CW The Flash "Gorilla Warfare" Recap

The Flash
"Gorilla Warfare"
The episode start with Barry learning to walk with the help of Joe, after his encounter with Zoom who broke is back and ribs “it’s so hard to see Barry like that.” After taking a few steps on his own Barry told Joe that he can’t do it “walking” right now, Joe told him that he could and that he was making so much progress. Barry told them that he made six holes steps someone should give him a bozo button and Cisco told them not to be so hard on himself. Iris continued to encourage him by telling him that an ordinary person would  be paralyzed for the rest of their lives, and Barry asks Caitlin how long before he was fully healed “come on Barry team Flash has it back.” Caitlin told Barry that the initial MRI she took a week ago showed complete dislocation of the T 12 to the L1 interspace of the thoracolumbar junction and then showed him the new MRI showing him that he's almost fully heal “talk about rapid regeneration.” Barry told Caitlin that he was still having trouble breathing, and she told him that it was normal for spinal injury, and it should improve soon. Joe told him not to worry that he will be back in his Flash suit in no time telling him to trust him “Joe has always had your back.” Barry asked the team what they plan to do about Zoom and Joe explain that they have not seen him since Cisco shot him with the tranquilizer dart and Cisco told him that he have not gotten any vibe “that right Cisco is Vibe.” Iris suggested that Zoom may not be coming back, but Harrison said he doubts that was true, and that was the reason he was going to do something about it. Caitlin disagrees with him leaving, but their rest of the team seems to be okay with its after he is adamant that he needs to go, Joe asked him if he wants to go home after he came to earth one and made a mess “Harrison one or two he’s still a dick.” However, Caitlin insisted that if he could defeat Zoom on is art that he could defeat him on their Earth’s and told him that they needed help to overcome zoom. Harrison told Caitlin that what he needs is to go home, and he’s going to do it with or without their assistance. Cisco asked Caitlin why she was trying to stop him and told her if he wants to let him go “I’m no Harrison fan, but Caitlin may be right on this one.” After the team discussion, Barry told Caitlin that if Harrison does not want to be there might as well they let him go, but Caitlin said he’s the only one that knows about Zoom, and she can’t let him leave. Cisco system alerted him about his date with Kendra Saunders, bragging to the team that he’s plans to go to a movie the day there and hopefully breakfast “Barry tries to psych them out by accident him what he meant but breakfast.” Patty calls Barry to check up on him because last she heard he was not feeling well, she offered to bring him homemade chicken soup, but he told her that he had a bug that he doesn’t want her to catch and that he is more of a canned soup guy “worst lie ever.” Caitlin fined Harrison and try to convince him to stay by offering him to help him save Jesse; he was hesitant until Caitlin told him that he was lucky that’s Cisco and professor stand and find a way to close the breaches which gave Harrison the great idea to close all the breach but one. Cisco is on his date with Kendra outside of the movie theater at the but when she touched him, he vibe a person wearing the wings and decided to end his date apologizing to Kendra telling her that he would call her “ended date because of vibe not cool.” Grodd is back, and his victim is Dr. Jeffrey Short a Biochemistry Engineer, whose body was discovered, outside the building he works and the only evidence they have so far is a few hair Patty found at the crime scene. Patty told Joe that Jeffery was a second dead lab tech in two weeks, and the perpetrator took a serum called Cortexin used to treat encephalopathy a blood disease in the brain. Joe told Patty to go over the information she followed which one of the lab technicians but before he could leave Patty asked him how Barry was feeling. Joe told him he was about to see him and bring him some of his homemade chicken noodle soup because he hates the canned stuff “this lie is going to come back to bite Barry in the ass.” Back in Star Labs Barry is on the treadmill trying to get his speed back as Iris, and Joe monitors him, who’s encouraging him to go faster and to push himself. Barry tries to run as hard as he could, but seems to be suffering from a case of PTSD, and when he flashed back to the incident with Zoom, he fell off the treadmill. Joe and Iris run to see if he was okay and told him to talk to them so they could try and help. Barry told them that he was sorry, and they can’t help him this time, telling them that’s they would understand “Barry is pushing away the people he loves out of fear that he can protect them.” Barry told Joe that zoom destroyed him and showed everybody in Central city what he can do and that he was powerless to stop him. He explained that the City gave him a key, and he supposed to be their hero, the guy who can protect them from something as evil as Zoom and he failed in front of the entire city “Barry you won't win them all.” Barry thinks that when the city thinks of the flash all they see is someone not strong enough to protect them “poor Joe he doesn’t know what to say to make Barry feeling better.” Cisco asked Caitlin if there have been any report of a Birdman attacking anywhere and Caitlin told him that there was no such thing as a Birdman Cisco responded as if that was a stretch in Central City “Cisco is right.” Cisco explained to Caitlin that he vibe to a man with wings of an angel, Caitlin seemed to be non-coherent and punches Cisco in the face and left the room. Patty called Jo to tell him that the dead scientists’ cases are linked and that the first scientists stole a large quantity of Erostin (drugs typically used to treat patients with Vertigo,). Joe, ask Patty what was the connection between the two drugs she explained that they were both nootropic drugs (use to enhance intelligence.) Patty gave told Joe that the result from the hair she found came back, but they were no human hair and before she could tell him Joe told her it was gorilla hair “Grodd.”  