Once upon a time "Birth" “The Bear King” Recap

Once upon a time
The two-hour long episode started with Hook, Robin and Charming arriving at Arthur’s tent, and charming telling them to stand guard and let him enter first, Robin asked if they think that the dishonorable king won’t put up a fight and Hook he told Robin wish he hadn’t “hooked means business .” Charming entered a tent to find Arthur and Guinevere having wine; Arthur immediately greeted him with pleasantries, but charming skipped all that and confronted him about destroying the Crimson Crown. Arthur asked
charming if he knew about it and he replied yes and told him that he needed answers from the message that was sent by Merlin. The message said that there was only one person that could destroy the dark one name Nimue “the original dark one.” Arthur attempts to get away but was chased into the woods by Hook where he tripped, and they began to fight but Arthur was able to defeat Hook “two hands advantage,” until Emma appeared and rescued her lover “so the dark one may still have some light after all.” After Emma's heroically saved Hook, he tries to use the opportunity to press her about her need for Excalibur but Emma refuses to answer, only telling him that I’m doing this all for you “stay tuned for the juicy details.” Outside Camelot three weeks earlier, Emma returns from her trip with murder in holding the Flame of Prometheus that will help her put Excalibur back together. She enters Granny’s on so Henry, who she embraced and told that she found Prometheus and told her that know they can get rid of the darkness but when she asked the sword Henry told her he does not know. Emma expresses concern telling Henry that they should have been back hours ago, then she asked him from Merlin, and he told her that he taught he was with her, but Emma explained that he disappeared randomly on their way back “random in Camelot no.” Emma quickly came to the conclusion that they were in safe and requested granny close to shop but as she was about to do so Merlin appeared magically freezing Granny. Merlin apologizes for the theatric telling Emma that it was not his style but he has order from Author to reforge Excalibur, and he would need her dagger and the Flame of Prometheus to do so and Emma refused “of course she did.” Merlin told if Emma doesn’t give him what he wants, her family and friends will die and beseeches her not to seek the same vengeance that destroyed Nimue “dude you took her family.” Merlin explained that if she does not give him these things he would be forced to kill her family and even though he would hate doing it, he will follow orders “a sword ruling the most powerful people in the show.” He explained to Emma that her family was taken because of him and Arthur want to meet in the Caledonian Forest in one hour to make a trade “Arthur is seriously power-hungry.” Emma goes into the forest to find her family and friends restrained to trees and offered Arthur and Zelena booby-trap box of flame which magically Zelena pinned her against a tree “gotcha.” Merlin again tells her this is a battle she can’t win “Emma hates the word can’t,” so they started to fight magic vs. magic until Emma was pinned to the ground. An inpatient Arthur commanded Merlin to kill Snow, and Emma begged him to fight the darkness and he was successfully able to do so long enough for Hook to gets free and attacks Arthur, who eventually disappears with Zelena “one hook advantage.” Hook has a cut on his neck made from Excalibur and the Emma waves her magical hands to heal the wound “suck it band-aid.”  Emma now has all the pieces she needs to make Excalibur hold again and get rid of the darkness once and for all and go home “as if it was going to be that easy.” At Granny’s everyone I’ve returned safely and it’s no time for Emma to lights the flames but is unable to do so and excused herself, to figure out why she doesn’t want to give up the darkness “illusion Rumple told her this.” Regina followed her outside telling her she looks like she could use a friend, and told her a story about how she appeals to her about the darkness “she is talking from experience.” Regina asks Emma to admit to her why she’s so hesitant to give up the darkness and not to use her family as an excuse, but Emma refuse to admit anything to her “she is making Regina mad.” After repeatedly asking her Regina took the dagger and tried to force her to speak, but was interrupted by the rest of her friends and family who immediately chastise Regina for making Emma uncomfortable “she had good intentions.” Hook found her and asked her what was going on, and she showed him the paper Henry had given her earlier as a motivation to  light the flame so they could go home and she admits to Hook that she wants a future with him, but she’s also afraid “I love Emmock seems.” Back in Storybrooke Hook visits Gold for help with Emma and gold offered him some former dark one advice telling him that he recognized Emma is behaving regretful and that she needs to atone for something because it will make her deal with becoming the Dark One and he needed to find a way to get her attention. Hook went up on the roof of a building and jumps off and Emma