Recap from Sunday Night TV Shows

Once Upon a Time
"The Bear and the Bow"
The episode started Back in Camelot with Merlin, Hook, David and Belle breaking into the dungeon to rescue Lancelot and end up saving Merida because she was in the cell across from him, but Merida refuses to leave the dungeon without her wisps but had to before the guards came back “they need to go”. Merida knocks out Belle to help her get her brothers back from the clan and explain to her that they took them because she does not want to marry. She later took Belle to the witches’ cabin to use the cauldron which showed her that the clan is planning to kill her brothers unless she relinquishes her crown, so she asks Belle to help her change her faith by becoming a bear because it is only thing that can save them now “this better work”. Merida practice her shooting while Belle tries to talk her out of turning herself into a bear, but she won’t listen and when she got to the site where they were holding her brother she took the potion but Belle had switched it with water “she was mad”. Merida had to be brave and she was and stopped the arrows that were fired at her brothers before it killed them “go Merida”. After her bravery the clan bowed down to her and acknowledge her as their queen “Bell was right after all”. When the dust was settled Merida put Belle on a boat and thanked her and wished her all the best with Rumple “a job well done Belle”. Merlin remind Emma that they have met before in the movie theater and warned her to leave Excalibur alone “she didn’t listen”. Back in Storybooke the crew that figure out that Merlin was free in Camelot and searches for a way to summon him to find out why he did not remove Emma’s darkness “I really want know”, however the only person that can summon him is someone that he have tasked and they suggested Rumple but Belle was uncomfortable because they were unaware of the outcome and Emma still had him, so she left to find him “she and her precious Rumple”. The team then turn to “a deceptive” Arthur who David had told about the Crimson crown ask to summon Merlin, when he got there he asked everyone to leave because he talks to Merlin best when they are alone and as soon as they walked through the door he threw the Crimson crown in the fire and told them he was unable to reach him “he is such a liar”. In the end they figured out what Arthur had did and turned to the writer “Henry” who was more than happy to do it even though he is still sad about what Emma did “why didn’t they ask him in the first place”. Henry was able to summon Merlin but got his voice message which ended abruptly because the Dark Swan was coming “next week story”. Rumple was still capture in the woods and had to break the cup he shared with Belle to cut himself loose. Rumple made his way back to Belle and thanked her for always standing by his side and told her that Emma took him to make him become the saver “a coward like him”. Rumple refuses to go back to the shop but Belle convinces him to come with her by telling him that she has always seen the man behind the beast and that he can be a hero “this should be good”. Belle and Rumple went back to the shop and they were ambushed by a desperate Merida who told them that she didn’t think they would be stupid enough to come back here after Emma put a bounty on Belle’s head “poor Belle”. As Merida pointed the arrow at Belle head Rumple cowardly did nothing and Bell pulled the rug from under her feet allowing her to fall and hit her head “good job Belle” and she and Rumple grab the potion and they escaped. Rumple tries to leave stortybrook but Belle tells him that heroes don’t run and insist he stop the car and he did and told her that he is not a hero and he broke his leg not to be brave but to be a coward “SMH”. On Belle's way back to town she ran into Merida who told her that Emma is making her drink the potion that turns her into a bear “run Belle run”. Belle runs from Bear Merida and fell down a ramp but was rescued by Rumple who distracted her and hit some magic that transform her back to human “lucky suckers”. Belle ran over to Rumple and thanked him for saving her life and he replied that she saved him first “so romantic”. They took Merida back to Emma “the dark one” and Rumple made a deal with her to give Merida back her heart and tell her where her brothers were and in return he will pull the sword from the Excalibur. Emma did as he asked and advice Belle that he can’t do she will turn him into dust, but he was pulled it and threatens Emma to stop her no matter what it takes “this is going to be fun”. Zelena baby kicked and she was craving onion ring but Regina has her eating only farm grown vegetable which she refuse to eat but Emma who wanted to talk brought her some and while she was eating Emma tried to make her a deal but she refused because she said she is trying to be a better person for her baby and that Emma would be a bad influence on him “the irony”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9/10.

