NBC Grimm "Lost Boys" Recap

"Lost Boys"
"I think I had a mother once."
The episode starts with Nick and Adalind packing up the last boxes left to move because the house sold. Adalind asked Nick how long he had lived that house, and he told her that he bought the more than six years ago before he found out he was a Grimm. He also told her that she was his first “not the one you’re thinking,” wesen he ever saw, and she replied that he was the first Grimm she ever came across “I remember that episode.” Nick takes Adalind and Kelly to their new home “or as I like to call it a prison,” an old paint factory in the middle of nowhere. To protect Adalind and Kelly, Nick is taken extra precautions to ensure that no one knows his location. When Adalind entered she immediately asked Nick about the furniture, and he told her that he had the movers put the stuff in storage to ensure that they weren't being followed “Nick means business.” The victim of the episode is a woman who was running uncontrollably from four wesen kids who kidnapped her and took her to live in the woods and fell off the hill bumped her head and die “those are some scary kids.” The victim’s body was found by a passerby who called the police, and Hank called Nick, and they went to the scene, when they got there Wu identifies the woman as a missing person first reported two years prior. Nick and Hank research the case of the missing woman and found a surveillance footage that a young girl “Lily” approached the woman in a parking lot pretending to that she was lost. They noticed that the woman walked the little girl away from her car and never returned “it’s magic.” Back in the woods, Lily has a terrible cough and needs some real medicine so the two older boys, Peter and Big John, decided to get her some. They went to a pharmacy at first but left after seeing the security guard watching them, they then went into the Spice Shop and tried to steal some healing herbs but was caught by Rosalee “gotcha.” Peter panicked and woged, but Rosalee pinned him down question him on why he was stealing “from store buddy.” Peter then explained to Rosalee that the medicine is for his sick sister and her that they had no money “ever heard of asking.” Rosalee feeling sorry for him lets him take the medicine, and as he ran out of the shop, he bumped into Monroe, who was entering the shop. Rosalie explained to Monroe that they were trying to steal herbs, and she gave it to them after they explained their situation “she has such a good heart.” Monroe is baffled that Rosalee would just let him leave, but Rosalee told him that it was okay because it doesn’t affect the business “let it go Monroe and not going to win this one.” As they boys were heading back to the woods they discussed how nice they talk to Rosalee was, and Peter told big John that wasn’t afraid of him when he woged and decided that Rosalee would be the next mom “oh easily good can become evil.” While on the phone with Monroe, Lily walked in the store as bait distracting Rosalee and allowing Peter and big John to knock her out using drugs from behind “neat trick.” Monroe, who was on the phone with Rosalee, heard her getting kidnapped and rushes to the Spice Shop, but unfortunately when he got there, they were already gone “woo they are about to get some Blutbad whipping.” Monroe immediately called Hank and Nick to tell them what happened, after reviewing the street cameras Nick notices the same truck footage as the one from the case they are working. Monroe also told them about the little girl’s voice he heard on the phone and Nick and hand realizes that both cases are connected and that the people who are responsible for their victim have also kidnapped Rosalee “Monroe does not want to hear that.” Rosalee is tied up in the back of the truck and wakes up after getting drugged and told the kids that what they were doing is inappropriate, but they ignored her threaten her bodily harm if she does not become the new mother “these are some crazy kids.” Meanwhile, Monroe asked to be taken to the morgue to get the scent of their last victim so they could head out to the woods and search for Rosalee. Peter prepared dinner “or their version of dinner,” for his siblings and Rosalee, but Rosalee refused to eat, but Lily asked her to eat something. After dinner they ask Rosalee to tell them a bedtime story, Rosalee tells them a bedtime story about wesen and Grimms, to try and figure out if they understood what they were. To Rosalee surprise, the kids had no idea what they were and was ignorant of the fact that they are more people like them living in the world “really they have birthparents.” Rosalee waited said until they were asleep she quietly tried to leave but fell into a trap hole they built “these kids had everything planned out.” Lily wakes up after a continuous cough and realizes that Rosalee was gone and woke up her brothers who founded Rosalee outside and there trap “I thought this was funny.” Peter told big John to pull her out, and they reminded her of their original threat by woging with the intention to punish her “these kids are not playing.” Rosalee woged to protect herself telling them that she no longer intend to be their victim; kids were startled by Rosalee woging and Lily ran to hug her after realizing she was Fuchsbau like her “after all that Rosalee still gave her a hug.” Monroe, Hank, and Nick have followed Rosalee’s scent to the orphan four camp, and the kids attack to protect Rosalee “their mother.” However, they were quickly taken down by angry Monroe, who had to be stopped by Rosalee before going too far telling him that they are just kids “kids who kidnapped you.” Big John also noticed Nick was a Grimm and start screaming that he is going to cut his head off “bedtime story comes to life.” The kids are back at the precinct, and Rosalee was told that they would have to be placed in foster care “this broke her heart.” Rosalee then walked over to the kids to tell them that she knows the world is hard, especially being a wesen but things have a way of working themselves out “it doesn’t seem that way right now.” Rosalee made a gesture and asked Lily if she could write her, but she angrily told her that she hated her, and she never wanted to see her again “that’s just heartbreak talking,” and Rosalee sadly walked away “poor Rosalee she has such a big heart.” The kids are in an orphanage, with Warden Hook, who told him that he knew what they were and that they needed to woge so he does exactly what kind of vests and they are “he’s scary.” The boys scared woged, and Hook told them that they are now a part of something bigger and have a new family and chanted the same quotes that were chanted by Betty before jumping through the window last week’s episode “this is not good.” In other news, Renard is visited by an old companion Meisner at the precinct who informed him that the King has had an accident, and his body has yet to be found “that whole playing incidents before the smack down at Nick’s house.” He also told him Viktor wasn’t too happy having to bow to Kenneth, who is now the supreme reign; he informed him that Viktor has struck a deal with the Resistance but is unable to provide the details “I hate half of the story.” As Meisner leaving, he told Renard that he never saw him, so the conversation never happened. However, we know that he is a part of the war that is about to happen “do you remember seeing his picture in the files before Betty deleted them?” (In the comments tell me, what role you think Renard will play in the war or whatever is coming.) Finally, this awesome episode ended with Adalind unable to sleep and goes to the next room and mutters something about baby keeping you up and then asked Nick if he would mind sleeping in the room with her and Kelly “nice moves Adalind.” Nick being the gentleman He Is his gun and went to lay on the bed next to Adalind who sent him for being so nice about it “he needs more time to get over Juliet’s that.” And Trubel was seen in the last few seconds being escortedout of a room and told that it was time (in the comment tell me what you think that's about.) This episode was phenomenal I would rate it 9.2 out of 10.