Recaps from Tuesday Night TV Shows

Agent of shield
"Among Us Hide..." The team is happy to know that Andrew made it out of the explosion and he explains how he survived "luck my ass". Andrew incident has incentivized May to rejoin shield so she has the resources she needs to find Ward and HYDRA "May is going to get him". May test Bobbi to see is she was ready for the field and she pass, so May asks her to join her on her mission to take Ward and his new HYDRA team down. May and Bobbi track the student Werner Von Strucker who escaped the explosion and went to the Cayman Island where was trying to withdraw money, when they got there, they were able to get into the vault but trigger the alarm and Bobbi tried to improvise by talking their way out but it was taking too long so May decided to fight their way out "team badass" after which May questioned Bobbi on her subtle approach back in the Vault and advises her not to be afraid but to trust her training and her experience "you tell he May".  After leaving the bank, they track the Werner to a house where he was being tortured by Ward's men who got tipped off by an original HYDRA member name Malick who Werner calls for help, and later called Ward to criticize his leadership skills and give him Warner's location "You can't trust HYDRA". May and Bobbi took the door and one of the guys stabbed Werner and run, Bobbie went after him while May stayed and fight the men who were trying to prevent her from saving the Warner, she was able to defeat the men and got to him talking before he dies and he told May that back in the store before the fire Andrew changed into some type of creator "Lash anyone". May refuses to believe him and told him that he does not know what he is saying "denial", on the outside Bobbi struggle to defeat her bad guy because she doubted herself but remembered May telling her to use her experience and she did and defeated him "way to go Bobbi". At the bus everyone is still mad at Hunter for putting Andrew's life at risk and he was benched by Coulson, rejected by Fitz but somehow found is way on the stakeout with Daisy and Mack "he was so bored out of his mind". Mack and Daisy follow a hunch that she had after she saw Lash turning back into a human and connected ATCU agent Bank, while camp outside his house they try to figure out a way to get his blood to run to check to see if he was inhuman, but when they looked outside they saw Hunter walking towards him and later knocked him out and brought him back to the Van and they test his blood and he was human "hunter is such a hot head". Their mission was not totally a bust though because they track Banks to where he was heading and was able to send in Dwarf 2.0 "a small drone that can turn invisible" to surveil the place and while surveilling they saw Coulson who when to see the ATCU operation, but Rosalind tries to distract him by pretending someone broke into her house, but Coulson was not buying her stunts and eventually made her take him to the ATCU "silly woman". Daisy did not like how they were keeping the inhuman on the ice, but she was more disappointed that Coulson was not reacting how she expected him to "easy Daisy slow and steady wins the race". Fitz and Jemma are still trying to bring Will back from the other world, but Fitz is a little hesitant after Hunter told him that he is bringing back his competition "he isn't lying". Finally, the shocker of the night, on why Andrew is so interested in the wear about of Lincoln is because he is the Lash and he is trying to kill all inhuman "yes people you heard me right". This was a thrilling episode, I would rate it 9/10.


"16 Years"A 16 years old murder comes backs to haunt Abby after the prisoner's father was shot and killed in the forest "oh no Abby". The team went to pick up the victim's (a commander) body and after scanning his finger and figure out who he was Ducky excuses himself from the case, when they went back to the morgue Gibbs ask Ducky how he knows the victim and he told him that he is a part of a secret society devoted to solving cold case called the Sherlock's "it's not funny". Ducky later took Gibbs and Bishop to the house where the society keeps their meeting and Introduced them to Walt, Judith, and Lyle while browsing they found that the society had more on the case they are working than NCIS did "weird bunch". The Sherlock's refused to turn over what they had to NCIS and Gibbs brought them him for questioning "that was funny". At NCIS Gibb sends the team to questioned them and set them free and they did, at home Gibbs was watching TV when the society came into his house and asked him to look into the victim's son who have been in prison for 16 years and told him that they know he is innocent "they went to Gibbs house ". Gibbs looked into their theory and found that the FBI have looked into the case as well because the equipment that was used to test his blood 16 years ago was faulty and the Forensic Specialist who ran the test was Abby who shuts down when she found out that she may have sent an innocent man to prison "it was not her fault". The society was called back to NCIS to consult and Lyle solves the case by noticing the sap on Tim and Tony's shoe and Gibbs had Abby test the sap from the shoes and the splinter from the tree that got stuck in Tony's finger from the crime scene "Tony is such a baby". After the matching of the tree's DNA, Gibbs remember his conversation with Jason and Makeala when he met with them to give her some photo from her grandfather wallet, and Jason had similar sap on his shoe "criminal are so dumb". Gibbs late invited Jason back to NCIS and have Palmer dress a valet and test the same of the tree that was left in his key. It was also revealed that the test from 16 years ago was wrong and that Jason was actually the murder, not Michael, Michael was released from prison and met by his daughter Mikaela, Abby and Gibbs "that's really a crazy situation".  Finally, Ducky decided to quit the Sherlock's but he has already brought them a replacement which is Palmer "Palmer is so weird". This was a great episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.