Blood and Oil
Everyone shows up at the hospital to support Billy when Cody is in surgery after being beaten up by Gary “oh Cody”. Hap flew in a top surgeon to help with Cody’s surgery, which Jules thanked him for because she was the one who called him when she heard about Cody’s attack “the devil does have a heart when it serves him”.  While Carla went to get coffee, Jules told Hap that he is her knight in bloody shining armor and that no matter how hard she tries she can’t get over him and he told her that she doesn’t have to and just to tell him that she does not miss him but their conversation was interrupted by Carla who brought muffins “she saw them”. After seeing the way Hap looked at Jules she got dress and later went to confront her about her relationship with Hap and ask her if Hap still loves her and she replied it was over “is it now”.  Carla then ask Jules what would make her want to be the other woman and demanded that she convince Hap that she is really done with him by any means necessary so he will stay away for good “she shouldn’t have done that”. Jules was upset after her visit from Carla and broke the flower that Hap had given her and then called him to come over so they could have a talk “talk my ass”. When Hap arrives to Jules house she told him about her visit from Carla and he asks her what she has decided to do and she drops her robe and told him that they need to be more careful and handle her business “like a boss”. Hap later went home to Carla and told her that they were over and she was happy and told him that she forgives him and he should come to bed “if she only knew”.  After Wick called from Gary when he was at the hospital confessing he beats up Cody, Wick went to see him and he told him that it was his fault for not getting him the money and played a recording of a previous conversation with Wick proving his leverage “this dude is trouble on steroids”. Cody was rush to surgery again where she loses the baby “this was so sad” and she identifies Gary has her attacker to Tip which made Billy mad because he knows Gary is an acquaintance of Wick “woo he's going to get him”. Billy when to confronts Wick about his friend Gary because he is the one who attacked his wife and killed his unborn son but when he told Wick he said he already knows and advise him to thank God for the prayers he has answered and go back to the hospital and take care of his wife “yeah right” and let him take care of Gary. After Billy left Wick’s house, he went to see Cassidy “a nurse ex-partner” to get some pain pills for Gary and she gave it to him with the intention of him becoming involved with her again and she kissed him “poor desperate girl”. Wick brought the pills to Gary and then pulled out a gun to kill him but was interrupted by an angry Billy who Wick tried to stop from making a big mistake and Gary used this time to jump through the window and run in the woods “that snake”. They both chase Gary through the wood until he fell down a hill and got a tree stub stuck in his stomach, at first Billy wanted to call the police but was stop by Wick who told him to let him die as payback for hitting Cody and he did “bad idea”. Billy went back to the hospital to see Cody who told him to let the police handle Gary and he said yes he would and later went out make a pack with Wick to never talk about what happen to Gary “making a deal with the devil’s son”. At the ranch AJ left flowers and card to apologies to Lacey and she called him and told him that his apology is worse than his spying “so true”. AJ was given 36 hours to present the report or his kid is dead “threatening a child not cool”. AJ and Lacy worked together to get the document for the people holding his kid and while they were working he told her he was married to his son’s mother “now you tell her”. Later AJ delivered the document and request to speak to his son and he did and went home happily to tell Lacey who was still mad that he did not tell her about his wife and walked away from him “you go girl”. Finally, Emma overheard Hap offering Billy a Job and confronts him and told him that he was only offering him the job because he is threatened by him and he rebuffed her accusation and walked away “listen to her”. Emma still perturbed about Hap’s offer to Billy that she convinced her grandfather “Clifton” that Billy could give Hap Briggs a run for his money and Clifton later called Annie Briggs “Hap ex-wife” to tell him about the talented Billy “this is going to be good”. This was an exciting episode, I would rate it 9/10.

In the present Shelby decides to help Alex but she refuses to contact with Caleb because he is Alex’s main suspect at the time “she still has feelings for him”. Alex called Ryan at home when he was in bed with Natalie and to help her hack the FBI computer so she can see the surveillance video from the day Grand Central got bombing but when he was asked by Natalie he told her he was speaking with O'Connor “oh boy”. Simon and Ryan later got Alex connected to the FBI computer which was being monitored by Caleb and he deletes a video of him and his father (FBI Director Clayton) speaking “still not sure why he deleted that” and then he continues to monitor the videos where he found a clip of Shelby kissing his father “omg yes you heard right” which she was try to prevent Alex from seeing but she did “shocker”. Alex then realized that he was not looking for her but was looking for Shelby who was having an affair with her father, which she explains to Alex that Caleb knew she was having an affair but he did not know it was with his father “that’s not nice Shelby”. She continues to explain to Alex how it all started when she was stationed in New York and was working closely with Clayton and at first it was drinks after work and a lot of talking but then drinks turned to dinners, which turned to walking around the city late at night “that call dating sweet heart”. Alex listened as she told her that it was not supposed to happen and they pushed it off as long as they could, but then they decided to spend a few days together to see if there is really something there, so she lied to everyone telling them that she was talking a vacation to Buenos Aires and she even brought tickets but then she checked in to the Andaz by the library and the rest was “use your imagination”. Alex was disappointed that Shelby didn’t tell her about the affair but she claims that she was too embarrassed to tell anyone she was becoming a mistress and that Alex have not always being trustworthy with her secrets and Alex replied that she was sorry but secrets have a way of getting out “isn’t that the truth”. Shelby later saw Caleb who was very angry and heartbroken and tried to apologies, say that they never meant to hurt him and Caleb reminded her that he was married to his mom and she replied that they don’t even live together “oh no she didn’t” and she won’t grant him a divorce as long as she is in office “this chick is all kinds of crazy”. Caleb told her that he loved her and she rejected him for his father and explained to her that he spent his entire life thinking that he wasn’t as good as him, but she was the one person who made him feel like maybe he was “she broke his heart so badly I want to cry”.  He told her that it was just a lie and walked away leaving her crying “what the hell is she crying about”. Alex called Ryan when he was at the FBI site and Natalie was next to him and asked who it was and he said O’Conner but when she looks over in the office she saw O’Conner in a meeting and later told him that he think Ryan is helping Alex “that’s a story for next time”. Back in Quantico the trainees practice using surveillance with Miranda and her troubled son Charlie after her attempt to watch him at home was detected by Liam who was there to try reaching out to him “like that would work”. Before this assignment was given the practice a little with surveillance equipment and discuss their person relationship “sexing” with other member of the team, saying it just for fun but Nimah question them about have sex without feeling and they explain its better that way “really ladies” while Ryan considers telling Alex about his mission to watch her and ask Simon opinion and he advises him to tell her “look who’s talking”. After this Nimah was spooked and told her twin Raina that she need to push Simon away but she did the opposite and allowed him to get close, while this was happening Shelby was trying to use Natalie’s date Bryan to make Caleb jealous and it did work but later she told him that she liked him but that not what they are there for so she would like to leave thing as it is “a lot of sexing in tonight episode”. When surveilling Miranda they discovered that she had a son and her and Liam maybe closer than they knew “they sure are”. Liam caught Ryan outside Miranda’s house when he went to fix the interference from the speaker and question him but before he could answer, he blurted out about Ryan’s mission to watch Alex and she overheard and called their relationship and friendship off, she even went as far and switching rooms with Natalie “so that’s how they got together”. This was an electrifying episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.