Once Upon A Time “Broken Heart” Recap

Once upon a time recap
“Broken Heart”
 The episode starts with Emma still being frozen from the squid ink and Hook taking his revenge by using the dream catcher to take her memory while Zelena “Hook’s accomplice” using the magic-zapping cuff Regina had used on her to block Emma magic “oh Zelena.” As Emma begs Hook not to give into the darkness and he stares into her eye they flash back to the forest where he first became the dark one and greeted by an illusion Rumple “he is such a stalker.” Rumple being Hooks lifelong antagonist he launch at him only to find out that he was not real, but a figment of his imagination. Back in Storybrooke the crew goes looking for Emma only to find her lying down feeling sorry for herself then explain to them how she made Hook into the dark one, which does not sit right with Regina “she would have done the same for Robin.” Emma explains that she was trying to get rid of the darkness for good and try use Regina hatred for Zelena to justify her action, but was quickly stop by Snow who told that it was premeditated murder and that she should have come to them. She continued to explain that she thought she was doing everyone a favor by isolating herself and not getting everyone involved, but later realized that she had no support or anyone to tell her when she was stupid “Regina gladly told her she was stupid.”  Snow asks Emma to give them back their memories from the dreamcatcher so they can use it figure out Hook’s plan and stop him. David returned and told them that all the dreamcatchers are gone they to wonder what Hook was up to “Hook is up to no good that’s all they need to know.” Hook pays a visit to Belle and Rumple to inform them that he was now the dark one, to which Rumple immediately assume that he was there to take out his revenge. DarkHook told him that it was not going to be so easy because he has being waiting for centuries to have his revenge and challenge him to a duel on his ship where it all started, Rumple accepted the challenge making DarkHook very happy “brightest smile I have ever seen  for Hook.” Belle and Rumple go to see Snow and the others to tell them about the duel and try to find a way to stop him. David mentions that Merlin’s message about Nimue, who Rumple mention was the first dark one and Emma remember that she was Merlin’s true love, but need to more info about her “research time.” Rumple told them to start by looking into the Darkone Chronicles, but Emma immediately made it clear that they were an easier way to by letting her protect them. Emma asks them to take off the Cuff and realize that she have not yet earn the trust of her family and friend back, but the icing on the cake was that Henry, who has always had her back, refuses to help her “poor Emma she is now the outsider.” Regina saw that Emma was hurt by Henry and told her that he needs time, and then the team disburses to find a solution. Emma was not invited, and her parent told her that they don’t trust the darkness in her and to let them save her “they will find a way.”  Rumple told Belle that he will not be joining them at the library, but he will be preparing for his fight with Hook. Belle is concern that Rumple can’t defeat Hook, But Rumple explains to her that he’s not going to run from the battle because he’s spent his entire life running “Rumple finally grew a pair.” Belle tells him that he has nothing to prove anymore after saving her from Merida “when she was a bear,” but he disagrees say that it does take away a lifetime of coward “at least he knows he’s a coward.” Rumple tells Belle that if he survives this duel he wants to do better by her with honesty and courage asking her to let him be the man you deserve and tell her to meet him at the Well they got married.  If she meets him they're he will know how she feels “Rumple is full of lyrics this week.” Zelena goes to visit her baby and finds Regina waiting for her arrival and Zelena thank her for watch her daughter, but she was not there and Regina told her that they are protecting her daughter from her (in the comments tell me if you think Zelena would hurt her baby).  The two argued, and the Regina brought Zelena to where Robin is taking care of the child in hopes of convincing her that having a child will help turn the darkness around like loving Henry did for her “that is going to be a miracle.” However, after seen her baby they came to the agreement that Zelena can visit her daughter as long as he and Regina are there “that going to be a short-lived plan.” Emma is being guarded by an irritable and unhappy Merida, who hovers over her ready to shoot. Hook arrives, giving Emma hope that he have forgiven her and that his feelings for her will overcome the darkness, but he tells her he has feeling such as anger, hatred and disappointment “DarkHook is cold.” He went on to tell hell that now that his eye has been open he realizes how much she’s anchored him and that she is only a pretty blond distraction “at least he still think she is pretty.”  He told her that he’s a free man now, and she will never hold her back from getting what he wants again. Emma tries to tell him that the darkness is using him, but Hook told her that he only a pond is he doesn’t know that he is being used, and he don’t care as long as he gets what he wants “he is gone to the darkness.” She tries to tell him that she did it for him, but he told her that her problem was  trying not to lose the people she loves by pushing them away and that she will always be an orphan “that was cold.” Before walking away from a broken hearted Emma, Hook told her that he wants to hurt her as she did him “wow.” Emma goes to see Rumple to enlist his help in getting hers and everyone’s memories by keeping him occupy long enough for her to be able to steal the dreamcatchers back and offer him the squid ink that Zelena used to immobilize her. Rumple took it and put it away telling her that he does need it “another surprising move for Rumple.” He tells her that he will fight him with honor, and she told him that he was on a suicide mission, but Rumple told her that his stakes are himself and hers are far greater, which leads Emma to find Henry in the library. After Henry saw that Emma genuinely needed his help, he offers to make her a locator spell can help find the dreamcatchers after they get the ingredient for Rumple‘s shop “I love when they work together.” Henry had another request, and that was a new name for their mission that they decide to call this mission “Operation Cobra: Part II.” Emma’s wiliness to work as a team is what Henry needs to believe that she can be trusted, and so he removes the cuff, which allows Emma to get the dreamcatchers back. Rumple meets Hook on the ship that surprise Hook, but Rumple told him that he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to take his next hand “that so brave of Rumple.”  