NCIS New Orleans
"Broken Hearted"Brody mom Olivia Brody, Chief Tech Officer for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is in town to help a genius Navy coder who's name Max who was recruited by Olivia after he broke into DARPA's system. After two navy ambulances workers were killed a house call, the team was called to the scene and when they got there and check the body they realized that the Victim's work id badge was missing which was later used to steal a heart from the hospital and seemed to have been destroyed in a shootout in the ambulance when the heart was being transferred "all this for a heart". However, after being look at but Loretta they found out that the heart was switched and the original destination for the heart was a DARPA cite "good job Doc". The team went to the address where the heart was being transferred to and met Brody's mother Olivia who is in charge of Max's heart transplant "Sonja and Chris were shocked". Olivia join force with the team to help find the heart before it was too late, the heart was important because for a rare blood type and he was a young prodigy "he really is smart". Patton met Max and they bonded over her their love for information technology, and he tries to encourage him to not give up even though that odd or against him "I loved their bromance". The team continues to investigate the case and figured out that the heart was stolen by a man on the FBI most wanted list "that screams dangerous". When the team locates the individual who stole the heart, they had a shootout with his bodyguards and killed the majority of them, when they got to the man the doctor he kidnaped already transfer the heart, but it did not take "all that and they heart didn't even work". The team tries to have the heart rushed to DARPA before it was no longer viable, the heart got to Max in time but it did not take and he died on the operating table "so sad". Patton did not take Max death well because he had so much faith that he would have survived and he didn't, however, he promises himself to continue work on Maxes program until it was ready "this was such a sad moment". This was a good episode, I would rate it 8.5/10.

"Brian Finch's Black Op"Brian tries to stay home from work by telling Mike and Ike that he can't go in today because he is sick, so he got up and took a shower and had his day all planned out until he was abducted by a CIA black-ops team who needed is help the on a mission "this did not happen on Ferris Bueller's Day Off".  The black-ops group consist of three men that refuse to tell Brian their names so he nicknames then so he can remember who ii who, their leader is John Kellerman nickname Rooney, Kyle Hollinger nickname Cameron, and Mikols Petrov nickname Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago "Brian is so silly". Brian wasn't thrilled about the details if of the mission especially because it consists on a long hike and he was not a good boy scout "this is not a part of the plan". Rooney gave Brian an NZT pill, and was able to use the information they provided him to pinpoint a few possible hiding spots for Basayev "NZT is the bomb". After they found and capture Basayev they congratulate Brian on a job well done and timely "the power of NZT". As Brian listens to the interrogation of Basayev he realizes that they had no intention of bringing Basayev into custody but to kill him "not good". Brian tries to make a plan with Cameron to prevent Basayev from being killed by Rooney and Abe but later realized that Cameron and Abe as no intention of working Rooney after they shot and killed him "oh snap". Now that Cameron killed Rooney and explain to Brian they plan to sell Basayev and split the money he had to come up with a plan to save his life "what a day off". Brain start to see an illusion of Rebecca who is encouraging him to figure out a way to stay alive, so Brian plans to convince Cameron to turn and Abe and keep all the money for himself and it will be easy while he was on NZT but in the back of Brian mind he plans to poison the NZT "great plan". Brian plan worked and Cameron killed Abe and tries to take the pill from him but was killed by Basayev "luck Brian". Basayev tries to attack Brian but he explains that he was the one trying to tell him and he changed his mind and decide to take the NZT pill from him instead, Brain tried to warn him that the pill poison but he did not care and took the pill and left Brian in the woods "at least he still alive". Brian who is no longer on NZT try to find the edge of the woods but keep going into a circle until he finally gave up, while he laid woods feeling hopeless Rebecca illusion appeared to him telling him not to give up and he starts to scream until he passed out "poor brain". Rebeca and a Team of FBI found him in the wood and took him back to the office where he was brief and apologize to for being kidnapped under their watch. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 8.8/10.

