Recaps from Monday Night TV Shows

"Stronger Together"
It has only been a week since Kara made her first appearance as Supergirl and she is now being tested by the DEO to ensure her stamina and limits “she has none so far”. Kara first mission since then was to put out a fire and she did by moving the ship away from the gas, in the process she broke the front leaving the bay facing an ecological disaster and because of that accident the city is now trying to figure out if she a hero or a menace “ungrateful people”. With all the bad press about Supergirl, Cat is demanding an interview with Supergirl but Kara doesn’t think that she can have an interview with Cat without been recognized by her “superman did it”. After the meeting James convince her that Cat would not recognize her because most people are not expecting someone so close to them to be a super hero “that’s true” he also needed her to do it because his job was on the line “he was not selfish about it”. The next day Cat wrote a piece about Supergirl failure to last and Kara who was already down from her human sister Alex slapping her around and telling her she was not full ready, confronts her about the article and Cat explains to her that Supergirl is taking things too fast, that she need to start from the bottom to gain some experience “wow she made sense”. After her talk with Cat, Kara ask James and Winn to meet her in the alley “they figured out that they both knew her secret” and she asks them for their help to start small and they did and she was able to stop a lot of small crime and get her good name back “patient is a virtue”. Kara got called by the DEO to look at an alien specimen, which made her flash back to her time in Krypton when she was a child having a conversation with her mother and was able to use that memory to identify that it was a Hellgrammite (a large insect that can camouflage himself into anything he wants) “it was really ugly”. The Hellgrammite was later ambushed by General Astra aliens and command to help her by using itself as bate to catch her niece Supergirl, he was hesitant at first but was told by Astra that it was not an invitation but a commanded “she’s very bossy”. Later he tried to bate Supergirl but Alex showed up and was capture and brought back to Astra who she mistakes for Alura, but was quickly corrected that she not Alura but her twin sister “surprise”. Henshaw called Supergirl to tell her that Alex has been captured and she is upset because she was not there, but went to find her and as she flew over the city listening for Alex she heard her voice and updated Henshaw “at least she told him”. Kara went to rescue Alex but before she could tell her it was a trap, she was knocked to the ground by Astra “surprise”. Kara told her that she thought she was dead on krypton but she told her that she was in prisoned by Alura because she spoke the truth and told her to join her and when she refused and they began to fighting “sweet”. Astra is stronger than Kara because she is more experience but Kara remembered Alex training and use her strengths against her tossing her on the ground and running to Alex who was just attacked by Hellgrammite but killed him, but it was not over because Astra got up to attack them again but was stopped by Henshaw who stab her with a kryptonite weapon “that was brave of him”. After going back to the DEO head quarter Kara ask Alex to continue training her and she said yes and then brought her to show her a room that was built for her and in it was a hologram of her mother who she now has as a guide inside for the aliens that crashed on earth, her first question was about Astra “it best to know your enemy’s”. Alex went to thank Henshaw for allowing her to put it there and he said no problem, but when he walked away his eyes turned red “what the hell”. This was a tremendous episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.

"Crazy Train"
Toby has his first professional fight and the team was there to support him except for Happy, Paige thinks it a bad idea “I am with Paige” but Walter encourage him and he went in the ring and got knock out in less than 5 minutes “that was so funny”. Cabe told Toby that he needs to let his feeling for Happy go and that if Happy wanted to be there she would have been, Happy waked in while they were talking and she explains that she had a prier engagement so she could not attend and Toby tries to hide is hurt “poor Toby”. Cabe made fun of Toby telling that he is grieving and the first stage is denial, the second is anger, the third stage is bargaining, the fourth stage depression and the final stage is Acceptance, which Toby said he is willing do after he sees that Happy is happy with Chet “she is not with Chet stupid”. Toby and the team followed Happy to a comedy club where see tried to tell jokes “that was so funny”. After her performance when Toby realizes that Chet was her comedy coach, he came to the conclusion that they are both try to avoid each other and that she does have something feeling for him and he will allow it to grow “let it go Toby”. Paige and Ralph are stuck on train that is out of control and she called Walter to help as the train is going faster and faster, Walter hacked in to the D.O.T train system to find out what was going on, while Sylvester calculated that Happy ideas of the CAN’T won’t work because at the speed the train is going it might derail “omg this is so scary”. Walter and Happy jumped on the train track to grease it with oil so it can slow down, the oil worked but the train is still out of control and the switch that is supposed to stop the train was remove deliberately by someone and that the same person who took it is also controlling the train “only on Scorpion” and there is no other away to stop the train current