Scandal "Rasputin" Recap

The episode starts with Fitz walking down the hallway the two of his bodyguards, and walked in a room where Olivia sitting around a table handcuffed and him asking her to tell him that it’s not sure “it’s true.” She looks up at him pitifully; the episode jumps 48 hours earlier when the white house is hosting a dinner to sign a disarmament deal, and Liv played her role as the perfect host “she’ good.” The translator Navid gets Liv’s attention by asking for her to help in getting asylum and in return she will offer the US the location of a secret nuclear facility in return. Olivia brought Navid offer to Fitz, Abby and Cyrus, but Cyrus is not buying what he is selling and strongly suggested Fitz not to accept any deal. Cyrus tell him that  it is a bad idea while they are on the verge of restoring Bandar as an ally in a region where they have none and beg him no to blow up the deal “Cyrus has a point.”  Fitz agreed and told them that he doesn't want the White House anywhere near this, and Olivia volunteers the gladiators to look into Navid and find out if he has an intelligent ties are out to your motive as quickly and discreetly as possible. Fitz told her that they sign the accord tomorrow and if there is anything to sign, find it before tomorrow. Cyrus tries to discuss how Rowan escaped prison by suggesting using CIA that Fitz told him he is taking care of Fitz; Cyrus tries to inquire who was running the up, but Fitz dismissed him “as always.” Abby acts Cyrus if he was okay after the conversation in the Oval and he told her he was okay because they’re living in a new world where Olivia Pope is judge and jury and executioner “say it isn’t so.” Cyrus told Abby that his backup plan is going to David Rosen, and Abby warned him that Fitz would like it and he told her that he is not going to David but letting David come to him “Abby does not let that plan.” Mellie calls Olivia telling her that in need to talk about their deal; Olivia told Mellie that they don’t have a deal, and Mellie explain that she did not let her son killer out of prison for not, and she is not insane “that’s questionable.” Mellie told her that if she does not agree to work with her she’s going to tell Fitz what they did, Olivia quickly hand up the phone and heads for the elevator of her office building. As a door closes Rowan's right-hand man stopped the door and rode with her up in the elevator where she came face-to-face with her dad since his release/escape from prison “don’t look so terrified.” Olivia asked him why he was there he said he was there to see her face, she told him that she didn’t believe him and told her that he was there because he is hunted. Olivia told him that she knows that she was hunted by Jake and he told her that Jake is the least of his concern. He told her that his sons have turned against him and that she should be afraid she asked why and he told her because he was afraid “this is the first.” Olivia asked him what he was talking about, and he told her that as long as he was alive he would do his best to protect her, but in the event of his that he dies he have given her everything she needed to survive. Rowan told her that she should know that he did his best for her and took tremendous pride in the woman she became “Olivia was speechless.” Olivia entered OPA and asked if they have heard of something call Lazarus one and Huck immediately got up and escorted her to her office, and she told him what her father said about his sons initiating a plan against him to kill him. Huck said he never heard of it and wished him all the best “for some reason I don’t believe that.” The gladiators look into Navid and found that he was scholarship kid that have translated for many official but is often paired with the Minister of Energy Farshad Khansari, and Olivia asked if there was at a chance that he was a spy and Huck told her that found no involvement with any spy organization. Navid collapsed in the meeting (after being given a pill by Olivia) and was taken to the hospital where he was met by Olivia, who told him that the president plans to give him asylum if his information checks out. Navid told her to take him somewhere safe, and he would tell her everything, but Olivia told him that it’s not gonna work and that he need to talk first “smart.” Navid told Olivia that he can’t because Regime, Razani, will kill anyone who he suspects opposes him and that he already said too much but Olivia promise him if he’s telling the truth he would never have to go back to is country. He told her about the facilities location, and Olivia told him if it check out he would be offer asylum. Fitz set with Susan and told her that he needs 12 hours to verify Navid Intel, but he can’t look like he is stalling so he’s asking her to stall for him. Susan told Fitz that she had nothing to do with the investigations other than sharing them off from the sideline, Fitz told her if she was to make it slip that she has reservations on about the treaty it by him more time “Susan is so weird.” The Fitz if he wanted her to put her foot in her mouth “figure of speech” and he told her yes. Cyrus asked David to create a task force on parole loopholes federal sentence and issues because he wants to know about whatever flaw in their criminal justice system that allowed Eli Pope to walk or to federal prison “it’s called Mellie Grant.” David told Cyrus that didn’t to do everything in their power to put Rowan back in his cement box and that the FBI and all the intelligent agencies to help find him and Cyrus encourages him “Cyrus just back and is already causing trouble.” Jake meets with Olivia after he was summoned to the Oval office by the president, Olivia explained that room when came to see her in our office and told her that they are trying to kill him, and she believes that he may be innocent this time “role what is never innocent.” Olivia told Jake that she looked into her father’s eyes and saw fair, Jake laughed and asked her