Reign "Fight or Flight" Recap

Reign Recap
"Fight or Flight"
The episode starts with Bash and Charles coming in from a ride; Charles told Bash that it has been three weeks since Francis death, and he still have to remind himself every day that Francis wasn’t there, and he was King. Charles told Bash he was all envious of the relationships he and Bash had, and Bash explains that he was Francis’s brother first, and a king needed that and reminded him that he was his brother too “I love Franash moment.” Lord Grenier tries to buy Charles loyalty by giving him a lavish gift; Bash asks Lord Grenier if the council has decided on a new Regent and advise him that Francis dying wish was for Catherine to take because regent and Grenier told Bash that it was none of his business “excuse me you prick.” Greer comes to help Mary put away Francis belongings and support her now that she is moving to a lesser quarters like an outside “that’s such a shame.” Mary explains to Greer that she may still be a queen, but she was no longer the queen of France due to Francis demise “omg this is so sad for me.”  Bash came to find Mary to tell her that Catherine has gone into a state of depression and refused to leave her room; Mary went to see to try and lift her spirit by making a suggestion on activity such as praying. Catherine asks Mary why to pray to God if he does here her and Mary told her that they are all going through a hard time right now, but reminded her that Francis saw a future for all of them and Charles needed her “Mary encouraging Catherine never thought I would see the day.” Bash told Catherine about the Privy Council meetings, and Mary tells her that Charles is too young to lead and fend for himself. Mary emphasizes to Catherine that until a Regent is an assignment she his queen mother and she must be present at transition government assemble, Catherine asks if there was another candidate and they told her of Grenier opportunist actions. Catherine asks Mary why she was helping her knowing that the first thing she would do is to pull the tropes of Scotland and end the reckless war Francis started over his lover from her “I already miss Frary.” Mary answered Catherine tell her that she will fulfill Francis' dying wish of Catherine becoming Charles' Regent, in spite of her current dilemma being widowed and alone “she is so strong I am proud of her.” Catherine told Mary that they were not a sing noble of the council that would be willing to vote for her, and Mary told her not yet, but she cannot lose this battle because no one will be more focus on keeping Charles on the Throne like she would “that is a fact.” Catherine and Mary walked in on a secret gathering of the council and walked out with Catherine feeling threatened as the council starts rallying behind Lord Grenier. Catherine thinks that she'd been defeated, but Mary decides to fight for Catherine's regency telling if she can’t fight she will fight them for her “go Mary.” Narcisse and Lola lay in bed discussing Catherine coming after them, but Narcisse tries to take Lola's mind off that by asking her if she had any fantasy’s and told her that they need to broaden their erotic horizons “Narcisse is too expense for Lola.” Narcisse tries to get Lola to be more aggressive in the bedroom, but she is uncomfortable and tells him that it would make her feel masculine or like a working girl “early trouble in paradise.” Narcisse explains to Lola that after work, he would like to come home and feel like he is wanted as much as he wants her, and she told him that she does, but she was not comfortable with what he was asking “she better get into the game.”  Mary receives a message about Elizabeth attacking her birth land and expresses her concern to Greer, who suggested that she goes home, and Mary explain that she was bound to France for a reason and Catherine needed her “two word I thought I would never hear.” Greer suggests to Mary that she take on another suitor to help her fight for Scotland, but Mary said that she was not ready to marry and that she wasn’t sure if she would ever be “I know Francis was the best.” However, Greer did say something that caught Mary’s attention about Don Carlos of Spain and how men was defined by their money given her an idea on how told handle Lord Grenier “I love me some Greer.” Leith, called by Claude who told him that she needed to go to the village, to visit the peasant shrine for Francis, and as her hand Madden Alexander left the room, they discussed Leith’s temporary encounter with her that Claude worked in on. Leith explain that he and Alexander were over because he had to feel for her, but Claude told him that those feeling would have reciprocated if she didn’t see them together “you should have knocked.” Leith told her that he had learned to know his place and recall that he is a kitchen boy that the King to a liken to, Claude told him that France was changing and offer herself to help Leith learn to be suitable for higher class ladies. Charles walked in on Mary in Francis old office and told her that he have being looking for all over, explaining that Lord Grenier is treating him like a child by trying to buy if affection with lavish gifts and told her that they were moving up the vote for Regency “this means trouble.” Mary and Charles discover that Lord Grenier has been using his vineyard money to purchase mercenary armies for the war in Scotland and profiting off the death of his soldiers “that’s so wrong.” Catherine walk in on two servants having sex and told that they room was off limits to servant especial those performing that activity. Catherine dismisses the woman but spoke with the man Christoph, who she seem to have taken liken to “this is the start of a new flingship.”  