just in time to save his life after which he asks again what happened in Camelot and tells her that he loves her, no matter what. “Hook needs to let things be.” Emma brought Hook back to the house he wanted to buy for her and made him look through a telescope where he was memorized by the view and Emma told him that back in Camelot he told her that the ocean calms him. She told him that she taught he would like to see it “that’s such a romantic gesture.” The two shared a kiss after a romantic and Emma drugged Hook, While Zelena goes into unexpected labor. Zelena’s in pain and told Robin and Regina that she was sure it was by dark magic “those onion rings came with a price.” Regina was hesitant to believe her at first but eventually give in and bring her sister to the hospital. Zelena and Robin baby have been delivered by Dr. Whale, after the exchanging of few memorable event from the past; it’s a girl. After assuming that the Dark one wants Zelena’s baby, everyone is on high alert, but a few second after the baby girl was born Emma came and took Zelena “the wrong victim was being protected.” Emma took Zelena back to the cave where she had brought Hook and explained her plan to transfer the darkness into a new vessel “Zelena.” After which she will use Excalibur to kill Zelena once and for all, and the darkness will be forever destroyed “love the plan if it was only that simple.” Regina is mad at Emma for taking Zelena “really” and showed up at her house with Snow and Charming ready to rip into her, but Snow was not about to let her hurt Emma “of course not.” Emma came out of the building with Excalibur and she and Regina exchange a few words and she told her that she was ready to repay her for the favor she helped her with back in Camelot but before you know it Emma magically froze them in a spell “too much talk it for the Dark One.” Meanwhile, Hook uses his magical hook to free Zelena of her magic-restricting cuff, prompting Zelena to change into something more her style and then free Hook that’s promised “at least he kept a promise.” The two heads up the starts of Emma’s house to try and Zelena sneaks out after Hook decided to stay in the house and search for the bottle of squid ink so he can get some answers about what happen in Camelot “Oh how I wish he had left.” Emma was covered in squid ink fights not to answer Hooks questions, but Zelena returned to help push things along by reminding Hook what happened in those missing weeks he can’t remember using a dreamcatcher “that thing has started so much trouble in Storybrooke.” The dreamcatcher shows that the cut Hook got from is a fight with Arthur and Emma healed was a mortal wound since it came from Excalibur “oh snap this good.” When Emma attempted to put the sword back together, Hook’s wound reopen causing Hook to collapse trying to stop the blood coming from his throat “wait it gets better.” A distraught Emma vows to save him after being warned of the consequences by Merlin, so she took Hook into a garden and tethers him to the sword, making him the Dark One “yes there are two Dark One’s now.” After Hook watches what happen, he was confused and Zelena used her magic to show him his name on Excalibur. Hook’s is furious at Emma for making that decision for him and Hook gave into the darkness “I guess he forgot about forging her no matter what she had done.” Hook after absorbing the darkness told Zelena that they needed to, but they have to take care of her “Emma” first “this series just got way more interesting.” This first hour was thrilling I would rate it 9.5 out of 10.
“The Bear King,”
The second hour of the episode was about Merida ascending to Queen, with the back story of her father’s debts and his killer. The second episode starts with Arthur and Zelena returning from Caledonian Forest, and Arthur landing on the ground with a bruise on his hand, which Zelena offered to fix, but he rejected her telling her that he doesn’t need her dark magic “he has been using it this whole time.” The two argued over whose fault it was that they didn’t accomplish their mission and Arthur told her that he was not happy working with a villain like her, but they still need each other “Arthur is no hero.” Arthur told Zelena that he knew of a place where they could find something to help called DunBroch. As Merida puts flowers on her father’s grave, there is a flashback to the good King Fergus going to visit the witch who gave Merida the spell of Mor’du that turned her mother and brother into bears. King Fergus told the witch he was there because he need her help to lead his kingdom/his men in battle. The witch gives him a bewitched helm, and made his sign an agreement for a favor at a later date “not good.”  We then jump to the day of Merida’s coronation, when the Witch interrupts the ceremony and telling her that her father never paid up for the favor he had asked before he died “this is news to them.” The witch told Merida of the helm and threaten to turn her entire female popular in her kingdom to bears if she does not return it “that
