Empire Recap

Empire Recap
"True Love Never"
The episode starts with Cookie and Laz clothes lying all over the floor and them in bed making passionate love as Cookie tells him that she has to go because the last time she was later for work her son turned her office into a strip club “that’s so Hakeem.” Laz tried to talk her out of getting out of bed by telling her that she does not have to be present Lyon Dynasty to which she replied sure, but she doesn’t think Dr. Dre lunch beats from asking said bed “best believe that.” Laz told her to have someone bring her laptop, and he will make her something to eat, and they spent days in bed “sexing”. Porsha came brought them food and cookies laptop “cookie is trying to make up 17 years and one day,” and then they went at it again and again and again. Laz phone kept going off, so Cookie asked him if he had wife and children that he wasn’t telling her about, he replied no. He told her that it was some chick that he used to go out with that was ignoring him, and a few weeks ago he would be all over it but not anymore “I am so mad that Cookie is bullshit.” After their talk, Laz showed Cookie a flyer off the Heat103 Summer Jam telling her he was “just” a promoter and mention that Cookie added some of Lyon Dynasty artists. Cookie told him that she is not “just” anything but told him that an event like that one is just what Lyon Dynasty needs “not bad idea.” She told him that she is going to have an old-school cookout with all of Lyon Dynasty’s artists whose name was be in some fine print on the bottom of some long list “that’s right girl.” She told him that she put her name in big giant letters and call it “Cookie’s Cookouts” and Laz asks her if she sees how much magic could happen when she spends three days in bed with him. Cookie asked him if he’s going to take all the credit and he said no, but he’s going to take all the Cookie “that would be so cute if I never knew his ass was a Judas.” Freda Gatz is in the studio recording, but she’s not feeling what she is rapping and stop recording, Lucious rushes over to tell her that she was there, and she needs to stop being afraid and embrace and merge with the pain “I thought she was dope.” Lucious told her that he was going to play her recording for Huey Jarvis, and he was going to play live in his living room, she told him to stop playing, and he said only little boys’ play not him “Lucious sure have a way with words.” Jamal is having problems recording, and text Cookie with a demo of “heavy is the head that wears a crown” for her advice, which she was hesitant at first, but Laz told her that in spite of all the obstacles he is still her son. Cookie listens to the recording “I would like this dude so much if he wasn’t playing cookie.” Cookies text Jamal back to tell him that he was close, and Lucious walked into the studio and asked him if he had something to let him hear and Jamaal replied he is almost there, and Lucious reminded him that he only has three weeks “he’s almost there.” Laz meets with a member of the crew who asked him where have he been, and he told him that he was handling the situation, and they are going to get ten times what they wanted. The dude told him that he needs to be handling business and not booty “he referred to Cookie as a bitch.” He told the guy that Cookie is rolling out the big show and that she will need to come to him for the secure the venue, security, to up the ticket sales and the deposit, after which they can get her on security fees “Cookie is going to kill him.” As he left the car, he told the dude to fall back, and he crosses the street to meet Cookie “it is killing me that he’s playing cookie.” Lucious went to see Huey and admired his collection of records telling him he has enough gone there to the rival the pharaohs, and he replied Lucious it’s nothing to behold
of though, and that’s he’ll get rich in other ways. Lucious told him that it was easy for him to say because he have already won every award there is, and Huey told him that he had a truckload of nominations but he never took one home and asked him if this was going to be his year “maybe or maybe not.” Lucious suggested that Huey invited him to one of his living room sessions my help his odd that, and he replied that it was an old wives' tale. Lucious replied that everyone that played one of its living room session had walked on stage and accepted an award, and he told them to let him hear what he got. Lucious explained that going to prison put a fire in him and took him back to where he came from and told him that it was still a work in progress. Huey listened to the recording and told Lucious that