Joe runs to tell the team that Grodd was back, and Cisco said that would explain Caitlin’s behavior and realized that she was mind controlled. Cisco immediately check the building’s surveillance system and saw Caitlin leaving the building and Grodd walking behind her, and they run outside, but they had already left. The team gathers together to come up with a plan, and Harrison said that he was amazed by the similarity between the two worlds. They team tries to figure out why he Grodd would take Caitlin, and Joe explains that the drugs that have been stolen to improve intelligently “he needs some NZT.”  Barry was sitting quietly, and Joe told him that he shouldn.t blame himself because there was nothing he could have done, and Barry told him that he still does not have his speed and ask how will he be able to save her. Joe told him that he may not have his legs, but he still has a brain, and he needed to use it to find another way “yes Barry you are more than just the Flash.”  Caitlin woke up to find herself in an abandoned building and Grodd calling her by her name; she asks Grodd why he brought her there, and he told her that he needs her help and ask he how he became Grodd “Grodd speech as improved.” Caitlin explain that the dark matter forms the particle accelerator explosion is what caused it, Grodd ask Caitlin to make more like him, and she told him that she don’t know how to do that “bad idea.”  Barry continues to work to regain his speed, but does not seem to be getting there and when he stopped his father (Henry) walked him and told him to keep his head up. Joe commend Iris for bringing Henry into help Barry.  Cisco explains to Harrison how Grodd became syndiant through a military contract that Star Lab with them to research and awakening latent mind reading capability for interrogation proposes,  but tells him that the program was shut down by Dr. Well for his self-loathing purpose to have Grodd under his control. Harrison had an algorithm that they can use to extricate Grodd from places that he have already been; Cisco has an idea to dress Harrison as the reverse Flash before telling the rest of the team “team that didn’t go wee.” Barry was having some father-son time with Henry as he tells him all about his life as a camper  and told Barry that sometimes he just have slow down to get back to where he wants to be  “go fatherly advice, Henry.” Cisco told Barry that they found Grodd and explain that the only reason that they could find him was because he had upgraded from a bachelor pad to a penthouse “I was laughing so hard when he said that.” Barry saw the reverse Flash suite and attacked Harrison, but was stopped by Cisco, who explain his plan “that was so good,” to use Harrison to pretend to be Wells and get Caitlin back “grand plan.” Cisco made Harrison practice his Wells impressions until he got it right “it was impressive to watch,” because if the anti-mind control bug he made fails Grodd could kill him “Cisco knows he wouldn’t mind.” Barry for the first time his back to the Lab while the rest of the team is out fighting and Henry ask him if that was what it was like every time he goes after meta-human. Barry told him yes with the exception that he is the one that is normally on the other end of the line, and Henry told Barry that there is no reason he shouldn’t be out there helping. Iris had showed him the video of what had happened to him “He is just scared and embarrassed.” Henry told him that he could not imagine what he was going through, and Barry explains to him that Zoom showed everyone in Central City that there the Flash was not good enough to save them. Henry told him that it certainly look that way and asked him if he thought Zoom was right because his body have healed and his sitting back feeling the shame of losing. Barry told Henry that he can’t stop Zoom and Zoom knows it and the City knows it too and that they City didn’t believe in him anymore “they will always believe in the Flash.” Henry explains to Barry that when he was on trial for his mother’s murder, and he was in that court room with all their friends and family hearing all those awful thing about him, and it didn’t matter if it was true. He told that after a while when he looked in their faces he could have seen that he lost them and that thy no longer believed in him, but that was his reality that he was going to spend his life in prison for a murder he did not commit. And explain that the hardest part of it was that every time someone looks at him all they were going to see is the man that killed his wife in front of his son, so he does know what it is like to be destroyed “omg that was so sad to listen to.” Barry asked Henry how he got over it, and he told him that he embraced it knowing that if he had to survive that he can learn to believe in himself again. He told him that he was the person who gave him the hope, and now he was giving that hope back to him “that was an incredible scene.” Caitlin is with Grodd trying to explain the difference between ape and a human brain but was interrupted by Harrison, who told Grodd, who thought he had died that he didn’t die but just went away for a while.  