CW Arrow "Brotherhood" Recap

The episode starts with Brinks truck about to he heist and the truck driver calls for assistance when the men were about the attack Black Canary use her Canary cry slow down the ghosts and the team fought and was able to defeat them but not before the blow up the money. The Arrow explain to Speedy that they did need the money, and it was the from the Federal government who wanted to prop up Star City Bank and HIVE just want to ensure that does not happen “Darhk mean Star City must die.” Felicity told the team that she heard of having money to burn but stealing money to burn a new “join the club that’s what I said.” The discusses what HIVE had to earn for destroying Star City, and Oliver explains that they needed a base of operation telling the HIVE need to operate out of somewhere and what better spot than a dead city and Laurel said with an almost dead police department “Star City need new infrastructure.”  Diggle ask Felicity about the tooth they found and she told them that the deterioration of the DNA markers was most definitely was not natural and she could find out why and Oliver suggest asking Ray for his help “so brave to send your girlfriend to spend time with her ex.” Diggle asks Oliver if they could talk and show him the file Lance gave him on his brother, Oliver was astonished, and Diggle told him that it was definite prove that HIVE had his brother Andy killed because his criminal operation conflicted with HIVE. Olive told Diggle that the information does not coincide at all with what he told him about Andy and Diggle told him that the information doesn’t track with what he knew, and he guess he never knew him at all while Olive is still in disbelief.  Diggle is adamant about the facts, but Oliver tells him that thing is not always as it seem “isn’t that the truth.” Ray come over to help Felicity with that tooth and told that he was bored with his new found freedom and his happy to help, so Felicity tries to get him to come back to work, but he declined her offer. Alex told Oliver that he has to attend the PBA because every Mayor in the history of Star City has attended. Alex and Thea told him that his speech needs to be on point because he needs to say that the police department need help without throwing that under the bus “Star City police department needs more than help.” Malcolm tries to call Thea, and she ignored his call, Alex told Thea that he think Oliver is on to them and as they were about to kiss Oliver walked in to tell Thea that Felicity called about the dental problem “no DNA maker tooth.” Team Arrow break into a facility to find a yellow liquid that could help them identify the DNA markers in the tooth and hopefully other Ghost while the Arrow stood watch. The team got into the building, and Felicity directed them to the second-floor northwest corner. Olive tell them to hurry because they have company coming in the north entrance and speedy when to help to leave Black Canary and Diggle to get the liquid. Black Canary and Diggle enters the lab, and Black Canary found the liquid and got shot at, but Diggle came in and shot the Ghost “that was close.” Felicity tells that Arrow and Speedy needed help and Diggle told Black Canary to go and as tries to get an ID from the Ghost, who shot at them. When Diggle removes the Ghost mask it was his brother Andy who was supposedly death leaving him startled “he is a Ghost.” Back at the Arrow Dome Felicity jokes that not even death is not permanent anymore and Diggle express that nothing seems to make sense to him anymore if Andy is alive. Olive provides him a theory that HIVE fake is death say that maybe it was part of his recruitment, but Diggle told Olive that his file showed him what kind man Andy was and is “poor Diggle.” Oliver is adamant they should say here what happen from Andy before condemning him. Therefore, they need to get him out of HIVE “that not a grand plan.”  The Team tries to convince Diggle to give Andy a second chance because he may have spared his life and he is his brother “Diggle is not in the forgiving mood.” Lance goes to see Darhk after he called him in and Darhk told him that it was brought to his attention that they last meeting may have been a trap to have him followed because shortly after their meeting he was attacked. Lance denied all allegation say that and asked if he doesn’t trust him and Darhk feed him a quote and told him that his daughter is not the only thing that he could threaten him with “Darkh is pure darkness.” As Thea prepares for the PBA gala she received another phone call from Malcolm and she, picked up to tell him that she doesn’t want to talk to him, but he was in the next room “sneaky Ra’s.” Malcolm came to offer Thea a deal to help with her bloodlust by giving her the name of a pedifier “Lawrence Tonner,” but Thea turns him down telling her that he come back and find him there she will call the police “Ra’s isn’t scared of the police.” The night of the PBA Gala has arrived and Oliver is a tuxedo and Felicity jokes that it must be better that putting on a leather suite and tying people up “a spooky white hair lady was pass and gave Oliver a look, yet to determine why.” Thea and Alex arrived at the gala and told Oliver that they were waiting for him on the stage and asked if he was ready and he said they are about to find out “ he was awesome.”  