ABC Marvel’s Agent of Shield "Many Heads, One Tale"

Marvel’s Agent of Shield
"Many Heads, One Tale"
The episode started with Ward meeting with Malick over a dinner with an octopus prepared for eating; Malick tells Ward that the octopus is one of the greatest symbols of HYDRA. However, Ward doesn’t care about that; he just want to make it clear to Malick that he's looking for the mysterious vault owned by the Von Strucker family. Malick tries convincing Ward that the vault was not real, but Ward was even more convince than ever because of the way Malick kept denying its existence. After realizing that Ward was not intimidated by him, he left the room, he sent his goons to the room to kill Ward “when is he going to learn not underestimate Ward.” Ward was not surprised by Malick’s action and was prepared to fight, after he was beaten and killed most of them; he question the one that was able to talk. None of the goons wanted to talk at first but when Ward started to torcher one of the guys, another one told him that he no one really know that location. After the getting the info from Malick's goons, Grant Ward made it to the Von Strucker vault and broke in through the roof only to find Malick was already there. Knowing Ward could be an ally, Malick offer Ward a drink and proceeds to tell him about the history of Hydra and how it extended back thousands of years and how its origin and history are ensnared with that of the monolith. As Fitz and Jemma investigate the Ram’s Head symbol that they found in the castle by S.H.I.E.L.D., they discovered, Jemma snapped at Fitz while he was trying to tell her his findings regarding Will and the planet beyond the portal. Fitz comes back to have it out with Jemma asking her if she was seriously mad at him, and she told him that she was not mad at him but at herself for roping him into helping her and that it was not fair. She told him that she was mad that he was so willing to help, and Fitz replied as supposed to what and ask her what she expected and she told him that he should be angry. She told him that she cannot fathom any way out of this without someone getting hurt. Fitz asked her if she think he was angry and explains to her that he's sick to his stomach about the whole situation, he told her he was furious but not her because they're cursed, the cosmos wants to keep them apart. Jemma told him that the cosmos doesn’t want anything, and Fitz told her he beg to differ because they had years of working together it never accrued to them and it did they didn’t have the courage to speak about “this is such an incredible scene.” Jemma told him that he only mention it at the bottom of the sea facing certain death while he yells that she wanted until he was bounded for war on an air force carrier and then she got sweep off to some far flung planet with him “I love Fitz accent.” Fitz read out his resume, and she told him that she would do anything and Fitz asks Jemma if she is in love with Will and she said yes, and Fitz told her that she would because he was strong and smart and they gave each other hope on the edge of nowhere “poor Fitz.” Fitz informs Jemma that he look for dirt on Will, and he found nothing and that he can’t hate him because he was great and did everything right and Jemma to him the he dive through a hole in the universe for her “that what you call love.” The two share a kiss, but there was no connection and Fitz walk out the room tell her they were cursed “it too much baggage for that right now.” Mack asks Coulson if he’s becoming a little too close with Rosalind and if he was sleeping with her “that was forward of Mack.” Coulson’s told him that he was offended he would even think he’d put his personal life before his job  he claims he's honest with her to make sure she’s the real deal “where try to find out down her throat.” Coulson gathers his team to tells them they’re about the plan to investigate the ATCU “Operation Spotlight,” Coulson paired the up in teams and telling them to gather all the information that could get no matter how small it maybe. Rosalind arrived at HQ, and Coulson had her cell phone scanned allowing Mack, Daisy, Lincoln, and May to get the data they need to hack into the ATCU. Daisy hacks into ATCU system, and they called the help desk “call routes to Mack” and the told them that they will send someone over ASAP. After Bobbi and Hunter's sneaky infiltration of the ATCU reveals that the shadowy organization was not what they say they were and that they were not holding Andrew at that facility as they said that they would. Bobby found a room with fish oil tablets and when Daisy checks their system, and it shows that they are administering it to humans that are more than likely is being used to turn humans into Inhumans. Daisy and Mack relay this information to Coulson, who was giving Price a tour of S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ. Coulson then proceeded to Rosalind Price the third degree while trying to get to the bottom of ATCU's role in the inhuman outbreaks, Coulson asks her if she was HYDRA and things got personal as she tries to use their personal relationship as a guilt trip. Coulson told her that he knows about ATCU turning Inhumans rather than curing them, but Price seemed ignorant to the information. She told him that she got the information from Malick, is in charge of the science division. And the Intel Price has on Tahiti that only high-level S.H.I.E.L.D. she claims that she received from Malick as well, Coulson conflicts on whether he can trust her or not “I don’t trust her after the phone call she receives at the end of last week’s episode.” Banks helps to extract Bobbi and Hunter from the facility as per Price request, but now ATCU's ties to Hydra have been exposed as well as their more reprehensible plans involving Inhumans. Jemma and Fitz show Coulson and the team what they discover that HYDRA has been around for hundreds of years. Meanwhile. Gideon takes the opportunity to give Ward the history of Hydra, which goes a lot deeper than Red Skull. He shows Ward a piece of the monolith, claiming Hydra’s as old as the stone is, and tells him about its magical properties. He also tells Ward that thousands of years ago, an Inhuman was born on this planet that was “destined” to rule it. According to Gideon, Hydra was founded with the purpose of engineering the Inhuman’s return. Finally, Ward pays a visit to an angry Andrew, hooking up some mustard gas trying to figure out how to turn the monster back while explaining the irony of May think he a monster and the love of her life became a monster “this episode was so awesome.” (In the comment tell me if you think Andrew will join HYDRA.) This was a thrilling episode I would rate it 9.1 out of 10.