#Empire Fox Empire "My Bad Parts" Recap

"My Bad Parts"
The episode starts with Becky telling Lucious out of making Freda call out Hakeem telling him that there must be a better way to reach his son. Lucious ignores her and went on stage and tell the crowd that sometimes the only way to get to somebody’s attention is to hit them in the head with a sledgehammer “or tap them on the shoulder.” He told them he was not an internet person, but he respected vlogger’s and bloggers for being able to reach the world instantaneously and told them that this was a message to Hakeem by introducing Freda, who was rapping shots fired “Lucious is not winning father of the year.” Hakeem and Laura are making out, and she told him that this would be her first time and Hakeem ask her if she was Virgin as she said yes and he joking asked if she was going to running around behind him like a puppy dog “that was not funny or cute.” After Laura had got upset at Hakeem response, he gave a custom made bracelet he designed for her and told her that they could take their time, and they don’t have to rush, but before anything could start Hakeem got a text about Freda calling him out “he was tight.” Jamal has been nominated to become the new face of Pepsi but he’s among ten other prospects and Lucious does like it, but Jamal told them that he would be honored to submit a song for their consideration “he was so happy.” The Pepsi rep told he that the deadline was tight, and he only have a week to submit his song and both Lucious and Jamal assure her that they will be ready for them “he sure will be.” Lucious, Andre, and Mimi sit down to discuss the deal with Swiftstream and the fact that if the does get done Wall Street is going to go negative on Empire, But Lucious does care and him, and Mimi goes back and forth argue. Mimi told him she can’t deal with her life until Lucious get the deal done, and he should come with something better or just let them close it “she is the dollars Lucious better play nice.” Andre told Lucious that it was not smart to come at his biggest investor like it was a rap battle and he told him that he does care as long as he wins “Lucious crazy.” Jamal works with Cookie on his song for Pepsi and tells him to tell his father, but Jamal is afraid that Lucious will go crazy and mess up the deal for him “smart man.”

Hakeem sends a message to Freda request that they battle for the Lyon’s name and show the whole world who the real Lyon is “I am so excited.” Anika is in her bathroom looking all messed up with a knife in one hand, and positive pregnancy test in the other “Hakeem is going daddy,” and she called Hakeem ad left a voice message telling him that they need to talk “he is not going to like this.” Hakeem goes to Lyon Dynasty to find Laz tell Cookie about him new battle with Freda and ask her where has she been, Cookie immediately confront him about letting Lucious sucker him into a rap battle “he did, and it was easy with Hakeem temper.” Hakeem asks Cookie if that was what old boy told her and Laz tries to defend himself  calling Hakeem “keem” and Hakeem told him that he may have Cookie turn up, so he is clearing starting problems “he’s not on nickname level.”  Cookie tries to explain to Hakeem that they should be focusing on Cookies Cookout not on a battle he may not win “where’s the faith Cookie,” Laz tries to talk to Hakeem, but he keeps shutting him up. Cookie told Hakeem not to start getting emotional, and he told her she was the one getting emotional because he is on point as always telling her that he is not just popping on social media, but he was number four in the top ten slots. Hakeem told her that because of him every move Empire makes they promote Lyon Dynasty so really he was the one who suckers them and Laz told him that was only he wins, and Hakeem shuts him down again asking Cookie if he was a partner. Then answer telling Laz that he was only a puck ass promoter and needs to put up some fliers somewhere and get the hell up out of there. As Laz was leaving Hakeem steps to him and Cookie telling to back off, so Laz push Hakeem out of his way, and Cookie runs up to Laz and smacks him across the face telling never to put his hands on her child again “you telling him mama bear.”

Cookie told Hakeem that if he loses Lyon Dynasty become Empire’s bitch and for a startup company that would end them “she is right but have some faith in Hakeem, Cookie Monster.” Cookie is at Jamal’s apartment trying to figure out where they stand, and Lucious ring the bell and Cookies run in the closet and his “yes you read right.” Lucious brought Jamal a track that he said he worked on all night, and he listens to it and tries to hurry him out of the apart telling to let them go back to the studio and record “this was hilarious.” Anika runs into Rhonda at a juice bar, and the two got to talking and Rhonda told her that the baby is the best thing that ever happens to them with the bonus of Lucious being so nice to them explaining that babies are like his kryptonite “Boo Boo Kitty light bulb went off.” Hakeem walks in on Cookie trying to sneak in a conversation on Skype with Jamal and ask if that was the reason he couldn’t get her to help him with the biggest battle of his life the battle for Dynasty. Hakeem asks her why nothing he does is ever good enough for her and why she loves Jamal more than him, Cookie explains that it was not what he thinks and apologize for hurting him “that apology sounded sincere.” Cookie told him that this was this biggest thing that could ever happen for Jamal, and if she helps him maybe he will move to Dynasty and Hakeem ask what about him, and her “Cookie better learn to share her love and time equally.” Hakeem told her that is she continues working with Jamal, he going to tell Lucious and Cookie told him that he sound like a Snitch Bitch wants to tell Lucious, the man who is trying to take his name. Hakeem did think about it like that laugh telling her that he would hold this one “this was so cute.”  