but they are working on it “this is so good”. Ralph tried to comfort is friend, while the team figure out that it was all part of a heist and they when to the tunnel and stopped the guy that stole the coins “ got him”. Walter then decides to get on the speeding train “suicidal genius say what now” Ralph saw Walter as her jump on the train but the emergency window would not open with only 25 sec before it hits a column and Paige broke the glass to get him in “that was so close”. Cabe and Toby tries to get the guy they caught on the train track to talk, Cabe try physical torture but it did not work, so Toby try’s mental tortures and he gave them the location of his partner “I can’t believe that actually worked”. Cabe and Toby got to the person controlling the train and Cabe knocked him out but they still was not able to stop the train without restart the system “really”. On the train Paige is getting ready to hang outside to try to switch the lever to let it train switch tracks instead of hitting a wall but Paige drops to handmade spear “oh shit”. Happy ran on to the tracks and got to the level in time and Toby was able give Walter control of the train but a new problem arise for then because of the oil they first lay down, and Walter plan was to put everyone in the other cart and stay in the original cart to detach the Level but that mean certain death “he is killing me”. Walter was able to escape the crashing of his train, but Paige was so mad him for almost killing himself she slapped him in the face and walked away “I would have done the same thing”. Ray later encourage Walter to stop staying away from Paige because that won’t work and he told Walter about how is best friend die in a fire because he couldn’t save him in time and how he distant himself for everyone after that and he pulled away too far and now he can’t go back “you tell him Ray”. Walter faces Paige for the first time and she told him that she was scared when she saw him going into the darkness and she thought that she would never see him again, they got close and as they were about to kiss Cabe walks in “I was very upset” however, Cabe late apology by tell Walter that he realized that he walked in on a moment “I feel much better” and Walter basically told him that there is more where that came from “I can’t wait”. This was a marvelous episode, I would rate it 9.3/10.

Jane the Virgin
"Chapter Twenty-Six"
Jane accidentally puts a strain between her and Lina's friendship when she forgets to plan her birthday party which she lied about saying that she had planning, but was unable to pull it together in time and had to tell her the truth, which made her mad and disappointed in Jane “she shouldn’t have lied”. Lina was mad at Jane because she seems to no longer have time for her now that Mateo is born “motherhood could change a woman”. Rafael reveals his feelings to Jane, but confused her when he mentions joint custody of their son, because he feels like he is missing Mateo growing up because they are not together “oh Rafael”. After Jane’s conversation with Rafael she decides to let him watch Mateo while she in school, but when she brought him over she took a list of does and don’t for him to follow “really Jane”.  While Jane was trying to get a space to have Lina’s party she went to Rafael’s office and as she was waiting she saw the list she gave to Rafael on the floor crumpled up and immediately call him and try to figure out if he is following her list, and he lied and said yea “so much lies this episode”. As Rafael was leaving the room Jane was coming done the hall and quickly hid in the storage room before he could see her and waited for Rafael to get on the elevator, but when she tried to leave the room she was locked in “Jane is crazy”. Michael call Jane while she was stuck in the storage room to tell her that he knows about her kissing Rafael which she was shock to here “so what #Team Rafael”. Jane told Michael that she was struck in the storage room and he rushed over to let her out and she came out the room Rafael walks off the elevator “oh boy” and Rafael ask her what she was doing he and the two start to argue about the list and Jane later explain to him that it has been hard for her since Mateo has being hard because she feels like she doesn’t even recognize herself anymore and all she can every seem to do is working about Mateo “that because she a good mother”. Later that night Xo convince Jane to go Lina’s birthday party she was having at the club and she called Rafael to watch Mateo and went, went she got the at first Lina would not pay her no mind but Jane apologies and told she was they for her and she plans to pump and dump “we all need a break sometime”. After the party was over she went to pick up Mateo from Rafael but he had already brought him home to save her the trouble, while she was getting ready to go home she ran into Michael and they started talking and they shared a kiss which Jane went to tell home mon that it was the best kiss of her life and she thinks she will choose Michael but the baby cam was on, so she ran in the living room to see if the other piece was on and if Rafael had heard her which he did and turn of the cam before she saw it “poor Rafael’s Heart”. In Petra’s world she is feeling good after her Talk with Rafael who told her that there is someone out there for her but it is not him and she kind and smart and can do this with or without him “it’s went better that you think”. A happy Petra went back to her suite to find Milos who is proposing to her but she did not answer him “like she has a choice”. Meanwhile, Michael is assigned a new partner and is given a lead to the Sin Rostro case and Rogelio is a victim of blackmail from his ex-wife “the drama”. This was a fun episode. I would rate it 8.5/10.