he was on to needs to hear more, feel more and open up that bag that he keep up so tight and that he got to dig deeper “he knows is stuff.” As Huey was talking Lucious flashback to a childhood memory where he was burying bullets, “young Lucious is so cute.” Hakeem and Cookie introduce “Cookie’s Cookouts” to a room full of bloggers, and gave them a taste of what to expect with a short performance by Hakeem’s group Merasa Tua “Cookie means business.” While the group was dancing Carmen ass bumped Laura out of the spots and cookie suggests that Hakeem bum up Carmen to lead but a keen disagrees because he thinks Carmen does not have the voice “she doesn’t.” Cookie explained to Hakeem that Laura doesn't have the personality, and he needs to make the switch, but Hakeem is not pleased with that decision “Carmen is so aggressive.” Mimi told Lucious that he loved her music what in life itself but the numbers 12% below her production for the quarter is down, and their shareholders are pissed. Andre told the board that apart from the Empire share prices has risen 12% since Lucious to return, the company is about to make its biggest move since going public “music streaming.” Andre told them that with the market leaders in their sites, this move would make Empire the down hit player in the music industry. And he has a team in house developing their unique platform that will be ready for Beta testing in 4 to 6 months. Mimi loves the idea but thinks 4 to 6 months is too long and suggested Merging with Swiss dream that is the number two industry in the marketplace. Andre does not agree, and Lucious told Andre to set up a meeting with Swiss dreams and invited Mimi to his office to play some music for her “as always Andre is feeling undermined it by his father.” Lucious asks Andre to see his lady friend done at the DAs office to help with a small issue that Freda Gatz “gang injunction.” Andre doesn’t think that it is a small issue and told Lucious told him that he is not a small man, and he is sure that’s why the deputy director likes doing business with him “Andre fought to return to this kind of treatment.” Hakeem tries to get Tiana to work with Laura on her swagger, the way she walks, the way she talks the way she dressed and her attitude “Tianna is a bad bitch.” Cookie is all dressed up and ask Porsha how she looks from behind she told her that she looks the same as she does from the front except for her more booty. Porsha told her she was not sure why she was all dressed up because Laz has seen everything she has already and Cookie told her she was not going to see Lance “Porsha is crazy.” Cookie met Jamal at a fancy restaurant and he compliments her on her hot “Cookie replied this old thing,” cookie told Jamal that she never think he would show up, and Jamal replied he probably shouldn’t have, but he has some very exciting news to tell her “okay tell me already.” Jamal told her that his mentor James Hinthrope called Huey Jarvis, and he has invited him to play “heavy” in his living room session “Lucious is about to be tights.” Andre invited his reverent to the studio where he held a gun to his head to kill himself to punish Lucious, and explained to him that he is trying to make him break his bond with God by asking him to see the deputy mayor. Andre told the reverent he finally found his balance between the medication and his faith and the Reverent told him that he was chosen to be God's warrior. The reverent explained that sometimes he would have to do things that would be repugnant in any other contacts, but he can figure out a way to do God fully “I believe that.” Jamal and Cookie are in the restaurant listening to his track while they have a drink and advising Jamal about the music in the background of the song; cookie invited Jamal back to that Lyon Dynasty to record a track, and he went “bad idea are a good idea.” Hakeem walked in while Jamal was recording and Cookie quickly stopped him and ran to meet Hakeem, who asks her why she look all walk of shame and shit, and she told Hakeem that it was none his business and distracts him while Jamaal sneaks through the door “that was so funny.” Mimi brought Lucious to meet Jago, who immediately told them he wasn’t selling his company, and Lucious told him that he is not buying but looking for a partner in Jago invited him inside the boxing ring “this should be fun.” Inside the ring Lucius and jingle discuss business and everything was going well until he told Lucius that he likes his beats but find his lyric kind of shallow, which made Lucious flashback to his childhood and knocked him out “don’t mess with a man’s pain.” Andre went to see the deputy