Thirsty report back to Lucious and Andre that he found a lot of dirt on Jago, but they can’t use anything because he lives a very public life. Andre continues to encourage Lucious to back out of the deal, but Lucious told him that Empire need Swiftstream “let it go, Andre, you are not going to change his mind.” Lucious told Andre that everyone needs to worry about him if they don’t make a move soon because he is sick and tired of being out there on the ledge “who put Lucious on a ledge.” Anika goes to see Hakeem telling that he never confirm their date, and he told her that he is preparing for his battle, Anika tries to instigate sex telling him that she has to tell him something but needs him to be in the right mood “what’s that depression.” Hakeem turn her down telling her he was in love “not with Boo Boo Kitty,” and he know it might sound crazy, but he has never felt like that before and refer to her as a homie telling her he still thinks she is dope “hilarious.” Hakeem ask what she was going to tell him and she told him nothing and wish in luck with is battle “she looked so hurt.” Jamal meets with Lucious, to tell him that he was not sure what way to go with the song because he had another song stuck in his head, and Lucious listened to it and told him that it was cute in a sexy way “I love it.” Jamal invited Lucious and Cookie to the studio to listen to the song because he combines their songs “use your imagination about how crazy it all went down.” Jamal demonstrate how each of their sounds was useful and tell them he want to fuse them together they were hesitant, and Cookie told him that this was not the Disney channel, so there is no happy end “Cookie sure have a way with words.” Jamal got mad and told them he was giving up the whole thing they calmed down and made it happen “he did them well.” Cookie and Lucious made a wager that who every win the battle get to release the son they sign next battle “Lucious wins Hakeem and Cookie wins Jamal.”

Cookies go back to practice with Hakeem and his crew giving him a random word and letting him ram while Lucious does the same “may the best rapper wins.” Hakeem and Jamal have bro time, and Jamal tells him that Cookie and Lucious fighting is driving him crazy and is considering submitting bother their songs. Hakeem told him not to that has both parents in him, and he had to take the part of them he needs and fuse it for himself and that they were his business partner and not his parents “excellent advice Bravo to the new CEO.”  Jamal also gave Keem some advice on his show, telling him that he is an MC but also a performer, so he needs to use that to his advantage because Freda is a one trick pony and he does need to bow to her level “I agree that with Jamal.”  Lucious and his team meet with Jago and his team, but they had to wait for Mimi to arrive and sign. She is running late, and when she got there she just quickly sign the letter of intent and hand it to Lucious telling him that the sooner he signs it is, the sooner they can get to work “Lucious say he going to own the world in six months.” The day for Jamal performance has come, and he invited both his parent who wanted to make a scene, but Jamal stopped them and told them to sit and listen they did “it was great.” Jamal won the Pepsi Showcase making his parent very happy, and they celebrate with him “a Cookie and Lucious Fusion won the showcase.”  Hakeem and Freda's battles begin for Hakeem’s title, and the crowd chants were is Hakeem, and he made an entrance, Round 1 winner Hakeem and Round  Freda made it personal, but Hakeem took Jamal advice and Just perform instead of battling. At the end of Hakeem rap, he told everyone that he is dropping his last name and smashed the Lyon of the hanging neon light breaking Lucious heart making him flashback to when he was a child living in the street under a Lyon statue “I feel for Lucious but ask for this one.” Cookie celebrate with her sons, and luscious comes in and congratulates Hakeem no name and they told them about their bet, Jamal told Lucious to make them have the night, and he smile nodding ok “Lucious is taking losing very well surprisingly.”

One of Lucious bouncer came over and told him that Cookie sister was there and at first he told them not to let her in but then change is mind and as he was walking out told Cookie her sister was there “everything just got crazy after that.” Cookie sister Candice (played by Vivica Fox) came in the club screaming Loretha (Cookie gov name) telling her that she needs to speak to her when they got outside Candice told her that their sister Carol was on a bender. Cookie didn’t believe her at first telling her that what Carol smoke don’t make her choke. Candice told her that she left the kids at her door with a note saying it was all Cookie and Jamel’s fault, and Cookies told her that they have to go to Philadelphia “Candice sure made Lucious’s night.”  Hakeem put Laura in a car and sends her home telling her he has something to take care off and when the car drove off her drive was Boo Boo Kitty “more like Boo Boo crazy.”

This episode was amazing I would rate it 9.8 out of 10.