The Flash
"The Darkness and the Light"In world 2 Harrison Wells is introducing a Meta human App, but was interrupted by Jay Garrett (Flash) and he told Wells to tell everyone that he was the one that created zoom and the other Meta's in his world "so weird". In the current world, Barry introduces Harrison Wells from the other world to the team and they are not taking it well "he's who now" Joe came in and started to shoot at Harrison but Barry stops the bullets and explained "no Barry". Cisco is trying to teach Barry how to get a girl phone number after he experiences an awkward conversation between him and Patty in the coffee shop "watch how it done Barry". Cisco then walked up to the counter to ask the girl for her number but choke at first and when he did ask she didn't respond, so he walks away "maybe next time". As Cisco was walking away from the counter he had a Vision of Star bank being rob and he told Barry and he rushed over to stop it, when he got to the bank met a Meta human who controls bolts of light and they fought "love fight scenes". The fighting comes to a standoff and she lower her visor and Barry quickly notice that she looks just like Linda Park his ex-girlfriend and when he called her name she threw light at him and disappeared "that was so cool". When Barry got back to Star Labs he explains how powers and Harrison identify her a Doctor-light a small time thief in world 2 "she had since upgraded". Jay Garrett come face to face with Harrison for the first time on this earth and he is not a fan especially because he is trying to convince Barry the Dr. Light need to die, and he his saying she can be reasoned with "I don't like Harrison". On Barry's second encounter with Dr. Light he tried to reason with her but it did not work and she shined her light so bright at him he was unable to see, which was bad for more reason that one but he is more concern that he will not make his date with Patty "Team Allen always and forever". Iris and Cisco came up with a plan to help Barry go on his date with Patty and he was doing well until Patty made him aware that she realizes that he cannot see which made their date so much better they cleared the air, after the date was over Patty walked Barry to her car and two shared a kiss and Barry vision returned "she said it bests, that must have been a remarkable kiss". Quickly after the kiss ended Cisco called Barry to tell him that Dr. Light is outside of CCPN and she has taken out Jay and Caitlin who was on a stakeout outside and is going after Linda but she was protected by Iris who shot her visor off with the gun Joe gave her when Harrison2 returned and she ran away "Iris the badass". When Barry got back to the lab with visor they gathered that they have to find her or else Linda will never be safe, but they think that they have no way of finding her until Harrision2 told them that Cisco is a Meta human and he can help "the cat is out of the bag". After everyone moved past the disappointment in Cisco for not telling them, Harrison forces him to use his powers and he located Dr. Light at the train station "go Cisco". Barry got to the train station and try to get people off the platform so she could hurt them, when she came face to face with Barry she asks him why he won't let her leave and he explains that she killed a man and she is a threat to a friend "you know it". She uses her power against Barry but he is unaware how to stop her and Jay had no answer, so Harrison2 suggested he gives her multiple targets to hit at by creating a Speed mirage, he did and was able to knock her out and lock her in the meta vault "another win for team flash". Later the team went to relax after a long day and get some coffee and Cisco is facing the girl who rejected him, so he just order the coffee until she insisted that he ask her again and he introduced himself and she told him her name was Kendra Sander "Cisco new love interest". When Cisco went back to the table he told them about his date and they decide to name him Vibe "I like". Finally, Harrison2 daughter was kidnapped in our world 2 and that is the real reason he wants Barry to fight and destroy Zoom "Wells was bad then and he is bad now". This was an amazing episode, I would rate it 9.3/10