Mary asks Greer for her help to gather more information on Lord Grenier, but Greer told her that she doesn’t think her girls could help with this one. Greer told Mary of a story about his wife, and she told Greer to send one of her ladies to console her “Mary is being so strong.” Leith and Claude spend time together preparing to for that dinner, but Leith then learns that it was a plan so Claude could spend time with him and that Claude wants to be with him. Leith told her that from experience he knows that they would never work, and she convince him that they would “yes over Catherine’s dead body.” Mary told Catherine the information she gathered from Greer lady through Lord Grenier wife, and they confront him, and he tries to deny everything, but they told him that thy have proof and that he needed to resign “Mary is making me so happy.” Lord Grenier tells Catherine that she has a lot of enemies on the council, and she hasn’t won just yet. Catherine told Mary that Lord Grenier was right, and Mary told her that she will get her the rest of the votes. Catherine explain that she will have to remove the troops from Scotland and Mary told her that she promise Francis to stand by her side, Catherine refuse to dishonor Francis’s memory by pulling the troops “Catherine has surprise me this entire episode.” Mary signs off all of the French troops, dissolving the alliance. The council realizes Catherine could be suitable for the position. Mary discusses France being her home since she was six years old with Catherine and that she threw herself in because it meant that she could stay, but now there was nothing but Scotland and hopes of a new alliance “poor Mary.” Catherine suggested Don Carlos and Mary agrees but is having a hard with marring again and told her that she does even know who she was without Francis and Catherine told he she was a Queen “Catherine genuineness is astonishing.” Catherine went to see Narcisse and told him that even at her lowest of lows she is still stronger that her enemies and proceeds to threaten him, but was brought back down when he told her that he have made arrangement to ensure that her manipulating plan won’t work “he’s good.” Catherine held Narcisse by the balls “yes that one,” and he told her that she need to let go unless she was going to finish the job and she did “Catherine keeps shocking me.” Catherine head lady told her that they were chatting of her leaving Narcisse’s quarter and that she put an end to it. Catherine explained to her that she left Narcisse experiencing the kind of pleasure that she was sure he was not getting from Lola “this is going to come back to bite Narcisse in the ass.” However, it was all part of Catherine’s plan because she have now found his weakness and plan to use it to get his vote and then lay waste to his happiness “her words not mind.” Catherine has taken as gotten her hooks into young Christoph, who she ask to bring her back to life “omg Catherine is back.” Lola tries to discuss her compromise with Narcisse, but he told her not worry about it and turn down her proposition for sex “this is going to end badly I know it.” Charles check in on Mary to offer his help and beg her stay in France and court whom so ever she wanted because that what Francis would have wanted. Mary took his advice and sent word to Don Carlos of Spain that she was ready “I didn’t like him when he saw Elizabeth, he is too arrogant for Mary.” Back in England, Elizabeth murmurs over Mary no longer willing to give up her country and crown to her will the passing of Francis “Elizabeth have a lot of nerves.”  Elizabeth man told her that Widow Mary is less of a threat to England, but Elizabeth disagree telling him that while that may be the case it won’t be for long “you better know it.” She explains that Mary has a few other option that poses a threat to her crown, she told him that Mary’s ability to bewitched men is well known implying to him that she doesn’t trust him “Elizabeth is missing some screws.” She decides to call an emergency session with the council to make plans to attack Lirico Mary’s birth place. Elizabeth sent Knights to bring her lover Robert home after he had left with his wife, but when he refuse to return she asked his wife Amy back to court and offered her a demining job just she and Robert will have to return court. Amy questions Elizabeth motive as she asks her what she told Robert to make him leave with her to a place he does like and Amy explain that he was her husband, and she could ask him herself “I like her she tough.” Elizabeth and Robert argue about the preposterous job offer she made to ensure that he returned to court asking him if he thought that she would let him leave her without and explanation. Robert explain that Amy knows about them and lash out at him telling him that she was taking another lover that Elizabeth denies, he told her that he was shamed and almost killed her, and she forgave him. Elizabeth told him that he loves her, and she is willing to do anything to make him stay, Robert tried to resist her at first, but she throw herself at him, and he gave “she is a horrible person.” Robert went back to Amy and told her that they were moving back into the castle because Elizabeth was their queen and she demand it and elucidate that they needed not to discuss Elizabeth anymore “he has some nerves.” Amy takes the matter into her hands and bribes the doctor to give her a diagnosis that will be her husband attention “she is tougher than she looks, watch out Elizabeth.” The doctor took Amy’s offer and told Robert that she was sick and that they needed to leave the castle at once to save her life “she’s good.” Robert tells Elizabeth of Amy’s illness and that they have to move to Cornwall, Robert told her that it was Amy’s best chance and this time they were over for good. Elizabeth tries to talk him out of leaving tell him that Amy’s illness was not his fault and that maybe it was faith telling them that they need to be together and that the just has to wait long enough to die, but he rebuffed the notion and they kissed goodbye “she is crazy.” Elizabeth got word about France pulling back their troops and plans to take Scotland for herself by sending in Gideon Blackburn as a love interest for Mary to take her down by making her fall in love with him “he is good looking so this should be interesting.” This was an amazing episode in spite of the loss of King Francis, and I would rate it 9 out of 10.