Supergirl S1 Ep 5 "Livewire" Recap

The episode starts with the giant looking woman “you couldn’t tell” been taken into DEO by two guards, but she broke loose and started to attack everyone until Supergirl came in. Supergirl received a call from Alex while she was fighting and told she was busy trying to contain an escaped prisoner “still stuck on it being a woman.” Supergirl asks that Henshaw for the rest of the day off, and flew to her apartment to find a nervous Alex. Alex is freaking out that her mother “Eliza” would blame her for not stopping Kara from coming out as Supergirl as she did the last time she visited “mother Liza is in town.” Kara opens the door for Eliza dress as Supergirl, and she seems to be excited telling Kara she look well, but told Alex that she looked tired and asked if the lab was keeping her busy and she said yes “lab.” Leslie Lewis an assertive, abrasive and funny radio host who works for CatCo expresses on air her dislike for Supergirl by criticizing the way she dresses, her perkiness and else she could say to embarrass and discredit her. Kara family and friend seem to be annoyed by what Leslie was saying. Kara arrived to work, and Winn asked her how was breakfast with her mom, Kara told him it went good and asked him what he was doing for Thanksgiving, and he told her that he will be spending Thanksgiving watching Orphan Black and eating Thai food. Kara felt sorry for him and invited him over from Friendsgiving. Kara saw Leslie in cat’s office and ask Winn what she was doing there, and Winn told her to use her super hearing to ease up on their conversation “that could come in handy at my job.” Cat reprimanded Leslie about the disappointing and deplorable way she spoke about Supergirl someone that she has created an image for, she forbids Leslie from speaking about Supergirl and warns keep that all Supergirl topic should be off her agenda. After expressing that she considered Supergirl a daughter and Ms. Lee refusing to take heed her warning she took her off the air and assigned to her to traffic duty and only because she had a two-year contract left with CatCo. Kara goes into the restaurant to pick up dinner and James was sitting there waiting for Lucy and Kara walked over to him to discuss his plans for Thanksgiving and invited him over for Friendsgiving “I was so hopeful that he was going to say yes.”

James told her that he will be accompanying Lucy to Ohio to visit their family, but if Supergirl needs anything to give them a call. Kara the replied that she is more worried about her family because Alex is worried about her mother arguing with her because she came out as Supergirl. Lucy came in, and Kara walked away and told James to have a wonderful weekend “I hope she didn’t mean that.” Alex came in panicking that Eliza is just pretended not to be angry, and Kara told her to tell Eliza about her job working for the DEO and that her job is to protect her, but Alex refuses to tell her mom because of the secretive nature of her position. As they were walking home, Kara and Alex saw the traffic helicopter crashing, and she jumps into action, first saving the pilot, and went back to save Leslie but when she got to her Kara was struck by a bolt of lightning sending Leslie to the hospital. Kara and Cat are at the hospital where Cat is complaining about being there, and ask Kara how long she had to be there and left 5 minutes later. Before she left she whispered to Leslie that she should wake up, she knows she’s tougher than a bolt of lightning “she has no idea.” At home Alex, Eliza finally confronts Alex about letting Kara go out as Supergirl and Alex told her that she’s a grown woman and she is going to do the thing that she doesn't want her to do and excused her herself and heads to work. There was a flashback to when they were kids, and Kara talked Alex into making them fly around for fun.  Leslie woke up out of her coma and left the hospital, as she was walking down the Alley, behind the hospital she knew something was different about, and the young man approached her flirting with her and instigating sexual intent and she electrocuted him. Leslie figured out that she has the power to using it on her first victim. The family sat down for Thanksgiving dinner and Alex, and her mom seems to be going at it while Kara and Winn try to break the ice. Kara suggested that they all go around a table and see what they are giving thanks and for things that they are grateful for and Kara told them that she was thankful for all her family and friends. Kara ask Alex to say what she was thankful for, and she refused so Kara ask Winn to saw what he was grateful for and as a he was about to talk Kara received a call from James and she walked away and Winn sat down quietly “perfect timing.” As Kara returned, she heard Alex telling her mom that she was not a doctor, but she worked for an organization that research aliens at that she does protect Alex, but her mom was not so pleased with her job and asked her if she was crazy. Alex told Eliza that’s she has been protecting Kara since she was 14 years old. Eliza explained that she was upset that not she had such a dangerous job, but because she had lied to her for the past 14 years and Alex frustratingly replied that she would never be good enough for Eliza and left the apartment “I hate to see mothers and daughters fight.”