witch was creepy.”  Queen Elinor searched King Fergus quarters but was not successful in finding the helm, and Merida told her that he was wearing the day he died. Merida sets off to find the helm against her mother’s wishes “as always” and finds an old friend she hasn't seen in two years, Mulan, who is bargaining with some thugs “Mulan is such a badass.” Two years earlier were King Fergus gave Merida’s the bow to he have used in past battles. He wants her to fight, but if concern how her mother will feel about it, so he’s hired a soldier to train her and keep her safe. That was the first time Merida met Mulan, and now you know why Merida is such a badass as the two instantly connected. Merida asks Mulan for her help, and she was reluctant to help her which confused Merida because she knows Mulan as a strong friend. Mulan eventually decided to help her but made her promise not ask her any question about her life. Merida and Mulan find an arrow in the battlefield that Merida recognizes belongs to her father’s killer. What happen a few years ago, while Merida and Mulan are fighting, Merida realizes that Mulan brought her out here to keep her away from the impending battle her dad was leading “she noticed.”  She abandons their session and runs to the fight, just in time to see her father lead his army into battle and get killed. Merida sees the mystery man coming from behind and tries to warn her father by shooting the attacker down, but her shot misses. As King Fergus dies, we find out that the person who killed Merida’s dad was Arthur “why does he think he’s a hero.” Meanwhile, Zelena and Arthur have come to DunBroch, because Zelena has surmised that there’s something there that can help them: the helm. While walking through the forest, they come to the witch’s house, which was guarded by a wolf that Zelena subdues easily with magic. The witch claims she doesn’t know where the helm was, but Zelena threatens her into admitting that Merida would have it. Zelena and Arthur catch up to the young warrior and Arthur reveals the helm’s true powers and why he needs it to fight against Merlin. Merida was shocked once she realizes her father used magic instead of his bravery to get his army to fight for him. Zelena stealing Merida’s precious bow because she was discouraged and ready to return home and give up her crown to another clan and parted ways with Mulan. After realizing how down Merida was going to look for answers and found herself back at the witch’s house, where she was attacked by the guard wolf. Mulan quickly discerns that it was not a normal wolf allowing Ruby to change back into human form with the help of some magic potion. The two join forces while Ruby talks about traveling between worlds and how she ended up back in the Enchanted Forest. Here is what happen back at Neal’s baby naming, after defeating Zelena, Snow noticed a closed-off Ruby hanging back from the festivities and urged her to talk about what was wrong. Ruby admitted that she hasn’t felt like she belonged since the curse have been lifted, she’s the only one of her kind here. She showed Snow the magical bean she grew and planned to use it to return to the Enchanted Forest. Only, when she got here, she couldn’t find many of her people there either. So she went to the witch for help, who turned into her a guard wolf. Mulan reveals that she was at the witch’s house because she thought the witch might have some magic that would help her track down the person who killed Merida’s dad. Ruby then volunteer to use her wolf senses and sniff him out. Ruby’s expert wolf senses lead them back to Zelena and Arthur was using magic removing the helm from the river, and Merida finds out that Arthur killed her father, which Arthur doesn’t deny. Arthur told Merida the he was there to get the helm because the one he took from her father wasn’t the spelled one and that they had found the actual one in the river. Arthur and Merida started to fight; Mulan went after Zelena, who was about to use her magic but was Ruby knocks Zelena out with sleeping powder “even the wicked witch does not have eyes in the back of her head.” Merida’s clan shows up to show just in time to support their queen and Zelena and Arthur flee in a puff of smoke and Merida to the helm and returned home to her kingdom. Merida commences ceremony, and the witch interrupted them again. The witch reveals that the helm wasn't magical at all, it was simply a trick to ensure that she would learn to lead, just like her father wanted “so much twist and turn.” She then gifted her a magic potion that will allow her to talk to her dad, and we flash to the present day, where Merida is still standing at her father’s grave. The three friends finally open up to each other, and Mulan reveals that her heart was broken “Aurora stole her man.” Ruby offers to take her on a journey to help her heal “Ruby ate her one and only boyfriend, so this should be interesting.” The ladies parted ways and Merida finally use the potion to talk to her dad, who told her that he was proud of her bravery and strength. After embracing her father, he disappeared leaving her crying telling how much she loves him “this was so sad.” In the last few second Merida vowed to make Arthur pay for what he’s done “Merida vs. Arthur, this is going to be good.” Overall this was a great 2 hours, and I would rate 9.3 out of 10.