#Supergirl S1 EP4 "How Does She Do It?" Recap

"How Does She Do It?"
The episode starts with Supergirl flying through the sky and notice that she was being watched by a drone and flew after it shot down and took it Hank at the DEO and accuse him of watching her “that was my first thought too.” Hank told her it was not them and tries to figure out who is watching her because Alex noticed that there was not marking on the drone, only that it was very advance technologies. Supergirl is very concern, and Alex told her that she could trust Hank “that is still questionable in my mind.” After Kara’s detour, she rushes back to work where Winn is covering her calls and hating, Kara’s first call was to inform her of Cat winning an award. As Kara was about to book Cat’s flight she overheard her arguing with her mother about her being a grandmother, she called Kara who congratulates her, and Cat told her that she was not going because she has no one to watch Carter. Kara volunteers to watch Carter and Cat tells her that her son is gifted so he is clever, smart, and shy, he is very reserve, so he needs special attention. Outside the office, Lucy and James are having coffee, where James questions her motives for being in National City, and she tries to lie saying it was about and case but eventually confessed that she was back for him “I don’t like that idea.” Kara overheard their conversation and told James that Lucy was a woman that knows what she wanted, and James explain her need to win everything and that she dumped because he was a distraction “yes she’s crazy.” Kara is in disbelieve and nervously tells James that he was not a distraction, as things about got weird they heard an explosion and checked to see. When she looked she saw a building coming down from being bombed, and she sprinted into action by held the walls of the building up using her super strength them her laser beam eyes. After everyone was safe and the wall could stand alone, she blows the fire out “the drone came back and snapped a picture.” She took particles from the fire and brought back to the DEO headquarters and looking at it Alex told her that the drone and bombing are related, both share similar components that Alex can trace back to Maxwell Lord. Supergirl ask how they plan to get into Maxwell Lord as an FBI agent, and Alex shows her changeable badges that can look like any of the government agencies “that was so cool,” Hank and Alex decide to pay Mr. Lord a visit and find out how he was connected to the bomb.

Alex asks Kara if she was head back to see James and she told her no especial because his Ex-girlfriend Lucy was in town and that she was so hot that she would date her “she is hot, but I am still team Jamara.” Alex tries to make Supergirl feel better by telling all the awesome thing she can do, but it didn’t go well because Lucy seems so perfect in her eyes “well that does not mean she gets James.” Alex begs Kara not to talk to James about Lucy because it is going to land her in the friend zone; Kara told her that she was not in the Friendzone, but Alex told her that she spends more time in the friend zone that the phantom zone “that is not funny.” Cat call Kara to check on Carter, and she rushes over to pick him up from school and when she got there her first encounter was awkward and she made a joke to break the ice. Alex and Hank went to Maxwell and he told them that the build that had the explosion was a subsidiary of his, which concern them  Hank left Alex behind to protect him even though he insisted that he doesn’t need it “I already don’t like or trust  him.” While they were working, they bonded over their fascination of physics and other scientific stuff, but was quickly interrupted when that discovered a bomb. Alex told his employee to leave the building and encourages him to do the same, but he refused to leave and try to disarm the bomb himself and was unable to do so “right.” Seeing that they were nothing they could do she called Supergirl for her help “Supergirl came to rescue.” Time was running out the bomb, so Supergirl took the bomb as far away from the city as quickly as she could, but when she throws it into the sky did not clear the explosion fast enough and gets knocked into the water “Omg that was so scary to watch.” Kara was recused by the DEO and brought back to HQ where she was placed into a machine that has as much heat as the sun to charges up system backup “that’s so cool.”

At one point, she woke up and saw Hank’s eyes glowing red as he examines her blood, but she was too weak and falls back asleep. When she finally wakes up, she had to forget or just didn’t address it as Hank told her what happen, and Alex ran in and gave her a hug “that was a close call.” After some research the DEO was able to identify the bomber as Ethan Knox, a former Lord Technologies employee, who was not taking his dismissal well “the man’s got to eat.” Kara, who was babysitting Carter hurries back to work, but when she got there see notices that he have eaten anything substantial and went back out to get him food. While she was at the restaurant, she runs into Lucy, who decided to vent to her about her James problem. She explained to her that she broke up with him because she felt second place to him and superman’s bromance, so she prioritize her work to help her cope “I am not buying it.” Lucy also expresses her concern about him falling for Supergirl, which Kara tries to assure her that he won’t because she felt her pain “she is playing on poor Kara emotions.” When Kara got back to the office, Carter was Winn bonding over video games and their love of Supergirl. Alex confronts Maxwell about his government trust issues, and he explained that his parents used to be government doctors and died when a virus they were working with killed them when air filters in their lab failed, and the government covered up their deaths “that a good reason.”  After their conversation, Alex express her concern to Maxwell about the launch of his new super train, but she ignores her and goes ahead with the launch of his super train. Supergirl monitors the train station on the night of its first voyage; she receives a call from the DEO that another bomb was discovered at the airport, and she took off to the airport.  On her way to the airport she received a from Winn, who discovers that Carter went to the train station in the hope of meeting Supergirl, and tell Supergirl that he was Ethan Knox on the train and tells the DEO to take the airport. James hear the news and heads to the airport, too, because Lucy is heading back to Metropolis and he realizes how much he cares about her.” Hank and Alex find the bomb at the airport and tries to disarm the bomb and was unable to do so and told Alex to leave and he would handle it on his own. Once they he saw that it was clear, his eyes glow red, he opens the bomb, and deactivates it with no problem and exits the airport telling them that the bomb was just a decoy “as if they won’t be able to prove it.” Back on the train Supergirl tells Carter that he needs his help, and tell Maxwell to move everyone to the back of the train “Carter is so happy.”  

Supergirl uses her x-ray vision and finds Ethan Knox in the front car who had the bomb strap to his body “x-ray vision is so cool.” She get to him and talks him out killing everyone on the train by using his daughter as a trigger; he want to die because he was embarrassed after his name went public. This left Supergirl no chance but to disconnect his car from the rest of the train and after the train got some distance between the passengers and Knox it exploded “this was just crazy.” After the mission, Supergirl was not convinced that Knox just killed himself for no reason and put 2 and two together and realizes that Maxwell Lord was behind the entire scheme. She Maxwell a visit and confesses to being behind the entire thing but he told her that she has no way of proving it “Maxwell Lord Supergirl’s Lex Luthor.” He told her that because she chose to save the 100 people on the train instead of the 1000 people at the airport, he knows someone she cared about was on the train and vows to reveal her identity “this is going to be fun to watch.” Also, Alex discovers a failsafe in the airport bomb which means it is impossible to that it was a decoy “how will he explain this one.” Cat returns from Metropolis and hurries to see her Carter, who was on the train, but he was happier that she have ever seen him about meeting Supergirl and Cat used the opportunity interview him “she will stop at nothing to get a story.” Kara was impressed by the way she handles her son and answers her how she does it, and she tells her that you can have it all, but you have to start small and work your way up “that a true statement .” This episode was sensational I would rate it 9.1 out of 10.