Minority Report
"Honor among Thieves"
The episode started with Dash meeting Wally for the first time when the precrime program was terminated and their service was no longer need, so they offer them some money and no identities and pushed them in the world “they were so clue less”. They went into a restaurant where Arthur had beer for the first time and choked because of the taste, while Agatha and Dash discusses going to Fiddler's Neck “poor Arthur”. When they got to the motel, Arthur refuse to go and heads back to the bar where he met a cute girl who gave her his number “they had no clue what that was” and encourage Dash to join him “first girl crush”. At the bar Arthur got in an altercation with a guy who seem to have history with the bar tender “Arthur’s new friend” and Dash tried to warn Arthur to leave but he did not listens, a fight started and Dash and Arthur ran outside where that both had a vision of the same guy killing the bartender, Arthur wants to go back in to prevent that but was stopped by Dash and by the time he decided to help her, she was already dead “oh man that was sad”. Agatha came just in time to grab the guys and they head to Fiddler's Neck with a heart broken Arthur “he was really said”. In present day Vega and Dash lost a suspect after he got the vision too late and he was pisses and went to act rash but was calm down by Vega. Dash still upset about the lost went to Arthur for his help and he rejects him and offer him the number of a masseuse telling him he needs to relax and try not to dwell on the ones he lost because he does not “cold much”. Dash who could not let the death go continues to work a case after Vega told him not and went to see a Mrs. Nellas and apologies for her last but she had no clue what he was talking about “he is so in over his head”, later the lady pretending to be Mrs. Nellas drugged him and took his body “oh shit”. After several attempts to contact Dash, Vega followed his trace and found his blood on the floor in the victim’s house “this is not good”. A terrified Vega went to see Arthur to tell him about Dash being missing, then Arthur told her that he knew who the victim worked for and that he is a bad guy and she should not get the police involved “omg this does not sound good”. When Dash woke up he saw two men and a woman standing over him threatening to kill him if he did not tell them what he knows and he told them that he does not know anything “if he only listens to Vega”. Arthur went to talk to Luca Van Zan (the man who had Dash) alone, when he went to see Van Zan he was about to have dinner but stopped as Arthur approached him, Arthur told him that he knows about his operation in the city and he showed Arthur the card he got from Dash and threaten to kill Dash if his money is not returned to him “what will Arthur do”. Arthur called Vega and they met at her apartment where he told her that he was the one that got rid of the body and stole the money and confesses that he is the reason they took Dash and she did not take it well and angrily smack him across his face “ouch”. Vega, Wally and Akeela watched Arthur as he stands in the alley waiting for Van Zan man (Aziz) and when he got there brought Arthur proof of life which was Dash’s finger “ouch for Dash”, Arthur was angry and went to hit him but was talked down by Vega so he let the man go and took the finger back to Wally and he put it on Ice to preserve it “that was hard to watch”. Back where Dash is being held he told Cleo about her dead husband, her pass and how her husband died which creeped her out “how could he know that”. After Aziz meeting with Arthur he came back to where Dash was being held looking for Cleo who now know that he killed her husband, so she shot and killed him giving Arthur a vision that showed him that Dash was OK “good one Dash”. After Arthur knew Dash was OK he went to meet Van Zan and told him that he will not be giving him his money back because he gave it back to the people he originally stole it from and he changed it over to red diamonds which are in high commodity for the Chinese and that he had the good sense to get a brokers fee and walked away leaving him to the Chinese “who’s the boss now”. This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9.2/10

Faking It
"School's Out"
Amy and Shane try to figure out why Karma kissed her in the pool at the party but they couldn’t, so Shane woke her up and when she got up she had a hangover and claim to have no recollection of kissing Amy “you know she is lying”. Amy and Lauren tries to clean up the house before their parent got home, when they got home they told the kids that they are getting a divorce and that Lauren can move back to Texas which Amy resented, and ask if she could stay and finish high school and her mom said yes “she like the daughter she never had”. On their way to school Amy tries to convince Lauren to stay but she told her life there is not as that great and no one in Texas knows her secret “poor Lauren”. Amy saw Felix as he was entering the school with his father who is still mad about his son coming him drunk and crashing the car “it’s just a car”. Felix apologies to Amy for confessing is true feelings for her and told her that he was an alcoholic and that he was not sure if he will be returning to Hester High next year “oh we will miss him”. Karma tries to apologies to Liam but he did not accept it and ask her about kissing Amy which she seems to really have forgotten “yeah right”. The principal Turner decided to close Hester for good, and Lauren friends ask her what she was going to do and she said nothing because she was leaving for Texas “no she’s not”. Karma confronts Amy about the kiss and told her that she must think she