mayor and asked her to fix Freda Gatz “gang injunction” and she instigated sex, but Andre refused her and used the tape of the previous and called her to blackmail her “good one.” Andre went home to his wife Rhonda and told her that’s Lucious asked him to see the deputy mayor and he prayed, and he is home and the two started to make out “Rhonda is in heaven she had gotten that it a while.” Hakeem is working on Laura’s swag by taking pictures of her, and Cookie walked in and she froze and Hakeem told Cookie that she was doing good until she walked in and Cookie told him that she does not have its and that he was sprung “she’s cute, though.” Jamal told Lucius that he was playing Huey Jarvis living room session, and he told him that’s the best news you have heard all day and give him a hug “facial expression said something different behind Jamal’s back.” Laz discusses with Cookie the location she wants to hold “Cookie’s Cookout” he came up with a park in Harlem call Rocksteady Park and suggested that the key uses the guys that kidnap Hakeem as her bodyguard “I don’t like Cookie like this.” Cookie was hesitant at first, but Laz told her that she is only sitting down with him and that she could work with him for now and get her revenge later, and cookie agreed “this dude have Cookie all twisted.” Hakeem brought Laura to Hudson Plaza NY to perform in public in front of everybody, at first she was nervous, but she built the courage and started singing in Spanish. People stopped to watch when she completed her some he came down from the wall and gave Hakeem a kiss “I hope Hakeem doesn’t damage this one.” Lucious and Mimi go to visit Jago in the hospital, and he called for the nurse and Lucious told him to stop it because he told him that he did not want to get into the ring, and he forced him to and now he’s on a morphine drip “ha ha ha ha.” Lucious told him that what he said to him made him mad because it was true and because of him he did deeper and wrote a beautiful song “I thought Huey did that.” Jago agrees to sign a merger with Empire after Mimi loaded him with morphine and had called his lawyers to write up a contract for their merger “Mimi and Lucious together his double trouble.” Cookie meets with Hakeem kidnappers to discuss their services for cookie’s cookout cookie told them they were going to get her money one way or the other to wish to dude replied Bitch you’re the one who needs our service and Laz told him to calm down “I totally hate this dude.” Hakeem walks in as Cookie was about to make a deal and disagreed with hiring them and told Cookie that he is an equal partner in Lyon Dynasty, and any negotiation needs to be done by him “you tell them, Hakeem.” Hakeem eventually agreed to work with them, and Cookie told him he did well, Hakeem told her that she needs to remember that he can make his decision. Cookie told him if he was referring to his girl group leader Laura, he needs to think with his head, and not his thingy and Hakeem told her to do the same “she needs to do the same.” Hakeem told Cookie that he does not trust Laz and Cookie told him that he does not know him, and Hakeem told her just to be careful “she is in for a rude awakening.” Jamal performs for Huey in his living room session; Huey told Lucius that he had elevated Jamal’s sound to another level, but he was angry because he knew that Jamal must have been working with Cookie and had a flashback to his mother finding a bullets “Kelly Rowland is killing in this role.” Hakeem shows Cookie that Laura could be a leader by having her put in Carmen in her place “she learned quickly.” Mimi met Lucious at the club and told him that she brought him a gift “sexiest ladies” and told him that Jago agreed to be in business with him, and the deal was complete. Lucious told Mimi he like the girl in the green “April” and Mimi told him that they would have to fight for her, and Lucius told her that they don’t fight the share “Lucious and his words.” Mimi, April, and Lucious went back to his house where they attempt to have a threesome after Lucious handled whoever called Mimi and interrupted their night. As they about started Lucious saw a tattoo of a gun on forgotten April’s leg, stop and told Mimi to continue without him and had to his room to find the gun his mother use to hold her head and say “bang, bang, bang.” Lucius took the gun to dispute a and had his driver picked up Freda Gatz and told her he knew what the sun was missing, and they started to wrap “so much pain in that rap is, though.” This episode was phenomenal I would rate it 9.8 out of 10.

Who do you think will win next week's battle between Hakeem and Freda Gatz?