will crush Ray under his shoes, and Diggle told her that if he wanted to hurt Ray, he would’ve already done it. Oliver advises her to give the manifold to Curtis and keep him working while they waited to be given them a location “waiting is not Felicity’s strong suits.”

Oliver suggested that they go home and have dinner with Donna and Diggle agree only to be told that a friend life is in danger, and it doesn’t seem like it’s the right time for Chicken Cordon Bleu. Oliver promised her that there was nothing that they could do unto they got what they need from Lance and Curtis, and then told her dinner was at 7 pm “this episode is so awesome.” Darkh updates Ray on his team failure created a machine to bring him back to his proper size and told him that he taught he would appeal to his to his cooperation and Ray asked him what is to say he won’t kill him after he helps “you can't trust the Darkh one.” Darkh proceeded to threaten Felicity’s life and told him that it was faith that allowed him to intercept their conversation “isn’t faith another word for destiny.” Oliver came home to Donna’s version of cooking “raw chicken” but Oliver said it was no problem, and he would quickly fix something. Felicity subtly ask Oliver about his meeting with Lance, and he told her that he is working on it, but he’s trying to figure out what he did wrong “this is so sad.”

Donna excused herself from the table given Oliver and Felicity time to talk, Oliver apologized for bringing Donna there but questioned why she was checking them out to which he replied she wasn’t she was just trying to fine and told him that she blamed herself “how is that your fault.” Felicity explained to Oliver that she got so caught up in him that she didn’t even question the police and was not there to receive Ray’s distress call because she moved away with him “she is breaking his heart.” She sadly expressed to him that she was not the type of girl get caught up in a guy, and Oliver told her that it wasn’t about Ray it but about them and she said yes confusingly. Oliver told her he was going to give her some space until she figures it out and left the apartment “could this be the end of Olicity.” Oliver goes back to the Arrow dome and tries to work, Diggle came in and saw that Oliver’s night went well and offered him Tennessee whiskey would put some hair on his chest “I love Oliggle moment.” Oliver questions why Felicity chose him when she has so much in common with every, but Diggle told him that he was sure that she has a lot in common with Ray but what is on a list  does not always work in real life “you tell him, Diggle.”

Oliver’s is concern that if they don’t get Ray back she would never forgive him, and Diggle told him that’s Felicity is one of the smartest, most badass women on the planet and when she comes through this she will get right back “ I hope so.” Oliver told Diggle that he seemed pretty sure and he told Oliver that he's married to a woman just like Felicity “I had never seen Oliver like this before.” Diggle told him that relationship has their ups and down, and asked him if he was good and he told him he was better “great pep talk Diggle.” Lance met with Darkh in the street and told him that Sara is back, but something is still wrong and that he know more about the magic mumble jumble. Darkh turned around and told him that he would consider it, and they should be the last time he summons him “Darkh is one scary dude.” Lance called Diggle to tell him the direction Darkh was heading in, Donna tries to comfort Felicity reminding her of a childhood memory, and told her that Oliver was not her father and that no man has ever looked at her the way he looked her “their chemistry is on steroids.” Felicity told her mom that Oliver was wonderful in a million different ways, and that’s the problem because it is too easy to lose herself in him and Donna told her that it was supposed to feel that way and that they will find you in each other “you tell Mama Smoak.” She continues to tell her not push him away and ruin something that most people never get that you never find “a man who cooks” and she received a text from Oliver and kissed her mom and left “I love their mother-daughter moment.” The team gathered to discuss how to rescue Ray and decided to bring Curtis on the field when Sarah came in and offered her assistant telling them that she needs to know that she can control her anger, and Laurel told her to suit up “to second chances.” Oliver got to Darkh’s location and got knocked to the ground by Darkh’s man “don’t worry all part of their plan” then tied up, while Felicity, Curtis and the rest of the can go to rescue Ray “Curtis is getting some adventure in tonight.” Laurel, Thea and Sara fight with the guards, while Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis find Ray and Oliver deal with Darkh “solid plan.” Diggle, Felicity, and Curtis was able to free Ray, Oliver was able to get away from Darkh and the ladies defeat the guards “team Arrow is so badass.” Ray tell Oliver and Diggle about his experience, and they told him about Darkh and his plan for Star City, and Felicity took Ray home and told him that she would catch him help on what’s going on at Palmer technology, he told Felicity that she will remain CEO “ Ray is back.” Sara, Thea and Laurel set down, and Sara and she explained to them that she couldn’t stop herself, and the worst part of it was she felt better and Thea told her that controlling it is not to come easy “Thea know firsthand.” Sara thanked Laurel for bringing her back to life and giving her the second chance to start over and told her that she decided to leave and visit her mom in Central City and then somewhere are a few somewhere and Laurel gave her blessing “Sara is leaving so soon.” Felicity is back home, and Oliver asked her how her time as Ray was and she said everything went well until she told him that she sold his condo “dead men don’t need condos.” Felicity told Oliver that she thought they should clear the air and thanked her for saving Ray and putting up with all her crazy and assured him that they would be okay because they found themselves in each other “that was so romantic.” The two then starts to kiss “epic kissing scene” while Lance meets Donna, who told him that she was in town visiting her daughter who kicked her out of her apartment to finish fighting with them, and she hopes become her son-in-law “she and the rest of the Arrow fandom.” Lance told her that he was there because his daughter decided to leave town after only being back for five seconds and to introduce themselves “I think #Ladonna makes a cute couple.” Thea asked Alex to have a drink at Gerard’s and told him that she just wants her life to be done “her days of normal is over.” Darkh scientists’ tries to figure out Ray’s technology and Darkh showed him a prototype to test his findings on “this does not look good.”

Back on the island Oliver brought Reiter and Conklin to show them the cave where Constantine took him and told then Constantine had mentioned that there is some barrier, magic, and one of the men stopped and ran the lights on the wall and found a message “magical.” Reiter told Oliver that the message was from the ancient that leads to a very special gift “heart of water” and asked Oliver if he have seen was a Cove on the island surrounded by mountain and he said yes “course he did.” He then told Oliver that he needs him to go there and make an excavation and bring one dozen laborers and work them until they found his gift, he pulled to the side by Conklin, who asked him what he was up to and told him that Oliver is a mold and can’t be trusted. Oliver is at the Cove with the one dozen laborers, who is tired and Vlad asks him to let them take a break, and he told them to take a 15 minutes to eat and ask Conklin to watch them while he eat “Oliver doesn’t like this guy.” As soon as Oliver walked away Conklin went over to Vlad and asked him if you’d like his life to get a little better. Oliver brought food to unnamed lady on who told him that she didn’t think he was going to return and that she has lost faith in people “everybody is different.” Oliver asked her if Reiter interested in anything other than drugs and she said yeah stealing people from their families. He also asked her if she have ever seen him done anything mystical or magical, and she told him that he was very religious and have claimant to heal the soul of some of his captors “creepy.” Oliver mumbles that he thinks jokes is just a front for what he’s doing there, and she asked Oliver what he thinks could be more important to a man like Reiter and Oliver replied power, told her that he was leaves before Conklin became more suspicious of him but promised her he would return. Oliver returned to the Cove and was attacked by Vlad and pushed on the water, but Oliver escaped and snapped his neck and Conklin came running and told Oliver he better have an explanation to go with that body “he totally set him up.” This episode was phenomenal I would rate it 9.7 out of 10.