Recaps from Wednesday Night TV Shows

Sara is still in the wind after escaping Laurel custody and she is on a killing spree, looking for a girl that looks like Thea because the demon in her want revenge for her death “she scares me”. After a call from Felicity, Oliver hit the spot that was under attack and when he arrived he was ready to fire an arrow but he realizes that it was Sara “surprise”. When he went back to their fortress he confronts Thea about her trip to the spa, where she told him that she went to Nanda Parbat with Laurel to resurrect Sara and they knew he would not approve so they didn’t tell him “damn right”. While home Oliver and Felicity continued to look into Sara’s case and notice that she is going after girls who look like Thea but when they tried to call Thea, she ignored their call and at the same time Sara breaks into the apartment and attacked her “oh snap”. Thea was able to fight off Sara but not before she injured her which made her slow running down the stairs of the building but eventually she was able to hide “omg moment”. Thea was brought the hospital after her attack, Oliver confronts her Laurel when she came to look for Thea at the hospital about not telling him about Sara, but Laurel told him that he was a hypocrite because he does whatever he wants and not tell them anything yet he want everyone to consult him “truth bomb”. Later that night Sara came back and attack Thea at the hospital and a guilt-stricken Thea gave her permission to kill her, but Sara was stopped by Oliver and Laurel who heard the rumbling in Thea room and ran in, making Sara jumped through the window “she’s obsessed”. After this incident, Oliver decided to call and old friend Constantine who he met on the island where he forces him at gunpoint to take him a location on the map, where he perform magic in front of him and later transfer a historical and magical tattoo to Oliver’s body “this was so awesome”. He asked Constantine who owed him a favor to come to Star city because he needs his help “he is so cool”. While Constantine made his way to Star city, the team made a plan to use Thea as bait to capture Sara, it was a battle at first, but Oliver was able to shoot her with a tranquilizer arrow and brought her back to the layer “Sara is a tough chick”. When Constantine arrives at the fortress, and saw the team he was mesmerized by the all the beautiful women around him and told Oliver that if he knew that he would have been there already and Felicity was just happy that this old friend was not another hot chick “that was funny”. The team gathers all the stuff need to help remove the soul that has taken over Sara body, with the addition request for two people to go into the spirit world and bring her back “let the magic begin”. Oliver and Laurel went in with Constantine had to fight their way to Sara and they defeated the guards to save her “yeah normal Sara is back”. Diggle found out the truth about his brother’s death after Oliver sent Lance to ask him for help on a mission for Damien, and while on the mission he say his brother’s name and was very curious “curiosity killed the cat”. Lance realizing how Concern Diggle was he questioned Damien about HIVE involvement is his death brother’s death and Damien gave him file which he passed on to Diggle “can’t wait to see what in the files”.  Curtis was able to decrypt the recording Felicity gave him work on, which they listen to and realized that Ray Palmer is not really dead “but we all knew that”. Oliver campaign is going well, and Thea got him a new campaign manager, that thinks he should stay clear of Laurel, but Thea discourages Oliver from staying away from his friend and he agree and invites Laurel to his campaign office "a good friend is better than pocket money"  This was a tremendous episode, I would rate it 9.6/10.

"Thin Lizzie"
The episode starts with a two young couple when to the B&B owned by Lizzie Borden’s for a paranormal experience and end up being killed by an ax murderer “a scary start”. After Sam read about the murder at this B&B in Massachusetts and reading the history, he was intrigued and ask Dean to let them investigate what really happen at that B&B over the years “woo” and they hit the road leaving Cass at home binge watching the Wire “he only on season 2”. When they got the B&B Sam and Dean rented the room the murder was committed, Dean hated the Victorian look and Sam advice him to get another room “dean has issues”. The guy both investigated the B&B and realized that all the spookiness was staged, but it still did not explain the murders that happen in the house “con artist owners”. The same night the owner of the B&B was killed and another murder in the next town over, at first it was not clear to them on what was happening, but when a man told Dean about a young girl name Amara he met outside the B&B and after she touched him he no longer recognize himself “she is the darkness after all”. Dean called Sam to tell him that Amara is in town and that she may have taken Lin’s soul and he believes that she is growing so rapid because she is feeding on other souls "that's crazy".  Dean and Sam argued about who was going to tell the guy that Amara took his soul, but they both agreed not to tell him “good call”. The next morning Sam went to Dawn house to question her but she wasn’t there and Sam called the babysitter Sidney who told him where she thinks Dawn could be, when Sam and Dean got to the location to find Dawn they lock Lin who they had on watch in the car, the knocked the door, but they was no answer so Dean picked the lock and they went in and start searching the house “they’re so brave”. While in the house Dean when into the basement where the light switch was not working and he continued to look and found Dawn and man bloody body on the ground and was knocked out a few seconds later, while upstairs Sam found the Dawn’s son Jordy locked in a closet and when went to help, Sidney held them at gunpoint “oh shit”. When Dean was awake Sidney told how proud she was to capture both of them at once, and Dean asked her about Amara and she told him the story of how they met Amara who took away her pain from her childhood “she is bugging”. Sam was able to get lose while Dean Distracted her, but he was not able to go far and she fired at him and was killed by Lin who broke out of the car, but before she died she told them that the dark one was coming for them “that was scary”. Lin is having a hard time with his soul not being there and the fact that he has no feeling and told Dean to kill him and he refused, so Lin turned himself in for all the murders so he could he locked away where he can hurt no one “he has a better heart that most people I know”. Sam and Dean discuss how the darkness made them feel and how people reacted to their soul taken been taken in a different way, and the two drove away Amara came out of the tree and said bye Dean see you soon “that’s not good”. This was an awesome episode, I would rate it 8.8/10.