Lance commended Oliver on his speech and told him that Darkh was on to him, and Olive asked him if his life was in danger. Lance told  Oliver he hope not and gave him intel on where the three may have a meeting “working for Darkh his life as always being in danger.” Laurel gets Diggle a Club soda and offers to listen if he wanted to talk; Laurel tries to tell him to use this time to heal because after his brother die a piece of him went missing “great advice.” However, Diggle has a hard time with letting the information in the file go, and tears ran down his face, and he explains to Laurel how hard it was to tell his nephew that he was never going to see his father again “omg this scene was amazing.” He told her that the first few months after Andy died was the darkest part of his life, and he would have done anything even giving up his life to have Andy back to his wife and Nephew “the tears continues to roll.” Meanwhile, Darkh walks up to Oliver and introduces himself telling Oliver that he might have some ideas of how he may contribute to his campaign “Oliver acted like he have never seen him before.” Darkh proposition Oliver to work with him telling that a lot have changed in the City since his parent had a sway there and that not understanding the power changes is want domed Jessica Danforth bid “she an old friend of the queens whose daughter got kidnapped a few episode earlier.” Oliver asked him what he wanted, and he suggested leaving the Bay as it is, Oliver asked Darkh what would happen if he refuses and Darkh told he that he will no longer be unopposed “this is going to be good.” Felicity listed all the bad idea Oliver’s has had over the years after he tries to tell her that he want to go undercover in Darkh organization “major bad idea.” Felicity tries to convince him that getting into bed with Darkh is not in line with his new philosophy and goal as mayor of Star City “you tell Mrs. Queen.” Thea goes on her date with Alex, and they were having a good time until Alex got a phone call and walked away allowing a drunken man make to come on to Thea too strong by touching her, and she got angry and almost punched him to death until Alex stopped her  “young chick dude.” Diggle contemplates call Andy’s wife “Carly” to tell him that he was alive and expresses to Lila that Carly may be better half not know, but Lila told him that it wasn’t his decision to make “that’s a lot to tell someone after eight years.” Oliver went to Diggle house to check up on him and tell him that Felicity has found a place where the Ghost was maybe having their meeting and Diggle agree to go with it just being the two of them “Oliggle hit the road.” Arrow and Diggle watch as Darhk initiate the men giving them a yellow pill telling that the world is diseased and that the people of the city called them ghost, but they have no idea how right they are “the pills allows him to control their minds.” Arrow and Diggle got made, and the armed ghost started to fire shots at them leaving them to battle their way out, and Andy told them to kill the green one “he knows that Diggle is under the mask.” Oliver got ambushed and Diggle came over to help him after he got injured” and took him and went back to the Arrow Dome and Felicity dress in wound “he's okay doesn't worry.” Diggle blames himself telling Oliver that he should not have permitted him to gone out there and almost got himself killed and tells him that he needs to let it go because he has “Oliver is not letting this go.” Olive told Diggle that he saw that the Ghost men was mined controlled after taking those pill and try to convince that it was the same for Andy. Diggle told him that because he has a blind spot toward his family doesn’t mean that he should do the same and family is what is was all about and explain that Andy left his family for eight years, and there is no excuse for that “he’s right Oliver is a family man.” Oliver told Diggle that he needs him to hold out hope that his brother is still in there because he needs that hope to believe that no matter what happen in their life, no matter how much darkness that infects them they can come back from it. Diggle told him that it was that same thinking that got him involve in the league last year, and he doesn’t seem to have learned from it and questioned him about going to work with Darkh “tell him it's not a good idea, Diggle.” Oliver tells Diggle that no idea is off the table when it comes to taking Darkh down and Diggle told him that fighting Darkh in the dark is like