if she had ever looked into someone’s eyes and lied telling them she truly love them “oops there it is.” Olivia told Jake that she believes Rowan that her gut tells her he’s telling the truth “or maybe she’s just hungry.” Jake told her if it wasn’t true that she would be a daddy’s little girl who is getting played by a mass murderer “I’m with Jake on this one.” Jake confronts Olivia about constantly calling him to be the shoulder she cries on and advises her to tell her boyfriend that she lets his son killer out of prison, and Olivia told him that she plans to tell him “when.” Olivia told Jake that he was mad because she choose Fitz over him, but Jake told her that’s she was supposed to be too good for him, and it never crossed his mind that he would be too good for her “ouch.” Olivia replied that she had forgiven him for so much of his indiscretion and that he won’t even consider, and Fitz interrupted “consider what tell me.” Abby encourages Olivia to tell her Fitz about her role in Rowan release and Olivia told her that she will, but she is afraid that when she tells him that their relationship is going to be over, and she’s not ready for it to be over “too late to think about that.” Quinn called Olivia to tell her that the Intel Navid provided was bogus, and Olivia went to the hospital and confronted Navid, and he swears he was telling the truth, and Olivia told him his asylum has been denied, and she has placed a guard outside of his room ensure that he did not leave. Huck brought Jake Intel on Rowan’s whereabouts but told him that he would not assist the mission because he can see that Jake’s guy is out of the cage, and he can’t be around that because he has fought hard to put his guy back in the cage “suitable terminology.” Fitz and Olivia lay in bed, and Fitz try to figure out what is going on with Olivia, but she told him she was fine “she better cherish these moments.” Elizabeth pulled David away to have closet sex after which she asked him if there was ever moment in his life when he realized nothing is going the way you wanted to go “harbor question to ask after sex.” The Gladiators went Olivia after Huck research showed that Navid was not lying about something being at that facility, and though it may not be nuclear, they are cooling something there. Fitz is set to sign the treaty when Olivia call Abby to tell her to golf it because you have it was telling the truth, and she was on her way to the hospital, when she got there he already attempted to take his life “omg.” Abby has to deal with the backlash from Fitz not signing the treaty, and she told the press they have been waiting months. She explained that he wants to  make sure it’s okay, so it was ok if her took the time to ensure that he’s making the right decision “Olivia Pope is the president’s.” Navid told Olivia that he was gay and that being gay in his country is a crime punishable by death, he was tired of not being free and going back to his country was not an option “that’s so sad.” Olivia told Navid that the location he provided was not an also the factory, but it is something else that the bun diaries don’t want the US to know about and that he was right, and she should have believed him. Susan plan her accidental meeting with David as he was about to meet with Cyrus went information he gathered about Rowan’s release, and emphasize to Cyrus that none of the suspects have been questioned, and the mastermind is Olivia Pope “he has just given Cyrus loaded a gun.” Olivia was taken from the hospital by FBI agents with a warrant for her arrest from David’s office for aiding the escape of a prison while David and Cyrus try to figure out who will break the news to Fitz “I wouldn’t say what that job.” Fitz told Olivia that he was informed that she was responsible for letting Rowan out of prison and begged her not to tell him that it was true, but she couldn’t tell him it wasn’t true “this was inevitable.” Olivia explained everything “we didn’t hear what she said” and Fitz stared at her in disgust as she cried and tried to plead her case but Fitz walked out of the room leaving her crying her eyes out “I have conflicting feelings Olivia is good.” A heartbroken Fitz has a drink while Cyrus walks in and apologizes about the stunt live pulled and made a few suggestion that Fitz did not agree with and requested that she be released on some technicalities “he loves her boy.” Cyrus is astonished at Fitz requests as he explains to him that she was right about Navid and maybe she’s right about her father to and asked that she be brought home to him when she is released “home be in the White House.” Cyrus begged Fitz not to do it and reminded him that Rowan was the one killed his son, but Fitz told Cyrus that he forgive him and to bring Olivia straight to the resident’s no exception “this is the definition of crazy stupid love.” Fitz sign that the treaty and shock Regime hand and whispered and told him that in about 7 minutes, an MQ-1 Predator was going to blow is little soda factory of the map, and that there was nothing he could of do to stop him.  The episode ended with Jake clean and his gun and Fitz on the phone telling him to let him know when it's finished, Jake went to the apartment where Rowan was supposed to be and found his right hand meant dead. At the White House, Olivia received a call from who Mellie, who is threatening to tell Fitz what they did, but Olivia told her that she already told him “Millie leverage is gone.” Fitz walked into their closets to tell Olivia that he told Jake not to kill her father, but to bring him in “well that’s a lie,” and told her that he had all her stuff moved to White House because she lived there now “that didn’t sound like requests, it sounded more like a command.” Rowan is seen chained to a chair in what looks like an old abandon factory, where is his held hostage by Huck, who told him that he have some questions for him “Huck scared me.” This episode was thrilling I would rate it 9.3 out if 10.