ABC Grey’s anatomy "Something Against You" Recap

Grey’s anatomy
"Something Against You"
The episode began with Jo, Meredith and Penny being called back into the hospital to prepare to give a longtime patient, Mr. Jaffe, a life-saving kidney transplant, only to discover that he had a Cone shape lump on his head. Which concern Meredith because if he has cancer he will no longer be a valid candidate for a kidney transplant, after sitting down the few of the other surgeons, Amelia suggested removing the tumor but Callie told her that they would be nothing left to cover his skull. Meredith disburses Edward and Jo to find a solution to ensure Mr. Jaffe can get his kidney transplant. Meredith is still having a hard time working at Penny and told her to monitor the brain-dead kidney donor after much research Edward and Jo could not find anything until Jewell went to speak with Penny, who told her that the patient was everything. Jo quickly had an idea and made the suggestion to do a skull transplant that they all agreed was a great idea. As they prepare for the surgery Callie realized that Penny was not going to be in the room and confront Meredith but was quickly interrupted by Penny who told Callie that she was embarrassing her and just to stay out of it “she was is trying to help.” After Callie had left the room Penny found his strengths to tell Meredith that Callie was right and if she wasn’t going to teach her, she should let her go so she could learn from someone else. After Penny’s confrontation with Meredith, she allowed Penny to step up and observe in the OR on Mr. Jaffe surgery. Jo, however, felt undermined it because she believes that she have been working on Mr. Jaffe for over a year, and she should have been the first the front runner in the OR, and she expressed that to Penny in the locker room in front of everyone. Edward, who heard the conversation, invited Penny out for a drink to which she said yes because she needed it “is Edward trying to replace Joe would Penny?” You may remember Dr. Nathan Riggs from last week’s episode “he’s back,” it is his first day on the job after being hired by Miranda and he stuck his head in the doctors’ lounge and asked where he could pick up a pair of scrubs, and Maggie sent him to the third-floor. After he had left the room, Maggie asked Richard if he knew he who he was, to which he replied no. After their uncomfortable encounter with a patient when Nathan was trying to be the dominant Dr. in the room and in front of the patient they treated Maggie advised him to get his foot wet before he dove in which he smartly replied his feet were pretty wet when he got there “someone is overly confident.” Owen, who has a history “untold story,” with Nathan, is livid that he was there and asked who gave him privileges to work at Grey Sloan Memorial; Maggie was also interested to know. Nathan told them that he was employed, by Bailey to work under Pierce, and she must have forgotten to inform her. Owen and Maggie went to see be who was in surgery to find out if she hired him and she told them yes and apologizing to Maggie for forgetting to tell her and told Hunt he has nothing to do with it “his PTSD thinks otherwise.” Isaac interrupted what appeared to an incident of Nathan-inspired PTSD episode which made Owen attacked his residence “Isaac.” As the day came to an end Bailey cheerfully introducing Nathan around and as Owen Bailey called him back on the to have him explode on Bailey accusing her of not properly vetting Nathan before hiring him and told her that it was a bad call. Bailey suggested that they take their conversation more privately in our office. Owen outside the hospital to get some air, Amelia tried to get him to explain, but she couldn’t, and neither could Meredith. However Meredith told him that she had made a promise to Cristina that she wouldn’t let you get dark and twisty, and ask him if they hated him (Nathan) to which Owen he replied yes and Meredith said Okay then we hate him “I love it.” Bailey is punishing Ben “by withholding sex” because she specifically told him to ask Jackson to leave so they could have their personal space. Just to be fair, I should say that he did try to talk to Jackson, who told him that they would not be able to talk tonight because he has a date would April, to discuss their divorce. A resident learned the hard way after Alex warned him about a patient’s mother who was a doc knocker “someone looking to get busy with an M.D.”, and ignored the warning saying Alex is overconfident because he was dating a beautiful intern. When the resident went to check-ups on her son, who’d swallowed a glowing ball, she attacked his lips leaving him very uncomfortable so much so that he didn’t check on the patient. The resident neglected the patient, and his case got worse, so they had to perform surgery to remove the battery that had shifted further into his stomach. In the surgery, he explained to Owen why he didn't check on the patient. Owen, he told him that Alex’s has years of experience and can pick out a doc knocker “who knew there was such a thing.” After a comment from Maggie about how racism is possibly playing a role in the way that patients respond to Nathan vs. her, Amelia panicked that her having sided with Jo over Stephanie’s non-lie might have been construed as racist. After asking Edwards if she thought that she chose Joe side because of racism, Edward told her no and that it crossed her mind, but she is fine now “it’s sad that African-Americans always have to consider racism.” On their way home Amelia asked Maggie about racism in the workplace, and she gave her opinion and pointed out that she wasn’t the spokeswoman for all African-Americans and explained that no one was “Amelia is bugging.”  Maggie also told if she felt uncomfortable having done it, check your white privilege and try not to do it again “I like the white privilege saying.” The episode ended Weber be in Arizona wingmen and Nathan Axon Meredith out for a drink to which she made clear to him that she was ON friend “no lie they would be cute together.” Avery and April ended up under the sheets after having dinner tonight before. After Ben told Jackson that Bailey was withholding sex until he left, so he needs to leave, Jackson replied those sweat and must have considered having sex with his wife “I’m just happy there back together, if there back together.” This this episode was great I would rate it 8.9 out of 10.