is the worst best friend in the world, and that she would spend all summer making it up to her “poor Amy’s heart”. The student body decide to come together to keep Hester from closing and Shane tried to help but was turned away by Liam and his committee “on no he didn’t”. Lauren calls her friends Lana and Leslie and told them that she is moving back to Texas, but when they start to catch her up on the gossip that she missed and made fun of a transgender teacher, she realized that they would never accept her if they knew the truth “shady bitches”. While the Hester student body fight to stay open, Amy went to see Reagan and told her that she is having feelings for Karma again and Reagan advise her to take a break from Karma and try to move on and she decided to go on the tour with Reagan “how’s that going to help”. Things are not going so well and Hester High but Lauren came in and saved the day by telling the board why Hester should stay open and she convinces them and Hester will stay open “yea”.  Karma went to Amy house to see her and was told by her mom that she left for the tour with Reagan and Karma rode her bike to confront Amy “this is going to be good”. Karma ask Amy why she was going to leave without saying goodbye and she explains that to save their friendship she has to go, Karma cried and beg Amy to stay and ask her what she can do to make her stay and Amy told her to tell her that the kiss meant something and she said she can’t and Amy when in the van and it drove away leaving Karma crying “a girl got to do what a girl got to do”. Liam is still staying with Zita who found his birth certificate that showed him that his father name was C. Wilder and asked if he wants to go find him and he said yes “I wish Liam all the best”. Shane and Karma will be sending the summer as life guards and they never knew until they saw each other at the training “these two will drive each other crazy”. This was an awesome season final and I am so looking forward to next season, I would rate this episode 9.2/10.

Blind spot
"Sent on Tour"
The episode started with two men burying something six months earlier which turn out to help Kurt and the team save their life “that worked out”. Patterson boyfriend David ask her for a key to her apartment because he is always there, but she quickly came up with excuses as to why he can’t move in with her and quickly tries to leave the apartment and he told her that the discussion was not over and they should talk about it later “no mean no man”. David later flowed up on a clue he found earlier in Jane’s tattoo and called Patterson and they met at the library where they found a book with a secret code “so cool”. At the library Patterson hit a dead end but was ready to go back to her lab but was encouraged by David to stay and figure it out and when she did she was so excited that she asked him to move “slow your roll lady”. As they were about to celebrate Mayfair walked in and interrupt them and later held David is lockup and reprimand Patterson for involving a civilian in an FBI high profile case “she is acting careless”. After being reprimanded by Mayfair she went to tell David he was free to go and called of their relationship off telling him that he may be different but she is the same and it was never going to work “good I don’t trust him anyway”. Kurt confront Mayfair about the Guerrero case that she is blocking Patterson from further looking into and she explains that he was an informant that went rouge and she does not want the upper heads coming down on Patterson. As she was able to leave the room because Patterson found another clue from one of Jane’s tattoo and went to look in to the case, Jane had to fly for the first time since she has been back and she is not handling it well “it was so funny to watch”. Kurt went behind Mayfair’s back and continued to investigate the Guerrero case and brought his team in to help, when they found him at a ranch he was held at gun point to which he told them that the people surrounding him have strict instruction not to make him leave the property “he is so confident that they won’t get out alive”. Kurt and the team decides to follow Jane’s tattoo which lead them the spot that the two men six months ago buried and when they found the care kit it had a lock that required four letters to open it, and they tried a few names until they used Kurt and it was opened “that was so weird”. When they open the kit they found guns, water and a map, the team later split up after they found a tracking device on Guerrero and decide to use it to lead Guerrero’s men away “good plan”.  Weller and Zapata went in the wood to lead Guerrero gun men away, while Jane and Reade followed the map to a cabin “take about treasure hunt”. When they got there Jane notice that the map is an exact match to a tattoo located on her calf and ask Reade to match it, when he did he found another X that was not on the map “her tattoos are awesome”. While in the woods Kurt and Zapata got shot at but left when they realized that Guerrero was not with them, which means that Kurt and Zapata have to find their way back to Jane and Reade before they got to them “hurry guys”. Jane and Reade followed the map on her foot and it leads them to a helicopter but she refused to leave without Weller and went back to the cabin and was ambushed by Guerrero’s men and Reade got shot but it was not fatal and Jane when out to disarm the men and was helped by Kurt and went back to the FBI to question Guerrero, Kurt send Mayfair in and realized that she was lying and confronts her which leave her no choice but to tell him about the truth about Daylight “this is going to be good”. This was an entertaining episode, I would rate it 9.2/10.