After Alex had left the apartment Kara had enough and confronted her Eliza about always been so much harder on Alex than she was on her, but before she could complete her concerns she received a call from Cat and she left “saved by the cell phone.” Eliza then had a flashback of Alex and Kara’s past where she was blaming Alex for the playful flight they took, and Eliza and Jeremiah explain to the kids how dangerous what they did was, the doorbell rang and they were told to go their room and told Kara not to use her super hearing. When the Denver it opened the door it was DEO Hank Henshaw “yes that same one” who was there to take Kara way in the name of National security. Jerimiah refuses to let them take her and volunteered to work for them, and he accept “I can’t wait to heat Hank Henshaw back story.” Kara showed up at work and Cat told her that her electronics wasn’t working after looking for a few second she recommend that she called Winn “Cat asked what a Winn was.”  Some minutes later Leslie came on the screen, and Cat concertedly asked her what was happening to her and she told Cat that she was no longer Leslie, but Leslie 2.0 Livewire “electrifying.” Cat and Kara run for cover as Livewire throws electricity at them, and Cat sends Kara to get the security “what are they going to do against Livewire.” Kara used that opportunity to change into Supergirl and Supergirl and Livewire fights as Cat tries to escape, but Livewire seems to be absorbing the light from Supergirl eyes, but after Cat had gone into the elevator, she connected herself back to the media system “that was so much fun to watch.” Cat got stuck in the elevator after Livewire had fried the control system and Supergirl broke through the door and pulled her out “I guess her want to be adopted daughter did come through for her.” Cat walks over to Kara and Henshaw as they were discussing what happen and Cat asked Mr. Monroe “Henshaw” if he were going to pay for the damage at CatCo that his men are causing. Cat told him that tomorrow is Black Friday, and CatCo will be open “does this lady ever take a break.”  Kara explains to him that Livewire seems to have absorbed her lights and became more electric, and they try to figure out what happened because she’s only human. A few minutes later Henshaw explained to Kara that Leslie must have gotten her powers when Kara got electrocuted while touching Leslie transferring her Kryptonian DNA giving her the power of electricity. Kara feeling responsible for turning Leslie into Livewire, Henshaw asked that if during her fight was Livewire if she was ever able to touch her physically and Kara told him yes, which gave him the idea to build a weapon that could defeat her “a water gun could do the trick.” Kara offered her assistant to help build this weapon, but before Henshaw could answer she got called into Cat’s office.  Cat told Kara that she could go home, and Kara told her that she doesn’t want to leave her by herself and Cat replied telling her that she’s useless so she should go to her family “if Cat only knew.” Kara then told her that she doesn’t want to go home because she and her sister “Alex” and foster mother “Eliza” got into a fight before she came there. Cat was intrigued to find out that Kara was adopted, and Kara told that her real parent died in a fire when she was 13 years old. Cat sincerely apologized but Kara told her it was fine and though it hurts Sometimes Eliza and Alex are great with her “she hinted that Jeremiah was not there.”

 This lead to a lengthy discussion about Cat’s family, after Kara told her that her mother must be proud of her to which cat replied that if she were it would be on some subterranean level. Cat told Kara that her mother’s mind she have never lived up to her full potential she replied that she was the cleanable media, but cat told her that it was an accomplishment that never mattered to her mom. She explained that that she was entirely grateful to her mom for everything she is, and everything she has been the cause of her constant pushing her and she have never been satisfied with her which is why she can be satisfied with yourself. She told Kara that was the reason she keeps pushing herself and the people she cares for "she have an odd way of showing it." Cat told Kara that she had pushed Leslie “Livewire” and holds her to a higher standard because the more awful she was, the more she rewarded her that Leslie turning into Livewire started long time ago, and it’s her fault and she turned her into a monster. Cat told Kara that she needed to fix this by talking to Supergirl and that she was sure the FBI has a line to Supergirl and Kara volunteered to ask the FBI and told cat she was leaving “she mean she was going to change her clothes.” Alex went home to make sure her mom was okay when the electricity in the city went out, and they sat down and Eliza apologizes for what she said to her about her father earlier. She told her it wasn’t fair because she always made the hard choice by looking to help others before herself and Alex told her that’s what she told her to do. Alex emotionally Ask Eliza why hasn’t her actions ever been enough, Eliza confusedly ask if Alex meant why she was tough at her and explained that Kara was a little girl from another planet who had lost everything, and she didn’t know how to do anything but accept her. Eliza told Alex that she was her daughter, and she wanted her to be better than her, but it never meant that she did love her and told Alex that she has always been her Supergirl, and the two shared a hug “amazing mother and daughter moments.” Alex apologizes to her mom for keeping things from her, and Eliza told Alex that there something that she needs to tell them together but. Alex received a call from Henshaw and told her mom she had to leave, and she told her that she should take care of Kara and herself “this episode is so good.” Supergirl goes see Cat, who told her that if she gave her number she wouldn’t have to do so much back channeling telling, she told Supergirl that she wanted to catch Livewire and so does she. She told Supergirl that she would have to draw Livewire outs, but then they would have to work together and asked her if she wanted to be partners “working with her wanna be adopted daughter should be fun.”