"A High Hope for a Low Heaven"
Cookie tries to call Hakeem continually and was not able to reach him and started to get angry, but while she was there cussing she received a video message show Hakeem mouth being docked taped and his eyes bloody and she immediately blamed Lucious “if it’s bad it Lucious”. Cookie went over to the Empire recording studio where Jamal and Lucious were recording a new song and accuse Lucious of taking Hakeem, and she was perturbed when Lucious said that he was not responsible “omg Hakeem”. Cookie and Lucious have to work together to get Hakeem back and so they got in touch with the kidnappers who wanted payment to return Hakeem alive, The van that was supposed to drop off Hakeem came back empty and they driver told Cookie and Lucious that Hakeem got out the van a few block away “he is crazy”. Hakeem was seeing walking down the block and end up at a lonely and broken Anika door and started to kiss her and didn’t show up until  5 hours later and refused to tell anyone where he was “he is so angry”. Hakeem tries to transition back into his regular day to day life with his music, but he keep having flashbacks to the being kidnapped and is getting angry at everyone around him “he needs to relax”. Cookie tries to find a way to make Lyon dynasty artist safer and Laz suggested that she used the guy that took Hakeem and rob Tiana, at first Cookies refused but after he put on his charms she agreed “really Cookie”. Cookie brought Hakeem to meet is kidnappers to hire them to protect him “how stupid does that sound” and when they got there Hakeem pull of a gun and pointed them at the men and ask them who the bitch now, Cookie was able to talk down Hakeem by using her own like experience “listen to your mother boy”. Cookie later took the gun from Hakeem and pointed it at the men and threaten them telling them that if they ever come at her family again they would see crazy “that would be fun”. At Empire Jamal hires a new producer a gay-rights activist Jameson
Hinthrope who wanted to produce Lucious earlier in is career but refused him because of his homophobia, the two argue about the past until Jamil put a stop to it telling that Empire is promise him a Niche and Jameson is who he wants to do it “smart man”. After Lucious realized that he was not going to win this battle with Jamal, he decided to let him have his was and shock Jameson hand as a sign of good faith “and hell froze over”. Andre has a new plan for Gully records and signed a religious rapper who is also Gabby’s new boo, but Lucious or Gabby does like his new religious sound “Lucious is not liking this” and at the show after Freda Gatz violent display he tried to talk hi father signing her and told him that he put him in charge, but Lucious made it clear the he was put in place “woo that’s hurts”. Lucious later brought Hakeem a track outside of his show, that he claims he wrote for him and handed it to him a flash drive and told him no strings attached, and Hakeem responded that with him it not a string it more like a rope and dropped the flash drive on the ground and walk away “that brave of him”. Lucious follow Hakeem back into the building where he was performing and told him that if he every turn his back on him again he would break it and the two had a face off that Cookie tried to stop, Jamal and Andre walk in just in time and ask their parent to the give them a chance to talk to Hakeem “saved by his brothers”. When cookie and Lucious leave the room they told Hakeem that he did the smart thing by not fighting when they took him and that they would not have done anything different, they told that he can survive this if he survived being Cookie and Lucious kid “that was hilarious”.  When Hakeem hit the stage he was intimidated by Lucious who looking at him with disgust and froze but encourage by a member of his girl group “wow that was close”. Lucious left the show after Hakeem pulled it together and immediately drives off to a see Freda Gatz who just kicked a guy in the face at her premier performance show Andre was he planned to debut Gully record new artists “she was good” and told her he believes in her and told he wrote a song for her “yep the same he wrote for Hakeem”.  At the end of the night Cookie sees her new promoter and head of security, Laz Delgado a for a night of romance, but if you look closely when he took his shirt off you will see an exact tattoo on his back that Hakeem kidnappers had “mind blown, Cookie is getting played”.  This was an astonishing episode, I would rate it 9.8/10.