"Love & Basketball"Major and Liv kissing continues, but Liv is concern about his health with her being a zombie exchanging saliva that can turn him or damage him "she is so concern". Liv, Ravi, and Clive investigates a pee wee coach's death, the kid came to the precinct to tell them that they were a parent who chokes it at a game and pulled his son from the team. After Liv eat the coach's brain she went to see Clive who had originally asked her brain free about the pictures, however, she went over the pictures and none triggered a memory. Clive and Liv  went to follow-up on the lead the kids gave them when they got their Liv had a memory of him choking the coach and then him hitting his so talking about he's teaching him a lesson "child abuse". After work, Clive went over to see the kid's father again and got into a fist fight and Clive knocked him on the floor and tell him never to hit his kid again "Clive the badass". With Liv on Coach Brains, she took Major to help her coach the team and get him back in the spirit of help kid and Liv played a mock game against Major and he was so happy "it was cool to see them happy". The day Major have gone to Max Rager where he is being forced to kill zombies which put him back in a state of depression and when he got home from work he was about to take drugs again and Liv came him and gave him a pep talk about the Major she knows and how strong he his "great pep talk Liv". After Liv Pep talk with Major pulled himself together, Major shaved and open up to Liv about wanting to be more that friend no matter what the outcome is "I like them together too". In the morgue, Ravi and Blaine work together on the cure but Blaine did not give Ravi enough time and brought a desperate zombie who injected himself with the serum Ravi was going to use to turn the rats into a zombie, but he dies immediately after contact giving "that's not good". Ravi recognizing that this could be a weapon in the wrong hands tries to destroy it but had to fight Baine who wanted to take it, but he was able to break the bottle destroying the rest of the liquid "that was fun to watch". Clive got called in by the captain and was nervous because he taught it was about him hitting that kid's father, but it was about him contacting Suzuki's which he apologises for and explained that something doesn't feel right "he is right" later Suzuki's widow visits Clive and gave him a plate with brain that she found in her freezer "now that's creepy". At Max Rager, they are having a hard time find a viable zombie and the doctor requested getting blood from a smart health zombie, so Liv roommate went home and accidentally prick her and took her blood "I can't wait for Liv to go full zombie on her ass". This was very an enjoyable episode, I would rate it 8.7/10.

Chicago Fire
"Your Day Is Coming"Dawson is rushed into emergency surgery following her collapse which results in losing her baby leaving her devastated. However, the entire firehouse was there to support case and he say strong for Dawson, Herrman was in charge of the firehouse because Boden didn't want to leave Casey side until he knows they both him and Dawson would be alright "he a great boss". Herrmann tries to encourage the firefighter to be strong no matter what and in the middle of his speech he was stopped by Otis who told him Molly's receives a notice of closure following a code violation "they can't close Molly's". Jimmy and Chili work together to stop Molly's from closing and Jimmy contacted his cousin Antony who found a rare stone outside Molly's and declaring it a historical building meaning it can't be changed "yeah Molly's is saved". Rescue Squad Co. 3 was called to a scene where there was raw electricity all over the ground and Severide was able to save a Kid whose name is Kevin who was stuck in a bounce house "my hero". In honor of Dawson, Severide and Boden seek to help close her arson case and with the help of the police depart computer specialist Severide was able to clear Susie of altering the file "I am happy it was not her". Severide suspected Duff was hiding something when they were in his office checking the computer but he was not able to confirm it until he came to the hospital and was acting guilty and he still gave him the benefit of the doubt "he is so trusting". When Severide got back to the firehouse the box with all the document from the arson case was there, and base on his reaction from the hospital Severide decides to check on him "he such a good person". On their way to check of Duff a police car passes them and they knew it was trouble, when they looked through the window they saw Duff sitting at the end of a bridge with a weight tied to his chest, Severide tried to talk him out of jump but her jumped any and Severide went in after him "a guilty conscience". Severide was able to pull him out of the water and told him that he had to face the consequences of his action "I knew he was dirty". Mollys was reopened thank to Jimmy and Herrmann made a toast to Dawson, he was later telling Chili and Bret that he down know what to say to make her feel better and they told him that if no one else can he could and he called her and gave her the best pep talk I have ever heard "that really was nice". This was a phenomenal episode, I would rate it 9.7/10.