He told Grodd that now he was back, so he don’t need Caitlin anymore and to let her go, but Grodd told him that father “Wells” never ask he takes, and Caitlin tells Harrison to run “I would be out there fast than you can say what.” Grodd smacks Harrison across the room asking who he was and Barry told Cisco that he need to get in the tower with them, Cisco goes in and grabs Caitlin and told Barry that Harrison was trapped and asked him what to do. Barry told him, Harrison, to pump Grodd with as many drugs that he stole that he can because an overdose would shock brain. Harrison tries to convince Grodd that he was Wells by telling him that he wouldn’t leave him there alone and that he had a bigger plan for him “I must say that he was convincing.” Harrison talks to Grodd until he got close enough to inject him with the serum and ran away, back at Star Labs Caitlin treats the cut that Harrison received from his fall and Barry told him that they all were impressed “it was an impressive performance.” Joe told the team that they need to kill Grodd, but Caitlin disagrees telling them that Grodd was getting smarter and asked her to make more like him because he is alone, and Cisco asked if Grodd wanted to kids “I was cracking up.” Cisco told Caitlin that one telepathic ape was enough for the city and Harrison told them he knows of a place in his word that they could send him. Joe asks how they plan to bait Grodd and Henry told them that Flash would do it, Caitlin went outside of Grodd’s tower and called him out and when he jumped down. Flash took her and told Grodd that if he wants her he would have to catch him “playing catch with a 250-pound gorilla dangerous idea.” Grodd chased Flash through Star City and lowered him in front of the breach allowing Cisco to use his speed cannon to blast him into World2.  When Grodd got to the spot he asks Flash where Caitlin was as he walks toward him, but his PTSD kicked in before he could run allowing Grodd to pin him to the ground with his foot “he is so crushing him right now.”  Caitlin came out and told Grodd that he needs to let Flash got, and Grodd told her that Flash was his enemy and ask her if she was his enemy too and she explain that he was only trying to save her “Caitlin is so brave.”  Caitlin told Grodd that they didn’t understand what he wanted, but now they do and she can give him what he wanted telling him that she can give him a home if he only trusts her. Grodd removed his foot from Flash’s chest “he thought he could breathe earlier now he know what that feel like.” Grodd walks toward Caitlin and Cisco turns on the speed cannon, and Flash takes Caitlin out of his reach, the speed cannon do not seem to be strong enough to pull Grodd in, and Henry told Flash that he can’t let Grodd get free. Henry gave Flash a pep talk telling him that he needs to conquer his fears and Flash speed around the city to build up momentum and punch Grodd into the cannon “Caitlin looks so sad for Grodd.” Everyone is back at Star Labs safe, and Caitlin told the team that she never thought anything good could come from the Reverse Flash suit, and Barry told her it was the first and the last, Cisco suggested that they destroy it. Barry agree, but ask him to try and figure out how his suite can fit in a ring and Harrison told them that he can help them do. Cisco sarcastically told him that he know a little about a long of thing and Henry told him that it doesn’t matter as long as it helps to keep them safe “I love Cisco he makes me laugh.”  Caitlin asks Harrison about the place they sent Grodd on his earth, and he told her that it was a refuge that gorillas are subject to lab experiments, and ape-like Grodd can run free. Caitlin told Cisco that she feels like she have betrayed him and he told her that she have not betrayed him but gave him a better life “that is yet to be determined.” (In the comment tell me if you feel Zoom is going to use Grodd to his advantage before the season ends.) Cisco ask Harrison why the breaches on their earth lead to different places on his earth, and he told him that he doesn’t know yet “I still don’t trust Harrison,” but he knows that he need to close them all. Caitlin told him that he does not have to do it alone because he has a team now that will work with him until he gets his daughter back. Henry says goodbye to the team, and he and Barry went to the house where he grew up and looked at some of Barry’s childhood experience he missed “it is so sad that he had to miss all that time with Barry.” Before Henry left he thanked Iris for reaching out him and Joe for everything he continues to do for Barry, as they were leaving Joe told Barry that Patty was not buying his sick story. Henry ask if Patty was a new girlfriend, and he told him yes and he will tell him all about her on his way to the bus station “as I Iris West Allen fan it was hard for me to hear that.” Iris asked Joe if he was ok and he told her that it was embarrassing because he love Barry as he owns son and when he's reminded that he is not it hurts “oh poor Joe.” (In the comment tell me how long you think before Iris tells Joe about his real son.)  Barry goes to his lab and finds Patty working and after some snarky comment Barry explains that he was not sick, but his father was in town and because of his history he didn’t want anyone to judge him “who knew Barry was so smooth.” Patty explains to Barry that she need to know that she can trust him, and Barry brushes her off and walks towards her as she his telling him that he can’t always be a smart ass, and they kiss “great scene hated that it was not with Iris.” Meanwhile, Cisco is trying to make of for walking away from his date with Kendra by bringing her flower and chocolate, but she bust chops by telling him that she doesn’t like those stuff leaving Cisco feeling all stupid “that was good.” Kendra told him that she was kidding, and he explain that he was a liaison with the CCPD, and he got call away for a job “between Barry and Cisco I don’t know who is smoother.” Kendra kissed Cisco were he vibe and saw her as the angel in his vision, he was amazed and said wow out loud and explain to Kendra that she was just an amazing kisser, and they head to the roof for their movie date “ real smooth Cisco.” This episode was phenomenal I would rate it 9.7 out of 10.