fighting him in the shadows. And if he needed idea they could find some, but he doesn’t need to go down that path “I totally agree.” Felicity went back to her apartment, and Ray is still there working on extracting the DNA markers from the tooth. Felicity tries to encourage him to get life back on track, but he told her that he doesn’t know what he is looking for, and he needs to figure that out first “Felicity calls itself pity, and I agree.” Ray gave Felicity the information that he gather and the possible HQ for Ghost operation and she contacted the team. The team gathers and all opposed to Diggle idea of not wanting them to go after Andy and Laurel explain that she brought her sister back from the death, and she thinks Andy deserves the same “at least she’s fair.” Diggle tries to talk them out of it telling them that he wasn’t sure what Oliver told them and Felicity told him that the only two things they needed to know that he is under Darkh influence and they need to get him out “battle time.”  The team except Diggle heads to Muller Psychiatric Center and Felicity told them there was about 50 or more Ghost plus whatever recruits and Thea asked how they are going to identify Andy. Felicity told them that they had a new fancy new camera courtesy of Curtis and the red info lenses will unmask the ghost. Speedy and Black Canary got spotted immediately after they entered the premises and had to fight their way out and Thea fought and neutralized Andy. The Atom joins the Arrow as he was out maned while Speedy headed to help the Black Canary and got stopped by Darhk, who was trying to kill her, but his powers don't work in on her “effect from the Lazarus pit I bet.” Felicity told Arrow that Black Canary needs help and he sends the Atom while he tries to overthrow the men he had left and Diggle joined him killing the last man standing to tell him that he was there for his brother in green “that was cool.” Diggle Thanks, team, and Ray for bringing out the Atom and Ray told them that it felt good to do something useful. Felicity sneaks him coming back to work, and he told her No, that he can keep doing the same useless and ineffective thing but need to take time and figure it out “Legends of Tomorrow anyone.” Diggle goes to visit his brother and told Oliver that he hope he was right, and Oliver told him that he was right about Darkh and he plan to fight him in the light of day “Oliver vs. Darhk (Light) + Arrow vs. Darkh (dark).”  Thea calls Malcolm and ask him for his help finding out what about Darkh's power made her blood thirst subside, and he agrees “he just want to play daddy.”  Diggle comes face to face with Andy for the first time telling him that he didn't know where to start and asked him if what was in that file was true. He told him all of it was true breaking Diggle’s heart “omg I can’t wait for the continuation of this story line.” Oliver declares war against Darkh by announcing that his plan to save the Bay and that he is aware of the state the city is in, but he choose the Bay because it was in the center of the City and it out in the open for everyone to see “that stare down was epic.”  Thea told Alex she had a bad night and asked him to be patient with her after he did not get her arrested after her incident on the date “it is a date he will never forget.”  Back on the Island Oliver explain to Conklin that he had to kill Vlad before he killed him and Conklin told Oliver that Reiter is not going to like that Vlad is dead because he was a hard worker.  Oliver told Conklin that maybe Vlad didn’t have a choice, and Conklin tries to blame it on revenge for Oliver killing his sister Diana “lady in the cave.” Oliver and Conklin try to plead their cases to Reiter putting the blame on each other, but Reiter did not take either of their sides and perform a truth ritual that proved that Conklin was lying. Oliver ask Reiter what he was going to do with Conklin, and he told him nothing that he believe that the wronged should make thing right “Oliver look horrified by that idea.” When Reiter left the tent Oliver sneaked and picked up a map from the table, which he brought back to the cave to show to Diana “she’s making herself comfortable. Reiter announces to the people that Conklin had betrayed all of them by get Vlad kill and gave Oliver a whip to strike Conklin in the back as he begs Oliver not to do it, but he has no choice “Reiter is crazy.” Oliver goes to visit Diana to tell her that her brother got killed and apologized to her immensely “the guilt is all on his face.” Diana told Oliver about her and Vlad past and ask him who did, and Oliver told her Conklin “he didn’t technically lie Conklin did send him after Oliver.” she got angry and ready to go after him and Oliver stopped her showing her a map telling her that whatever Reiter is up to they can find it there, and he needs her help “I like her she if tough.” This episode was tremendous I would rate it 9.5 out of 10.