Hook restore his leg telling him that he can’t have his family blame his lost on his leg. During their duel Hook Cuts Rumple with Excalibur, but eventually Rumple gets the upper hand and held the sword at his throat  but elected not to kill him by doing the honorable thing “or just making him live with the fact that even with magic her still can’t beat him.”  Strengthened by his success, he returns to the well, where Belle meets him making him feel that there was hope for their marriage “this is going to be sad.” Belle told Rumple that she was happy he survive  and that she will always love him, but she’s also gotten her heart broken too many times to feel comfortable with this relationship (In the comment tell me if you think Hook has Belle's heart.)  She tells a distraught Rumple she doesn’t know if she wants to make it work, but even if she does, she needs time to herself to figure it out “poor Rumple.” In Camelot, Merlin told the team that they were too late as Hook has already been forged as the Dark one. As the search continues Snow asks Lancelot for his mother the Lady of the Lake for help to which he responded perhaps and Merlin suggested that he goes and try’s “I love Lancelot.” Charming and Snow argue about Emma choosing to make Hook life over ending Darkone’s curse. Snow explain that Emma chose to love, and they would have done the same thing hence then sharing the same heart “I totally forgot about.” Snow tell Charming to have some faith in Emma and he told her that he does and that he hope that Emma faith in Hook is justified “strong words from a father mouth.” Hook, meanwhile, has a problem with the way the Dark one's dresses and changes into something more DarkHook “black leather clothes.”  Emma was very happy when found Hook, but he was less than thrilled because he believe that she has put him back in the situation that he fought for many years to get out of “he is mad at her.” Emma tries to explain that joining him to Excalibur was the only way to save him, and he asked her for Excalibur and she told him that it disappeared right after he did “bad lie.” Rumple interrupts with his two scene and Emma’s tries to Hook get rid of his illusion by focusing on his love for her and their future it worked. Emma tells Hook that she plans to get the darkness out of both of them for good by going to those they love “I love how much the concept of love plays such a big part in OUAT.” Emma and Hook are sharing a reinvigorated, passionate kiss, but soon after they separated Emma to go scout there part and Hook replenish their water supply giving Hook the opportunity to be distracted by Rumple.  Who popped up just in time to tell him that he aching sound in his ears means that Excalibur is close and that Emma is lying about not knowing where Excalibur is “oh boy this is not good.” When Emma returns, he confronts her about Excalibur asked her if she used it to him and asked her why she lied to him in the first place “this is going to get ugly.” Emma admits she kept the sword but explain that she was doing it to protect him because she remembers him telling her that he was not strong enough to resist the darkness “oh snap.” Hook yells at her more for turning him into the Dark One after he begged her not to in the first place and she explain that he was dying. Hook told Emma that when everyone else doubted her he believed in her and didn’t give on her, but she didn’t even give him the courtesy of doing the same and disappear before she tried to explain “this episode is so good.” She went back to the flower field where it all started and called for Hook, but she did not response, and she use the dagger to summon him “he is not going like this.” He asks her if she how it felt to be powerless and reminded her that the last time he felt powerless was when Rumple took his heart and almost killed as he kneeled and watch. She told him that she knows the feeling and that the reason she saved him is because she’s been abandoned all her life and couldn’t bear to losing her him as well. She gives him the sword back in an attempt to prove that she trusts him and promises she’ll never try to control him again. She promised him that they are going to do this darkness thing together, Emma told him that she loves him and the two kiss “I love when they seem happy.” Emma and Hook finally meet up with the friends and family, and told them that she was OK and she it looks worst that it is “I don’t agree.”  Hook ask for Merlin and Charming directed him into Granny’s and when enters, where Merlin was in the process of recording his fateful cauldron message about Nimue that we heard a few episodes ago. However, we now see that the message got interrupted because Hook’s who immediately took out his heart. DarkHook needs to get back to Storybrooke to accomplish is revenge on Rumple, But for the spell to work her need to crush the heart of the person, he loves most. Hook holds Merlin’s heart in his hand, and Nimue appears and explains that she still love him the most even after all she have done  and that because she is the original dark one she is all Darkone’s so crushing is heart will be just like his lover did it “crazy huh.” Emma showing up, realize that she way played by Hook as he explains to her that he moment she lied to him all best were off because he knew she would try doing it again, and he will not be controlled by anyone.  Emma tries to figure out why Nimue is helping Hook, and she explain that all dark one wants the same thing, and Emma tries’ to tell Hook that revenge was not his happy ending and that she was “she was so genuine.” Hook, however, called her a love sick puppy and crushed Merlin’s heart and killing him that use the remains of Merlin’s heart to create the relocation spell. After putting Merlin at rest Emma knocks Hook out and then took his memories in hopes that he want to remember he was the  dark one or why he cast the spell and return him to the man he was “great plan or not .” Rumple illusion tells her that she’ll need to do better than that to keep her secret hidden, so Emma summoned all of her friends and family into Granny’s and erased their memories as well, leaving them unconscious on the floor, as we found them at the beginning of the season. Rumple Illusion tries to warn her about trying to fix this on her own, but she ignores him and went ahead and cast the spell including the memory loss as a part it “the only time Rumple said something with sense and she ignores him.” The episode ended in present day where Emma gathers all her friend and Family to restore her, and once she does, she realizes she knows what Hook is doing.  Meanwhile, Hook and Rumple's illusion are at the lake, where to explain that the lake was a portal to the Underworld. Which can be open with a drop of Rumple’s blood “so the duel was not to kill Rumple just to get his blood?”  Hook used the blood from where he hurt Rumple during the duel and opens the portal, allowing a shadowy figure on a boat to enter and as it fades Nimue appear bringing the rest of the Dark One Army with her. They’re assembling in the flesh so they can help Hook do the one thing he set on accomplishing snuffing out the light. This episode was phenomenal I would rate it ten out 10.