Back at the DEO Henshaw and Alex showed Kara a weapon they called lightning in a bottle or portable industrial capacitor, Henshaw told Supergirl how to use it and asked if she was going to tell them where she was going and Supergirl told them that this mission was between her, Cat and Livewire. Alex warns Supergirl that based on the power the amount of power Livewire consumed that she is going to be strong enough, and Supergirl said that she knows she could hurt her, but Alex explained that she could kill her “that’s a very scary thought.” Cat went to CatCo plaza and broadcast a message telling Livewire to meet her at the place where it all started and explained that her grudge is with her and that National City and they should see if they could come to an agreement. Livewire arrived at the designated location and ask cat where her bodyguard “Supergirl” was, and Cat explained that she didn’t think she was necessary. Livewire told her she was hoping one of them would what the other die and Cat told her that they got through her not supporting Hillary in 2008, and they could get sure this. Cat ask Livewire for her terms, and she told Cat that the only thing she has that she wanted was her skin “really her skin.” Livewire told Cat that there were so many ways to skin a cat and Cat replied that she had the weights of the YouTube comment and asked if they were going to talk. Livewire said no and attacked Cat, and Supergirl arrived turning Livewire attention to her, Livewire told Supergirl her 15 minutes was up and as she was about to say something degrading Supergirl told her to shut up “I like Supergirl that feisty.”

The two started to fight as Cat ran for cover; Livewire was able to keep Supergirl done with her electricity and destroy the device that she had brought to help detain her. Livewire had Supergirl up into the ground and told her that she thinks she has enough power to electrify her heart, Cat came and tried to stop Livewire from hurting Supergirl but was unsuccessful. Supergirl, however, uses that time to pull the pipeline from under the road aimed it at her defeating her “water and electricity never a good match,” and thanked Cat for her help. Kara arrived to work the next day bringing Winn the dinner he misses, and Winn told her that he did not get to tell her what he was thankful for this year. Winn told her that his father is in prison, so his family doesn’t celebrate the holidays so all the nuttiness that happened at dinner, he is grateful to be included. Winn told her that the things he is most grateful for were her and reaches over and gave her a kiss on the cheek which seemed to make her nervous “she looked so uncomfortable.” Kara so James and Lucy walking in and use that opportunity to get away from when real quickly “Winn looked so hurts.” Kara asked James and Lucy how their Thanksgiving was and Lucy told her enthusiastically how spending four days with James was all a girl could ask for and Kara jealously giggled “that was the freakiest giggle I’ve ever seen.” Lucy left, and James ask Kara if she was okay and she told him that Supergirl handles its and James said, of course, but he was concerned about how Kara was doing, and Kara told him she was just glad to have him back “I am so team #Jamara.” Kara went into cat office and told her that the photo department was calling. Cat ask if it was about the paparazzi shots from over the weekend of the young stars and starlets compromise in an assorted humiliating ways, and Kara told her Monday morning tradition “people love to gossip, so gossip sells.” Cat ask Kara which of the two topics she would pick from 1. A 20-year-old singer who plummeted face first in front of club apocalypse because she drank too much or 2. The closeted teen heartthrob who was seen slipping out of the city raunchiest gay club “that spiked Kara’s interest.” However, before Kara could answer she told her neither and that they should run with a photo essay of all the people who spend their holiday. About people who volunteered at Soup Kitchen and shelters and see they could bring some attention to their organization. Kara told her she think it was a good idea to which cat responded, of course, she pitched it, and that tends given self “this lady sure does not know how to see the compliment.” Cat also told Kara that what she told her about her parents made her realize that she does not know anything about her and that it should probably change, and Kara told her she didn’t have to “I don’t think her knowing is a good thing.”  Cat told Kara that she knew enough about her to know that she needed her 3L’s in the morning, her latte hot, her lettuce wrap crisp and her Lexapro stats and not necessarily in that order and told her to go “she was on a roll to be nice that quickly ended.”  Eliza is heading back home and gave her girls a big hug and told them that she was proud of them. Eliza told Kara that from what she sees on the news about Supergirl there is room for improvement. Kara told her that it wasn’t an unqualified compliment, and it is progress for their relationship but not fun for her, and Alex told them it was the best there for life “that’s because it was the  first time she was not the one getting criticized.” Finally before Eliza left she told the girls that it was not her first time hearing about the DEO because their father worked for them and that’s he didn’t die in the plane crash. She told them that was what the DEO told her, but she does not trust them “she have every right not to.” Alex asked in astonishment what she was talking about and it flashback to when Kara was a child, and they tried to fight Danvers to get Kara, which made Jeremiah volunteer to work for the DEO. After finding out the news about their father Kara and Alex vows to find out what happen “I am so excited about the possibilities this may bring.” This episode was phenomenal I would rate it 9.3 out of 10.

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